Friday, July 9, 2010

Club Report: The Groove (80's Night)

I've got to get used to the fact that 80's Night at The Groove is a late night party. Showing up around 10:30 last night, hardly anyone there. 11pm, still hardly anyone. But all of a sudden around 11:30 people began to flow in and there was actually a relatively long line to pay and get in at Midnight. Great 80's music led by former 8TRAX DJ Doc Wells! An evening highlight was Blog contributor Thommy and friend Becki doing the Thriller dance in unison as the entire crowd circled around and cheered them on! Have a Friday off? Relive the fun you had at 8TRAX with a visit to TG on Thursday nights!


zulemara said...

Doc seemed to be hesitant to play a 70s set. We'd get literally one song and then back to the 80s. Is it still 70s and 80s or supposed to just be 80s again?

KingBob said...

I've noticed that too. It IS 80's Night and the name has not changed.
He has management permission to play late 70's and I guess he will when requested but otherwise he pretty much sticks with 80's. Technically, that IS what people are expecting when they go to an "80's Night".

zulemara said...

darn, I was hoping they would rebrand it as 70s and 80s but maybe they won't do that because of 8-trax. I was really hoping for a good disco set.