Friday, April 3, 2009

Club Report: The Groove 80's Night

I can't help but mention once again 80's Night at The Groove. Last night was the 2-month anniversary of this "new" night and the crowds keep growing larger and larger. I know Universal has been doing some radio advertising and it must be working because the club was absolutely packed last night. Upstairs is usually closed on Thursdays but even it was open for a private party. You know how crowded it gets on Saturdays? Well it was not quite that many but it was close. There was even a large group of girls dressed in early 80's garb of day-glo colors, leggings, plastic bangles and highly-teased hair!

Former 8TRAX DJ Doc is usually at the helm spinning those 80's classics but with him away for spring break, the usual weekend DJ AJ led the festivities. It was awesome! If you liked 8TRAX you need to come out for a Thursday night at The Groove. Doors open at 9pm, admission is free before 10pm and only $6.99+tax after 10pm. Update: Free admission all night with hospitality industry ID or paystub. PICTURED: Former 8TRAX regular Superman


Ken said...

The dancer in the picture was an 8 Trax regular; always fun to watch and kick it with. Glad to hear about Thursday nights growing popularity.

KingBob said...

Yeah, perhaps years ago, but it's been a long time since they're drawn much on Thursdays. This is turning out to be a fun night.