Sunday, July 4, 2010

Club Reports: Vintage, Lyrica, Suite B, I-Bar

Downtown did not reach its Saturday night potential last night as rain as late as 10pm kept the usual crowds from coming out. I would have stayed in too but my Blog duties force me to go out and have fun. And so I did. First stop Vintage and an exciting development there. They promised me a year ago that they'd move the DJ booth downstairs but I always thought it was a wish more than a commitment. But OMG, they really did. They removed the bar that was along the south wall and moved the booth from the hole in the wall upstairs to right there. The renovation also served to create much more of a dance floor, another plus. Former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison is the Saturday night resident and his House/Dance mix had people moving wherever they were standing in the club! And he played my all-time favorite Mannequins song, The DJ Made Me Do It by Robin (Dave Aude' remix)!!

The first "Vocal Night" at Lyrica began with some difficulties. Apparently they had a live band earlier in the evening and their set ran late. So the changeover from band to DJ equipment ran late and thus DJ Mickey Bono's opening had a late start too. Couple that with a new night in a venue people aren't familiar with plus the rain and that equals small turnout. There were at least 10 Mannequins people in there so that was nice to see. But no excuses! The Dance/House music was awesome as always. This was my first visit ever to this venue and I see lots of potential here as it's one of the largest rooms downtown and I didn't even make it to the room upstairs or the rooftop bar. Locals need to support this though. Another Visage Reunion is coming here later in July.

Next door at Suite B Lounge there was more techno as a trio of DJ's were working the considerably smaller club. There was a good crowd on hand here too and people pretty much dance wherever they want. I love this place for the strong drinks!

The rest of my party moved on to Tabu but my credit card was at Independent Bar so I needed to get back in there before the 2am curfew. Featuring early 80's Old Wave and lots of cigarette smoke, you might be able to make out the large crowd dancing through the haze.


Joe said...

Ugh...Cigarette smoke; another reason I liked PI. NO SMOKING in the clubs. I don't understand why so many people have to "social smoke" when they drink.

How's the "air quality" at Vintage and Lyrica?

KingBob said...

Joe, Lyrica is huge so no problem with the air quality. Vintage is small but they have a good air handling system and I've never experienced a problem with smoke in there.