Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PI Update: Happy Birthday Celebrate Tonight

There wasn't a cloud in the sky and temps were in the mid-80's, so what better place to spend some time than Pleasure Island. Even though it's very warm already, there is still some of that January snowfall at the higher elevations.

Construction (or more exactly, deconstruction) has concluded next to the #1 bridge to Pleasure Island. You'll recall the previously posted construction wall pics. If Motion really comes down, this sidewalk will lead from Downtown Disney Marketplace, enter the island at these bridges and crossover to where Motion and RRBC now stand. The new concrete pictured is where that ticket booth used to stand. You saw the pics of the inside of Motion though; it just seems unlikely that it's coming down anytime soon. My money is on the AC/BET building to be demolished first. Someone on the island even said it's coming down within a month. But I'm not confident this particular individual actually had inside information.

Happy Birthday to Celebrate Tonight which has now turned 1-year old. Here we see DJ G-Clef leading the festivities. Hard to believe it's lasted this long.


Anonymous said...

It's been a year for that WOW!
Disney's BIG plans for PI

Joe said...

Yes, it's a BOLD NEW VISION.

...Why does "Celebrate Tonight!" happen in the daytime hours??

Notice the not-so busy busy bartender at Laffer's. All that celebrating doesn't seem to be helping drink sales.

KingBob said...

During the week, Celebrate Tonight's first show is at 5:30pm; on weekends the first show is at 6:30pm. Thus, the daylight.

The later shows attract larger crowds, particularly during busier times such as Spring Break, Summer and Christmas.

Immediately after the clubs closed, they also shut down PI Live. The island was scary at night. The CT was created to liven things up. It does not drive any revenue to speak of.

Anonymous said...

I went to sign up for extra hours on the HuB and they still have club host listed as a position. Why? Unless it's for ADH which I could never see them not covering that shift just 5 days a week.

zulemara said...

actually they frequently need a club host at ADH because they have one FT guy and if he takes a day off one night, they need someone to cover. They do not keep a PT person on staff over there. The manager used to call me to pickup shifts there. I did so for a while, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as 8-trax(of course) so I stopped picking up the shifts

KingBob said...

Why not inquire about that "club host" position and find out if it's really at Atlantic Dance Hall or not.