Friday, August 13, 2010

Club Report: The Castle (Tampa)

Had the opportunity last night to go partying at The Castle in Tampa and the place was absolutely amazing. Thursdays are called "Pop'N'Wave" night and during past Thursday visits the music was always a mix of Alternative, Indie, and Electro videos together with a good dose of Goth. It was the place I first saw and heard the name of someone called Lady Gaga. Well either I never stayed late enough or DJ Mike Roehr has shifted things a bit. Because while the first few hours were the familiar format I was expecting, beyond 1am things quickly moved into very well-known Top 40, Pop, House & Dance songs. Even a couple Hip Hop/Dance songs were masterfully mixed in and the DJ kept the dance floor jammed until everyone had to be chased away close to 3am. The Castle, located in a former church in Ybor City, is worth the drive over to Tampa on Thursday nights. Fridays are much more Goth and Saturdays extremely Industrial.


Anonymous said...

The Castle is losing its identity if they play mainstream music.

Anonymous said...

did you go to tantra? the OLD AMP?????

KingBob said...

Did not. Only The Castle. And during last trip to Ybor back in May, Tantra was closed on a Saturday night. Thus, have not gotten to check out their small revolving dance floor.