Friday, July 30, 2010

PI Update: Latest News & Latest Rumors

Tonight's story is a mixture of the latest happenings on Pleasure Island as well as the latest rumors reported to me by PI sources.

First of all, on July 19th Disney filed a construction permit with Orange County for what is only described as "Bridge #1 Improvements". This is the original bridge to PI from was Disney Village. You'll recall several months ago they removed the PI ticket window that used to stand on the island side of the bridge. Now they're going to "improve" the bridge. I have no details. You'll recall prior rumors have a main pathway from Downtown Disney Marketplace curving through the space currently occupied by Motion (which would be demolished) into the heart of PI. Perhaps the improvements have to do with making this 3-section bridge more open.

Speaking of Motion, there are no new rumors about the place and it continues to receive banquet use. Tables were set up in a banquet format and a sign just inside the door referred to some sort of "cool leader" gathering. Would they really demolish this place for a new sidewalk?

But there are fresh rumors about Rock'n'Roll Beach Club. Supposedly construction walls are going up in October, shortly after the British/European tourist season comes to an end. And supposedly RRBC is coming down first! Remember a year ago I reported on a lighthouse bar/restaurant that was going to go up on the waterfront roughly where RRBC and Motion currently come together? Well that rumor is alive again and supposedly that's what's going into that space.

Comedy Warehouse remains hiding behind those bushes and it too is the subject of a new rumor. If you've ever been inside you know the floor slopes downward towards the rear because the seating was in sort of a theater format. Supposedly they're talking about putting a level floor in there so that the building has two stories. Upstairs would be rented out for retail while downstairs would be used for storage. No news about Adventurers Club except that the AC/Soundstage building is still on the list to be demolished. Perhaps it will fall along with RRBC. But AC fans should not fret. Sources say Adventurers Club will be returning to the new land that is definitely going to be built in Animal Kingdom. The plans have already been drawn and interestingly, the very same company has also already drawn the plans for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion at Islands of Adventure! I have no information though on the more important question: When?

Over at Celebration Plaza, lots going on. The Andre Caram Band was back and drew a really large crowd. They're making him out to be the next Justin Timberlake and he just might be. You all can have him though; just leave his female singing partner for me! Expect them to be one of the regular acts on the new Ultra-Lounge stage. Living statutes were back last night and sources say some new ones will be coming in a couple weeks.

Speaking of Ultra-Lounge, the furniture is in. At least some of it. Made of wicker with nice cushions, they currently have the furniture scattered over by Soundstage, Laffers and by the #3 Bridge. The metal tables and chairs remain too and they even moved the sets that had been outside PI Live Bar up to the Plaza. More wicker coming though.

But construction walls were up at Celebration Plaza as well! Remember the Celebrate Tonight crew hut and those two poles with the television monitors? They had planned to leave them there but that's changed. Disney filed a construction permit with Orange County on July 14th and all of that has been removed. Sources say that there will be a small stage built so that the performers will have a permanent place to perform. The stage will be built much closer to the Comedy Warehouse building and once completed, the furniture will be brought together to form the Ultra-Lounge. Makes sense to draw in the crowd to allow others to pass between the lounge and the construction walls that surely will go around Soundstage/Adventurers Club.

That's all I got. Nothing earth-shattering but it seems that we're seeing some progress. No rumors whatsoever about Mannequins or 8TRAX and nothing about Motion.


zulemara said...

This is just beyond stupid. You idiots had a stage and you tore it down! Now you wanna build a new one for ::gasp:: live entertainment??? You HAD live entertainment for a REVENUE GENERATING product and you cut it all!!! Then you close the revenue generating product and try to drive people to its empty space?? Get real!

The ultra lounge seemed like a step in the right direction, and the furniture is nice, but what happens when it rains? those cushions are not going to be taken care of and they are gonna end up nasty. Furthermore, there is still something that irks me about seeing a dad with his kid on the furniture.

As for CW...pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. There are all kinds of things they could do with that building. Lease it out to a 3rd party comedy company or something. Storage and retail? Wow

If this stage idea and CW splitting comes true, it just shows they really have no idea what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

I frankly agree with zulemara if it rains it's going to get wet.
I hope Mr staggs is going to wake up and smell the coffee burning.
Hopefully it's still not too late to reopen Motion, and the other two clubs.
Keep hanging in there all you save PI people!!!

