Monday, April 12, 2010

Vineland, Florida

No news to report today from Pleasure Island so I thought I'd post this filler story about something Disney-related that I've always found intriguing.

What do the following Orlando area roads have in common: Apopka-Vineland Road, Winter Garden-Vineland Road, Kissimmee-Vineland Road, Taft-Vineland Road, Orlando-Vineland Road & Vineland Road? Well, what they have in common of course is Vineland. But what is Vineland and why does it have so many roads named after it?

Well, Vineland is actually a small unincorporated community in south Orange County that dates back to around 1920. For whatever reason, a number of roads happened to come together there historically and still do. If you know where Apopka-Vineland, Kissimmee-Vineland and Winter Garden-Vineland meet, you know where Vineland is. I can give you some hints. There's a 7-11 there, a Circle K/Shell, an Orlando Ale House. And spreading out, lots of hotels and restaurants. You see, this all comes together just north of where I-4 now crosses State Road 535. The area goes by a newer name nowadays: Lake Buena Vista.


EasyEddy said...

Friggin' ingenious!! Thanks for the clarificaiton.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a spot that might have a lot of people passing through. Someone should open a nighttime attraction for them!

Anonymous said...

anybody BUT Disney!

KingBob said...

There aren't a LOT of nightclubs in the tourist corridor. Some, but not a lot. Sometime I'll do a summary. I've still got to check out most of them.

KingBob said...

To clarify Lake Buena Vista based on an email I received, let me say this:

Lake Buena Vista is an actual city incorporated in Florida and the land is owned by Disney. DTD and the hotels on Hotel Plaza Blvd are actually in the city. Vineland is in unincorporated Orange County and as such, does not have any city limits but is outside what is legally LBV. It runs north along SR535 & unsigned CR435 (Apopka-Vineland Rd) towards Bay Hill. A lot of businesses in that area refer to themselves as being in LBV, even if they technically are not, because everyone knows where LBV is.