Monday, July 26, 2010

PI Update: Can This Man Save Us?

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If there is any hope, any hope at all, of one or more of the comedy and dance clubs ever reopening on Pleasure Island, that hope may lie in the hands of this man. His name is Thomas O. Staggs and he is the new Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. This past January he swapped jobs with Jay Rasulo with Rasulo taking over Staggs' former position of Chief Financial Officer. When it comes to names behind the PI closing, Rasulo is often mentioned along with Kevin Lansberry, then head of Downtown Disney. Supposedly Staggs is being groomed to run the entire company some day. And apparently, he's not afraid to reverse prior decisions.

I previously commented that you all need to read the article at about possible changes being made to the huge Fantasyland expansion taking place at the Magic Kingdom. According to the article, Rasulo in his former-position announced all those plans without permission of the Disney Board of Directors. While there were some really cool things in the expansion plans, the most persistent criticism of the entire project was that there were too many fairy meet-n-greets and everything was way too little-girl-centric. In other words, nothing for boys! Well now that Staggs is in charge, Jim Hill indicates that changes are afoot and that Staggs has said that Disney needs to take "an all things to all people" approach to the expansion. That means that changes may be made to give the expansion more appeal to boys. I don't think there is any doubt that Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a category-killer when it comes to boys of all ages. Legoland in Fall, 2011 is going to steal another day from Disney for kids of both sexes!

But what's important here is not the girls or the boys or whatever. What is key to me here is that:

1) Staggs obviously sees the big picture. You've got to be all things to all people and you can't ignore any niche. Does anyone know of a major niche now being ignored? The ones with the money? The ones here without kids? The ones here with kids but who would like a night out on their own? The ones both on and off property for a meeting or convention with nothing to do but money to burn? Anyone recognize that niche?
2) Staggs apparently is not afraid to reverse a decision. Even a well-publicized decision. If it's wrong, reverse course and correct it.

Can this man save us? I don't know. But if Jim Hill is correct then he may be the man to ask to reverse course and correct things on Pleasure Island. Tom Staggs....remember that name. (More tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this Mr. Staggs can reopen The clubs and get PI going again.
Shift the Status quo in our favor.

P.S. So there may be hope still, let's keep hoping.

OhioBoy said...

C'mon Staggs! Hear the masses!

Anonymous said...

This is what I've been saying for a while! So, for those who want to make a difference, here is the contact info, that I've happened upon!

Thomas O. Staggs
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
C/O Team Disney Building
500 South Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-4873


KingBob said...

But please watch for my suggestions which I will be posting this evening.

Anonymous said...

Save PI save the world hahahha

Anonymous said...

there are still Disney uppers that NEVER liked PI and voted to close it and will NOT change there minds! it's a DEAD issue!
it's like kicking a dead horse.

Anonymous said...

You know the people who come on here and say Disney will NOT change their minds really crack me up. Disney has changed its mind, Staggs already put a stop to a lot of what Fantasyland was to have built(aka changed its mind). They have already changed their mind on what is going to happen at PI, They have started putting temporary entertainment in PI while they work on a new plan (aka changed their mind). So stop acting like you know what Disney will and won't do. If you don't believe they will change their mind then why come on this site, it makes you look sad. If you believe PI is over than stop coming to this blog. Hello?

Anonymous said...

Long live the legacy of Merriweather Adam Pleasure! "Fun for all, and all for fun!"

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:10
I come on here and read this BLOG to see what Bob posts! so I can't read this blog because YOU don't like what the truth might be???
your correct that Disney doesn't change there mind(s) these things you are talking about never came to be. these where ideas that NEVER approved to the full finish!
PI is different! in that it was and now closed! Disney has never reopened something they closed. sure Disney has done rehab but that is not a closure! I have heard about things they "Might" do to PI and could never come to a real plan!

so you can get Mad at anyone that you think should NOT read and post there thoughts!
I don't understand why you are so upset about me and or anyone for this?
do you think Disney will read this and then do what (we) are saying?
if so Disney doesn't listen to anyone about what they do!
Disney has closed other this people loved in the past and has NEVER reopened and has even protested it and ask Disney to not close with thousands of signatures and still does what they planed!

I do not look sad
I am just being real!

and OH I have heard from a CM that knows how Disney does things. that has worked for the Disney CO. for years!!!! oh and is a union representative!

Anonymous said...