Anonymous said...

the writing is on the "wall"! so to speak! more nothing news!
as some Might know Mannequins/8TRAX building needs a roof and more done to it so if they where going to reopen a club in there Disney would have gotten a building permit(s)! for this as well still nothing!
as much as it hurts me it's a done deal! it's over the REAL PI is gone :(

Anonymous said...

Bob, do you (or anybody out there)have any pics of the interior of RRNBC in its heyday?

Anonymous said...

have to agree with everyone above..small glimmers of hope, but nothing major to get very excited about pi will not return to anything likes its heyday

Anonymous said...

already said good by a long time ago the bridge is being widened acording to the plans so they can roll the wrecking ball in and remove the whole lakeside portion of pittiful island

Anonymous said...

"That on September 28th, WDW will permanently pull the plug on PI."
from the website of

scott said...


KingBob said...

I'm just the reporter. Reporting the rumors, reporting the news. Keeping the Island alive in your life.

Anonymous said...

i dont consider anything in this article "progress" really some outdoor furniture??? a small new stage, new statue people??? where is the announcement that says "multi million dollar renovation coming to pi" that would be progress!!! disney is just throwing some more ointment on the sore

Anonymous said...

If they take down Motion i'll never forgive them!

Anonymous said...

I think Motion was a waste as much as AC was!

71 said...

I think Zulemara hits the main point of the "ultralounge" far I see no evidence of an intent to cordon that area off to adults. Until they do that, it's just patio furniture.

As for closing Motion, King Bob's right, it's still used a lot for banquets, that would be idiotic. Of course, they closed and stripped the #1 most-requested banquet facility on property last September...

Speaking of that, very curious about this new AK land. I know you have sources to protect, but can you dribble out any more details/hints?

KingBob said...

71Jason71, I don't think they can move all the furniture into one area until everything else is moved and the new stage built. Anyway, I hope that's their intent. I envision the ultra-lounge on one side, construction walls on the other side and a walkway through the center.

I'm not able to state anything else about my sources on AC without possibly identifying them. They are 2 sources completely independent of each other.

Zulemara, you're talking history. What's done is done. They had their reasons. In mid-2010 they have a new reason to build a small stage. I'm just picturing a low rise stage, nothing like what used to be out there. BTW, if the cushions are like the ones on my recent cruise, they can handle rain and repel water.

Anon at 10:59pm, I'm not aware that Mannequins/8TRAX needs a new roof. It's the most solid of the club buildings out there.

Anon at 1:26am, I have no photos of inside RRBC. I'm sad that's the case right now but when it was there, I rarely visited.

Anon at 3:28am, I recall that article from Jim Hill. It was so sad when he printed that. :(

Anon at 1:28pm, I kind of agree. It's viable club right now and they ought to reopen it. It has Disney-quality lighting and sound systems that put other local clubs to shame!

Scott, Kungaloosh!!

Anonymous said...

well I remember that someone said that the Mannequins roof leaks heck it has for years! not sure about the 8TRAX part but the Mannequins side did (does)! they just put more TAR on it to stop it! and even replaced it!

Joe said...

I'm greatly looking forward to sitting around in 90ยบ weather on outdoor patio furniture drinking an overpriced beer while screaming children climb all over the surrounding chairs and bump into my legs with their sister's stroller.

I hope they put a mis-matched sock store in where Comedy Warehouse used to be!

Bold new vision!

Anonymous said...


i agree with you what a vision

Anonymous said...

It's not like I don't like kids, it's just that when I drink I don't want see a bunch of kids climbing all over the furniture & me.
This should strictly be for
the adults.
Please Mr. Staggs we keep hoping that you'll see the whole situation and reopen the clubs and see what the Save Pleaure Island people want.

KingBob said...

>Please Mr. Staggs we keep hoping that you'll see the whole situation and reopen the clubs and see what the Save Pleasure Island people want.

Did you send your email?

Anonymous said...

i sent an email and snail mail outlining my feelings of the state of pi as it is now and just seek to hear the plans then i can make a decision on such plans

Anonymous said...

ive sent an e mail but i havent received a reply yet

scott said...

When exactly is the European Tourist Season?

KingBob said...

Schools end later and start up later than in the U.S. thus their major summer tourist season runs later than here. August is in the thick of it. Whereas much of the U.S tourist season comes to an end Labor Day weekend, it ends for Europeans near the end of September. Roughly speaking. Any European readers could give more detail.

Anonymous said...

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