Sunday, August 22, 2010

Club Reports: Bliss, Lyrica, Suite B, I-Bar

The music was absolutely sick at Bliss Ultra Lounge in downtown Orlando last night as DJ Armando from RadioDanz and satellite's BPM (Sirius 36, XM81) brought his Addiction show format to town! Resident DJ Mickey Bono was on the decks until around 12:30am which is when Armando took over. The music was 100% Dance which kept the dance floor jammed. You can hear Armando for yourself weeknights at 5pm repeated at 8pm (ET) on It was very difficult to leave and I actually stayed a lot longer than I had planned to. The place was incredible!

Lyrica was having a SoBe night but unfortunately I missed House music of DJ Pride and ended up with a Hip Hop DJ. Not all that many people in there considering $10 admission got you an open bar. People just don't know the place is there. Also did a quick pass through of Suite B Lounge which is also House on Saturday nights. Very crowded in this small club although no one was dancing.

And it's always crazy-crowded in Independent Bar, home of 80's Old Wave. The DJ usually plays the best stuff near the end of the evening but he was playing a lot of good songs early-on. This is where I began my evening and also ended it, the lights coming-on way too soon!

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Anonymous said...

Indy Bar is a very cool place no matter what night you are there.