Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is This The Future of Mannequins?

Prior to Mannequins closing, one of the jokes was that Harley Davidson (the store next door to Mannequins) was going to put a restaurant into the Mannequins space. They were going to bolt some motorcycles onto the revolving dance floor so that patrons could hop on and ride around the room! There actually already is a Harley Davidson Cafe in business in Las Vegas so the idea does have precedent.

One of the problems with the Mannequins building is that it is so huge. 8TRAX, Harley Davidson and the Curl surfwear store are all in the same building with Mannequins. Mannequins and 8TRAX make ideal locations for.....nightclubs......and little else. I suppose one could put a restaurant in there but it would have to be a huge one.

One rumor says that the Mannequins building had actually been sold but the financing fell through. Another rumor says that it was sold and closed about 2 weeks ago. Are there plans for the space.....we don't know? For now the building sits there unused (except for the two small stores), supposedly stripped of sound and lighting equipment.

Is a new Harley Davidson Cafe coming to Pleasure Island? Let's hope not.


Anonymous said...

If disney is reading this then, i hope they know its a waste to just build anything but a nightclub in that building! I mean come on really we all want you guys to bring it back, so please do so. Thats all we want!!!

KingBob said...

My understanding is that some Disney folks (and CityWalk folks) read this blog.

But if the building is sold, it's sold. The big question then is, to whom and for what?

Hawkeye said...

If the building has been sold, there would be records in the Orange County Clerk's office. Just saying. Someone could spend some time searching over there.

KingBob said...

That's a good idea; thanks. However I think it's doubtful they would actually "sell" anything on-property. Even the Four Seasons hotel site and Flamingo Crossings were decommissioned from the Reedy Creek Improvement District. I just don't see them allowing anything in the very heart of the RCID to be non-owned. Leased yes, sold no.