Saturday, March 27, 2010

PI Closure - 1.5 Year Anniversary

September 27, 2008 to March 27, 2010.
What do those dates mean? It means today is the 1-1/2 year anniversary of the clubs closing on Pleasure Island. One and a half years of nothing! Paradiso 37 is a nice edition. The new patio of Sosa Cigars is nice. The new boat ramp is handy. But there is NOTHING new in any of the buildings that closed one final time to the public on that fateful night. Anyone there on Final Night?



zulemara said...

It was the first time we met I believe :-)

The last night was incredible. It still ranks as the most fun I've ever had on a given night.

Manny misses her home up in the ceiling of Mannequins. She is stuck in the garage for now, till we fix her and make her light up again!

Anonymous said...

Everybodys free to feel good :)

Bill said...

I spent the night of the 26th spinning around at Mannequins, and the last night closing down the Adventurer's Club.

Ended up crying both nights... At Mannequins it was the "[heart] U" on the light wall that finally sent me over the edge.

Anyone have a really good picture of it (suitable for, say, desktop wallpaper?)

Brian said...

for me there where good times bad times great times! the last night is in my top 5! not to say where I would put it but TOP 5

KingBob said...

The final night was an incredible experience, even with the kaput dance floor. I feel very fortunate to have run into nearly all of my PI friends again at other clubs, particularly at Atlantic Dance.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much every night there was a great night. I miss them all the same, I still see my pals and co-workers, but it will never be the same.. such a shame.