I know it stinks that Disney closed PI clubs but Disney does what it wants when they want! and you can say what you want but Disney wants family friendly! and PI was not that sorry! I loved PI but now I give my Money to someone else!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! A union representative. wow. They are some of the most uninformed and useless people I have met at Disney.

Anonymous said...

kingbob i appreciate your time and effort with this blog..but hopefull rumors are getting tired..there is never anything to bite into just rumors and more rumors..the truth is disney made a decision to get out of adult entertainment and they did. the economy for the next few years could never support that or any part of it reopening and being successful..people vacationing are all on a strict budget of cost consciousness and would not budge at $10 drinks and an admission fee

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, ummmmm Disney closed Captain EO years ago so don't go the the reopened Captain EO cause Disney NEVER re opens something they close.

So you back peddle on your Disney never changes its mind post, keep on back peddling. Your blanket statements are sad and you have a short memory or a shallow agenda.

Anonymous said...

disney will officially change there mind and close pleasure island really has been closed for a year and a half though

Moron said...

Disney closed the Main Street Electrical Parade years ago. Last time I was out at Magic Kingdom, there it was, reopened!

Anonymous said...

>the economy for the next few years could never support that or any part of it reopening and being successful..people vacationing are all on a strict budget of cost consciousness and would not budge at $10 drinks and an admission fee.

Not true since CityWalk is doin it every nite.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15
you don't know anything then!
this person has told me things way before anyone knew about things! yeah the union REP are useless they are the ones who help Disney employees keep there jobs! boy you just ticked off a lot of people there! I am sure they beg to differ!

Anon 8:58
thank you for someone else that knows how Disney is! see there are more people who see

Anon 9:29 Captain EO was a short Movie that was not closed down they updated it! with a NEW short movie NOT re opened! this was because of MJ Disney didn't have to rehire put back sound systems get an alcohol license to make this come back! yes you where correct it came back! SO????

Moron 9:37 (and i am just repeated your posted name by the way)
Main Street Electrical Parade was put off and just maybe Disney did this for a reason so they could adverse that is was coming back so people who loved it would come back? oh and Disney also advertises it! they quit do doing that for PI years ago!

Anon 9:40
City Walk is different when leaving IOA and or USF you walk by City Walk and they have ADS up as you walk by! PI was in a whole different area! and most drove home with very little ADS to see! if any?
oh and also City walk didn't put the same Money and effort into city walk that Disney did 20 yeas ago! 20 years ago when PI opened the clubs had killer sound systems and lighting was top notch! Mannequins had over 2 mill light show! what did the groove have. has? the whole cite walk doesn't have what just mannequins had!

to bring my point to a point is this these "reopened" things are NOT the same. what Disney did to "reopen" these things was to easily start up again! to reopen PI clubs will take a lot of money and time MDP will need a new roof and rehab on the short end! that is a big risk? after they gave up on PI?

so you can call me crazy and make jokes but you just want it to reopen so bad you can't see the truth maybe?

and I still say Disney is the one who will laugh all the way to the bank If they reopen PI and you go and let them have your hard earned money! I just can't go spend my money there after they didn't want our money!

Anonymous said...

this makes me laugh that some get so HOT over this! when somebody said that Pleasure Island will not reopen then they said that Captain EO reopened and the Main Street Electrical Parade reopened.

so does this mean that PI will reopen? Capt EO is not adult entertainment and selling alcohol!
a major difference!

I know you where trying to say that they where wrong that Disney doesn't reopen stuff they close! but be real!
different in many ways!

I understand what your point is but to reopen Pleasure Island club(s) will take a lot more money to do.

Anonymous said...

die hard fan of pi over the years and was deeply sadened when it closed. do i want to see it reopen?NO! in the end just prior to announcing the closure, pi became pittiful, show cut backs, constant changing of entertainment and the feeling of not being wanted as a local. many nights mdp had only a handful of guests hardly drinking. pi had its day and time but lost its edge and could never regain what it had. the only reason it has not been totally closed is to remain as a connector from circ end to marketplace end, the small entertainment that has been present was to only transition guests from one end to the other and to distract guests from empty buildings along the was

KingBob said...

While the island was nothing like the glory days during its final years, Pleasure Island was hardly pitiful. It had the #1 dance club in the world with Mannequins and it had the very unique 8TRAX. Nothing ANYWHERE can compare to Adventurers Club. How quickly we forget.

Anonymous said...

NO I don't forget I know that PI "was" great