Sunday, January 4, 2009

Changes at CityWalk

I thought perhaps this was a temporary thing over the holidays but apparently it isn't. There is now a $3 charge to park in the garages before 10pm. Universal and CityWalk AP holders can show their pass to get in free though and it reverts to free for everyone at 10pm.

Universal is advertising a new 80's Night which will take place every Thursday night beginning January 29th in the Groove. Admission will be FREE. And the great news is that I've confirmed that DJ Doc from 8TRAX will be leading this weekly event!! The ad in the monthly CityWalk flyer for January says he will be spinning Dance, New Wave, Hair Bands and more! This is a great addition for CityWalk and we need to help make this a success. Ladies, get out your skinny jeans, Reebok Freestyle Hightops and slouch socks and get ready for some Madonna, Go Go's, Tevo and other post-disco dance songs! Meanwhile, DJ AJ will be spinning his mix of Top 40 and mashups on both Friday and Saturday nights now! This means that DJ Flip no longer needs to be tolerated on one of the weekend nights.

Speaking of DJ Doc, besides his new 80's night at the Groove, he will also be spinning between band sets (and after the band finishes) at RCC on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Not sure what he will be playing but in the past the music is the same as you hear at the Groove. More good news: there is a new band playing at RCC. Finally! This one is pretty good and the dance floor has been staying full the last two times I've been in. Only sad news is that the contract with DJ Baby Anne for her Tuesday night techno sessions has ended. Hopefully they'll bring her back later.

This club continues to stay packed on Friday and Saturday nights led by resident DJ Leony. Besides the wide array of Latin music played, he's not afraid to throw in a set of Dance/Techno songs from time-to-time which is also quite popular with the crowd. In case you're not aware, DJ Leony has a 1-hour techno/dance mix show on BPM on Sirius/XM Radio every Friday and Saturday nights. Give LQ a try!


Ken said...

Thanks for the detailed update regarding the City Walk clubs.

I've never been to the Latin Quarter club but now that I know that the DJ plays some techno mixes, I'm going to check it out.

KingBob said...

Lots of eye candy at LQ too!!!