Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Keep Pushing 80's Night

I know, I know. I keep pushing the Thursday night 80's Night at The Groove. It's about our only link to Pleasure Island. We've not been able to get anything like Mannequins going....yet.....but at least we have something very much like 8TRAX. Including DJ Doc who used to spin at 8TRAX. We've got to support this Night if we expect to keep it. The crowds have been awesome but Spring Break is over so it's up to us locals to see this through until the Summer tourist season returns. Take a Friday off sometime and come out on a Thursday night for 80's Night at The Groove. Now if we can just get a few 70's Disco tunes tossed in there!CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ DETAIL.
UPDATE: A surprisingly large crowd last night with lots of good music. There was actually a fairly long line around 11pm. Didn't begin to thin out until midnight.


Pat McCabe said...

Just curious, what kind of specials (if any) do the have on 80's night?

KingBob said...

Pat, I don't know because I always order my standard drink. I noticed that Finlandia Vodka often has a special going where if you order any drink using their vodka, you get a free Finlandia t-shirt.