Monday, April 26, 2010

PI Update: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Fierce thunderstorms rolled through Orlando during the night last night but the cold front brought clear skies behind it. So what better place to enjoy the sunny weather than beautiful Pleasure Island. Across the street from DTD one could see the damage caused by the high winds!

One of the advantages of living so close to the magic is the ability to attend Celebrate Tonight as often as possible. Tonight I got to witness DJ Hollywood Bob lead the fun at 5:30.

The PI Live Bar was packed. Over at the Marketplace I noticed that kids get a Dance Party on Friday and Saturday nights, but not us adults. Folks, I spoke to numerous Island employees this evening and no one has a clue as to what is going on. One person told me we should see some demolition activity in about a month and a half, another said August, another said no demolition until contracts are signed. Someone else said no contracts have been signed. Another said plans have finally been approved. Now keep in mind that I did not speak to any of my regular island sources. These were all basically the regular folks who are out of the loop....if there is a loop. Interestingly, two people told me they're going to build a new PI elsewhere on property but nothing is under construction yet. That might just be rehashed old rumors though. Sad.


JD said...

lol, you gots to stop listening to those bus driver type rumors. WOW.

m said...

Things looked pretty bare, quite an embarassment to Disney. These people should be at the top of their game. Disney is supposed to be a cut above and this just isn't the Disney I know.

Jordan said...

I used to fly in to Orlando JUST to party. Just to hit Pleasure Island. I never hit any of the parks. What is the point now? I used to love to check into the Hilton, suit up, walk over to the Irish pub, have some dinner, then hit the cigar joint for a smoke and a martini, then the Adventure Club for yet another martini, then Motion or 8Trax and end up making out with a 6'1'' blonde chick (happened on my last trip).

Was a blast. What's the point of going there now? Vegas is so full of douchebags and posers and Pleasure Island had so many wonderful, sincere and genuine people. I'm sure you all feel the same way, and we certainly all lost something in September of '80.

Is it even worth it fly in, check into the Hard Rock, and try the Groove/Universal places? I mean, I got a serious girlfriend now, but I would have loved to show her PI. Too bad.

Joe said...

I think the kid standing there with hands in pockets staring at the debacle says it all.

Bill said...

Just more confirmation of the demand we all know is there, but WDW management chooses to ignore:

Last week I talked to a longtime PI cast member who still works at DTD and in his words "not a night goes by" without someone asking him what time everything opens.

Later, I heard a security guard telling a couple "...well, if you have transportation, there's Atlantic Dance over at the Boardwalk, but that's really the only option" at Disney.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing as Jordan, stayed at the Hilton, and would party at PI.

Man, I miss doing that.

KingBob said...

One of the employees I spoke to last night was a very long-term employee and I could feel the frustration in his/her voice about the lack of anything concrete happening out there.

Pleasure Island has so many fans because it was the best of the best. It represented imagineering at a high point. It was a destination for locals & tourists and few did not leave impressed!

Bill said...

I never stayed at the Hilton, but did spend more than one weekend at the Buena Vista Palace simply because PI was next door. :)

I knew some folks that would drive from Jacksonville nearly every weekend in PI's heyday; there was also a contingent that would come from Ft. Lauderdale.

(Heck, there was even one couple that would fly from the Netherlands or someplace to come to the AC; now that's hardcore.)

Anonymous said...

Summer's coming so fix up the clubs and let the party people


Anonymous said...

Summer's coming so come on, fix up the clubs.
Light up PI and let all the party people DANCE & PARTY DOWN!!


Anonymous said...

I refuse to support Westside until they bring the clubs back or re-open somewhere else.

KingBob said...

What about supporting the Marketplace?

Anonymous said...

Rarely. Only when family comes in, do I take them there.