Saturday, July 10, 2010

PI Update: More Entertainment

Loyal Blog reader "The Legend" has forwarded me this photo he took last night on Pleasure Island showing yet another entertainment act we've yet to encounter. This one has an urban vibe and is called "Street Beats". Taken with a cell phone so please excuse the quality. He reports that a good size crowd had gathered around to watch the performance which took place in the area where the pizza cart used to be located. Appears to be very similar to what we see downtown every weekend with the guys pounding on overturned plastic paint buckets. Thanks Legend for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Look you have to stop posting original videos of what Pleasure Island used to be. Its making these little diversions look pathetic. I understand atleast its a move in the right direction but the videos of the original PI just blow my mind. ;)

KingBob said...

I erased what I was going to type. Instead I'll just say, these are just temporary. Better things are coming....I hope!

Brian said...

there is nothing better! well better than what PI was that is! I think PI should be torn down to the ground and left a parking lot now! it was over when Disney closed PI in 2008!
anything they build,open and or what ever they do will be a HUGH slap in the face! to the long time PI people! like me!

KingBob said...

Brian, you're right. Nothing can be BETTER than what Disney had there. I just mean BETTER than what we have out there now.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the new band there, but I hope this is temporary
and they put something better there, for the PI party people that is.
So lets all hope that Disney will still smell the coffee and let PI ROCK!!