Sunday, September 27, 2009

PI Cast Member Reunion

It was a wonderful night on Pleasure Island this evening as many former CM's from around the island got together to mark the 1-yr anniversary of PI's closure by holding a Reunion. It was very informal, held in one of the courtyards of Raglan Road. This first group of lovely ladies are Diana, Jen, Erika and Taryn who were part of that great 8TRAX bartending team a year ago.

A couple employees are still employed on PI and couldn't directly attend the Reunion because they were working. Bartender Amy of 8TRAX was at Laffers this evening while John of Mannequins worked at PI Live Bar.

Our favorite Motion DJ Talie was present. You can still find her spinning at Atlantic Dance Hall. Meanwhile former Island management dropped by as well; PI manager Kelly (center) flanked by former Mannequins managers Brad and Adam.

8TRAX lighting tech Gary and 8TRAX bartender Marvin were in da house!

Comedy Warehouse had a big turnout too with Lisa, Mark, Mary & John in the left photo. On the right Mary visits with William (Ticket Booth) and Thommy (8TRAX Door Host).

In a prior Blog entry a few months ago, I accused Pleasure Island of having ticket-takers made up of nothing but old ladies. Well clearly that's not the case because Diana, Linda & Vivian from Admissions are clearly hotties and not oldies! On the right we see Diana & Linda pretending to be tourists so that they could participate in the 9:30pm edition of Celebrate Tonight! I almost got roped-in myself but snuck away while DJ G-Clef was occupied elsewhere!

Erin (left) still works on the Island; you remember her from 8TRAX and Adventurers Club. Meanwhile Mary introduced me to Joy from Comedy Warehouse (right).

It was GREAT to see so many faces of people that previously made Pleasure Island the great place that it was. There were many others there that I unfortunately did not know so I did not photograph them.


Anonymous said...

Erin also worked in Mannequis as a server!

Moron said...

Great memories seeing those faces.

Anonymous said...

where is the comedy warehouse comedians working now?? they still disney employees or they doing some other job?

KingBob said...

Some of the CW comedians do appearances at SAK Comedy club located in the parking garage near Amway Arena. I understand SAK is moving back to Orange Ave downtown soon. They also plan to have another CW Reunion show featuring many former CW employees. I'll mention it here on the Blog if I see a date posted anywhere.

BringBackCW said...

Occasionally you can also catch a few of the CW cast at Sleuth's as well. If you want to see them on property then Idol, Nemo, Rose & Crown & What's Your Problem is your best bet. Sometimes you might see them as World Showcase Players & i'm pretty sure I saw John at Indy on my last trip.

Anonymous said...

random but i ran into one of the cw comedians at the 192 skating rink on adult night a week ago. it's the first monday of every month.

KingBob said...

Yes, definitely random, lol! Thanks for the report.