Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Techno Night Tonight at Lyrica

If you prefer your dance music with vocals and if you liked the music they played at Mannequins, then this is your night! Tonight is the very first "Vocal" night at Lyrica, the club formerly called Cairo. DJ Mickey Bono ( brings his popular format over from Bliss. And you can get in for just $2 by pre-registering on their website. If you're tired of hip hop music in every club, please come out and support this!


Joe said...

So no more Mickey Bono at Bliss.
I went to Bliss once to hear him.
I thought the music was excellent.
Bliss overall was "eh".

I was really pissed that on their website, it states "no cover for everyone before 11:30" on Saturdays. Yet, I had to pay $10 cover at the door (pre 11:30). She said free cover was only for the ladies. Nice.
And the "bouncer" gave me a hard time since I had Athletic shoes on. No where on their website is listed a dress code. I was informed "next time, wear dress shoes". Hmmm...I decided their probably wouldn't be a "next time".

So, that was my first and last time going to Bliss.

Hopefully Lyrica will be a better experience for me.

Again, just another reason why PI was so great. No hassle with different standards for cover or stupid dress code requirements since you think you're a "Ultra Lounge".

KingBob said...

Yeah Joe, I know what you're saying. The woman at the door was always very negotiable on everything though. They'd try to charge a cover on dates where the website said it was free and you'd have to hold firm in order to actually get it free though. Or she would say that there was a special guest DJ that night and that's why it was $10 but I would negotiate it down to $5.

PI wasn't cheap though. It was for those of us with AP's but $22 for those buying a 1-night ticket, not cheap by any means.

Joe said...

True... essentially a $22 cover charge, which didn't make it very affordable for a day (night) Guest.

KingBob said...

Yes, it was expensive but for the money one got gated exclusivity to the party, 8 comedy & dance clubs, a street party, stage with live band, unique shops and midnight fireworks. It was a bargain overall and people were quite willing to pay the price.