Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are These Restaurants Coming to PI?

TM All logos are Trademarks of Schussler Creative, Inc. and are used as part of this news story. Fair use claimed.
Back in May of 2008 there was a little get-together up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Actually it wasn't all that little; local police were on hand to direct traffic around the party. The party was hosted by Steve Schussler, a man of ideas if there ever was one. His job that weekend was to pitch restaurant concepts. And who were among those attending and listening? Well, Barry Carlson was there. Then Downtown Disney VP Kevin Lansberry was there. And you know who else? None other than our new DTD VP Keith Bradford. And boy did they listen. A month later the bombshell press release was issued: Pleasure Island clubs to close forever, to be replaced with exciting new shops and restaurants.

You see those logos above? Some of these concepts might be the exciting new restaurants promised for Pleasure Island. I don't know that they are, I'm just telling you about this party.
But maybe Adventurers Club is being replaced with Hot Dog Hall of Fame. What could be more timely than the Sorcerer's Kitchen: The School of Wizardly Magic and Food? And how about a restaurant where it's Winter all the time? The website of Schussler Creative, Inc. can give you more details about these concepts.


RJ said...

Schussler is also who brought us Rainforest Cafe, and Rainforest Cafe II... I mean, T-REX Cafe.
We might see ANOTHER cloned theme restaurant at DTD! Oh boy!

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing makes me furious because those guys were up there plotting the demise of the PI clubs!