Monday, December 29, 2008

Club Report: Tiesto at Hard Rock Live

Don't people know that there's a Recession going on? The THOUSANDS that were out at the Universal Orlando Resort last night sure don't know it. The thousand or so clubbers who paid $40-$50/per person to see Tiesto last night sure don't know it either.

The entry line stretched down the stairs and around the sidewalk in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.
The doors opened at 8pm and it took until nearly 10pm before everyone was in. Fortunately the opening DJ (Andy Hughes) did a great job warming things up and then local DJ Jimmy Joslin came on to really get things going. At 11pm he snuck out and the podium light came back on and there was DJ Tiesto, the #1 techno DJ in the world! And he put on yet another 3 hour extravaganza of Trance and Dance including a few songs previously heard at Mannequins.

Besides the group I was with, I only saw 2 other Mannequins patrons out there. But the 1000 or so people in the crowd made it clear that there is pent-up demand for this kind of music and obviously local clubs are overlooking this money-making opportunity. And where are all these people hanging out now on their Saturday nights? It's not at CityWalk. Universal surely get's a piece of the action on ticket sales out at Hard Rock Live so they should take notice that there's a LOT of people wanting to hear Techno music (Dance/House/Trance) in this town!

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