Sunday, May 17, 2009

........meanwhile back on Pleasure Island

The fun that used to exist on Pleasure Island is clearly no longer there! Despite the best efforts of an array of DJ's and cast members, Disney's Celebrate Tonight remains a struggle. One of our roving reporters snapped this pic of some people watching the "celebration". A classic photo of
"This Is How I Spent a Weekend Night of My Disney Vacation?" CLICK ON PHOTO TO VIEW LARGER


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Club master said...

disney neeeds to get there gear in shape. This is not acceptable and disney knows it!!!

KingBob said...

There seems to be no effort at maximizing revenue out there. One advantage of running your own stores is that they stay open. As Disney outsources more and more, they run into the risk of businesses folding. From discussions elsewhere I've read that the DTD McDonald's will be closing too.