Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things Looking Brighter at Atlantic Dance?

Big thanks to correspondent Thommy who was out at Atlantic Dance Hall last night. He says there was 100-150 people there on Friday night and the music was a good mix of older to new Top 40. What is interesting is that the door host told him that this was the slowest night of the week! Apparently earlier in the week, he was told, the place was wall-to-wall people!!

We've learned more about the connection to the Swan and Dolphin hotels. The club is contracted to the hotels at least through 2014 along with Jellyrolls and ESPN Club. I'm not clear whether that means the hotels operate the venues or if Disney operates them for the hotels, but there is a connection.

I'll be in touch with their Catering & Events department to find out what it would cost to rent the place for our Mannequins/8TRAX Reunion plus I have another call in to Disney about renting Motion back on PI. Stay tuned!

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