Friday, March 5, 2010

PI Update: Spring Break!!

You can tell that Spring Break has arrived. The normal Friday afternoon congestion on I-4 was as crazy as it gets. It took me a full hour to drive from my office in Maitland to Disney World. (It normally takes 30-minutes.) Because what better place to spend a sunny afternoon in the mid-60's than Pleasure Island!

I-4 was gridlock from Universal Blvd. to Lake Buena Vista. (photo upper left) Not a lot to report on the Island. The outdoor artifacts are still beside Adventurers Club and the building is still standing.

About the only interesting thing was that Motion was set-up in a banquet format again. This was not there the last time I peeked in so apparently the building is getting used by someone. I'd rent it out if they'd let me so we could have a PI Reunion actually on the island. Or if they'd just reopen the place themselves. Think of the revenue they could make between now and Easter over the various Spring Breaks!

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