Friday, February 27, 2009

80's Night At The Groove

The past couple Saturday nights at The Groove have been close to sardine can conditions. The new 80's Night at The Groove featuring former 8TRAX DJ Doc has not achieved that kind of status as of yet but we are talking about a Thursday night event, not a weekend night. The club held its 4th 80's Night last night and there was a moderate size crowd on hand. I missed last week's session and I understand it was a large crowd. But overall this new night is gaining popularity as people find out about it. The music was pure 8TRAX. Universal needs to publicize this more. They should be pleased though because Thursdays used to be a ghost town in The Groove and that is no longer the case! Update: Heard there was a good sized crowd out this past Thursday night.


Anonymous said...

Please keep us upadted on if this takes off. I used to bring business friends to Disney about once every 6 weeks and spent a ton at 8 trax. SInce it closed I have moved most of our meetings to Chicago, but would come back if they had a fun nightlife like 8Trax provided.

Save Pleasure Island said...

Thanks for writing. Will definitely be keeping up-to-date on the success of 80's Night. So far, so good.