Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Treasure Tavern

Ok, here's the information provided to me by loyal reader ClubMaster. It appears that the people who run the Pirate Dinner Adventure are putting together a new adult-only show to be called Treasure Tavern. An article in Orlando Attractions Magazine calls the new show "Adventurers Club Meets Rosie O'Grady's". The $49.95 admission price (expect discounts) gets you a 2-hour show plus dinner.

Copy & paste this link to read the article:

I can see a similarity to Adventurers Club only if the comedy gets interactive with the audience and if an evolving story is maintained over time. If it's just a show that remains the same every time, then not. Also, while AC did not normally serve meals, many of us wished that AC would reopen as a restaurant so that it could generate its own self-sustaining revenue to keep it in business. That has not happened. A venture such as Treasure Tavern must have characters that develop personalities that people can endear themselves to. Keep in mind that when AC first opened, the new audiences would not have known the characters either. While the non-food option makes the price more attractive, TT must also offer some kind of non-food annual pass for locals that would keep people returning. The $24.95 non-food entry price is too steep to get anyone to show up more than once or twice a year. I hope this is successful though because we're still at least a couple years away from Adventurers Club returning in some form. Thanks again, ClubMaster!!


ClubMaster said...

I called them and there planning on having the First Show at 8pm on June 22nd. Perhaps we can plan to go there and check it out and give a report on it. They are taking Reservation for it right now.

KingBob said...

I am out-of-town for a few nights that week so could not attend. I'd be happy to publish any reports though. I'd also recommend waiting to see if any discounts are offered. (i.e. coupons typically placed in hotel brochure racks)

ClubMaster said...

Yeah, Be nice if they offer it for $15 by just saying were a save pleasure island blog reader at the ticket booth. :)

ClubMaster said...

or less :)

Alan Byrd said...

Thanks for posting this. I represent Treasure Tavern and welcome any questions or thoughts. I'm going to mention the local annual pass, as that's a smart idea.

About the interactive and evolving entertainment. Absolutely that will be the case. The lead character is Gretta, who's mother operated the tavern as a brothel, but when she and her husband (who mysteriously died) took over, they decided to make it a legitimate operation. The entertainment acts will rotate on a regular basis and all of the actors are given free reign to improvise.
Hope you can come to the openings!

Anonymous said...

I may have missed it but where will
this show be located? Is it taking the
adventures club location?

71 said...

Considering I still have AdvClub and Rosie O'Grady's memorabilia scattered around my room, I'm definitely psyched for this.

I knew quite a few AdvClub regulars (and at least one former actor who told me this excitedly over the weekend) are as well.

Price point is a bit high, but won't stop me from going at least once. And it's I-Drive, I'm sure there will be coupons in the giveaway books before too long, lol.

71 said...

BTW, @anonymous, no, will be on I-Drive around Carrier, site of the existing Pirates Dinner Adventurer. The Adventurers Club remains vacant...with rumors swirling at one time to be torn down tho haven't even heard that in weeks.

KingBob said...

Alan, thanks for writing and I look forward to getting to meet Gretta. Some fun but bawdy humor is what AC fans are looking for. I think an AP for locals could get the venture an initial cash infusion and bring back people on an on-going basis who are likely to buy a drink or two or even some food from time-to-time. Good luck!

Jason, good to hear from you. There has definitely been a complete drying up of PI rumors. Seems nothing of substance is going on or is going to go on anytime soon!

ClubMaster said...

Oh I would be the first to get the Annual Pass if they offered it. Plus i need a place to hang out and have a few drinks with my friends after a hard days work.

I am Just happy people in orlando sees what we are missing and went to go for it.