Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mannequins Flashback

Continuing my series of sharing favorite songs from Mannequins, Toni Braxton's Hit The Freeway was a song from 2006 which was part of a growing trend back then. Mannequins was famous for techno music including House and Trance. But the end of the 90's saw the growing movement of Hip Hop taking over Techno in popularity among the masses. By the mid-part of this decade we saw mainstream techno DJ's remixing hip hop into music with faster House beats as part of a growing genre called Dance music. This song is a great example because this H2Q remix sounds nothing like its original Hip Hop edition. Mannequins incorporated a lot of these hip hop dance remixes during the latter years. While many House music purists despised this, this kept Mannequins relevant and it's a reality of the dance music scene today.


Anonymous said...

I do NOT remember this song in Mannequins?

KingBob said...

Yes, DJ Peapod definitely played HIT THE FREEWAY in a version that was slightly longer than the version in this video.