Saturday, August 15, 2009

WOW.....Top DJ's Coming to Orlando Soon!

As previously reported on this Blog, it is now confirmed that the world's #1 DJ Tiesto is coming to Orlando on Friday, October 16! He brings his Kaleidoscope world tour to the UCF Arena on the University of Central Florida campus. Tickets now available at Ticketmaster and If you can't see him in Orlando on Friday night, he'll be in Miami on Saturday night and Tampa on Sunday night.
Shooting out of obscurity following his recent work with DJ Kaskade on the House hit Move For Me, DJ Deadmau5 will be spinning at House of Blues in Downtown Disney West Side on Thursday, November 12th. You'll want to schedule your Friday off from work to attend this one! Tickets available at HOB Ticket Office, Ticketmaster and
OK, your November and October entertainment budgets are now accounted for....what about September? I am awaiting confirmation of DJ Peapod's availability for a Mannequins reunion. If he confirms, the event will be one week earlier than previously reported so as to avoid conflict with Halloween Horror Nights and the Kungaloosh party at Adventurers Club. WE WANT PEAPOD! WE WANT PEAPOD! Stay tuned........


Anonymous said...

Yo, King Bob of the North, if you can only afford to go to Tiesto or Deadmouse, which one would you go to?

KingBob said...

That's a tough one. I guess Tiesto would win out for me. But Deadmau5 is cheaper and you can dance on the dance floor at HOB; not sure what the format is going to be like at UCF Arena. I need to look into that.