Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking News: Some PI Clubs to Reopen For Private Parties

GREAT NEWS! I have spoken to my Disney catering rep this afternoon and can now confirm that some of the closed clubs are available for renting. First the bad news: Our two favorite clubs, Mannequins and 8TRAX, are not available for rental. There is no reason given. The good news is that Motion and Soundstage* are available for rent, as is the Adventurers Club! *- the contract with Black Entertainment Television expired and BET Soundstage is now simply Soundstage.

More bad news though. The prices they are quoting are extremely expensive. I will be doing the math but they charge a venue fee, a really expensive DJ fee and then a minimum on food and beverages. I can tell you that the breakeven point if every ticket was sold to reach capacity would be around $35 per person. I think Mannequins fans would pay that just to get one more night to revolve on the dance floor but I don't think that many people would pay that to spend another night in Motion or Soundstage. But give me some time to do that math and logistics and we'll see if this can be done.

No word yet on any clubs actually reopening which was the main part of the previously published rumor. But that rumor came with a 1 year time line so anything is possible. BUT WE SHOULD ALL CELEBRATE ANYWAY.......SOME PI CLUBS ARE REOPENING for private events. This is a great first step. Stay tuned!


Jordan Rockwell said...

Perhaps they are doing this as a test case to reopen in some way, or, not so nicely speaking, they are doing this as a way to bring in some much-needed cash during this recession we are in until they can do what they really wanted to do with the real estate.

Anonymous said...

The original rumor I came across did say that these same 3 clubs were going to reopen within a year. There is no confirmation of anything like that yet but the fact that they're going to allow private rentals is a good start.

I'm not convinced yet that this is about the money. Walking into CityWalk one is overcome by the bright lights of shops and restaurants and clubs. It's a sensory overload in some ways. But walking between Marketplace and West Side one encounters closed buildings and bleakness. But unless a few clubs are open on a regular basis and open to all passersby, private parties on a few nights here and there aren't going to relieve the unhappy conditions out there.

Anonymous said...

That's one of my worries... I'm afraid they'll reopen in some half-ass way and the whole effort will end up looking like a failure. They need to relaunch the whole Island, not just dust off the furnishings.

The Mannequins floor was such a signature thing, one of the things visitors always remembered and wanted to bring friends to see... I don't know why D* wouldn't do themselves a favor and look for a way to incorporate it again.

Speaking of Mannequins, I saw bartender Bobby working as a server in Spoodles not very long ago.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that whatever was supposed to happen to the Mannequins building didn't happen but now Harley is possibly going to do something with it. I don't think that was the original plan.

It is a shame that the two most unique dance clubs are probably not returning. But I think that we have to take what we can get and any kind of nightlife out at PI would be great. And if the rumors are accurate, the returning clubs will be playing the Mannequins and 8TRAX music formats. So that's good!

I haven't seen Bobby C since the Final Night. If I do end up renting a club, maybe I can get Bobby and Gordo as our bartenders!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is planning a event for one of the clubs, please concider letting fans of pleasure island come, I myself will be willing to pay $35 to come in and I know some of my Friends will pay too for 1 more night, So please post on a website or screamscape how the public can pay a certian person money so we all can come up with enough to party at pleasure island!! I guarentee if we all pitch in we can come up with enough funds to rent a night or 2.

Anonymous said...

I assume to $35/person applies to Motion and Soundstage. AdvClub would I imagine have different costs (no DJ's, character cast for example) and a different capacity. Anyone got ideas on a ball park for that?

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