Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rumor: PI To Reopen For the Holidays?

According to a posting today on the internet site Screamscape, one of that website's sources is saying that Disney might reopen some of the Pleasure Island clubs during the busy holiday season. Another source says that some of the 3rd party operators who had planned to move to PI with their store/restaurant projects are now second-guessing the costly ventures because of the state of the current economy. Update: No one out at PI this past Wednesday could confirm this rumor.

In other news, I contacted Disney last week about booking a 1-night party at Mannequins on New Year's Eve. The initial reaction was that this couldn't be done but after having discussed my plans a bit further, they took my name and number and said they would have someone call me. Why not? If the clubs aren't already reopening for the holidays then why not earn a large amount of revenue that night? I would lease it and sell tickets to pay for it.

Would you come? Don't make your New Year's Eve plans just yet!


LauraKRN said...

We'll come, would love to have another spin on the dance floor!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, count me in. I wish Mannequins and 8trk would both reopen. Hate the thoughts of staying at a Disney Village Hotel without PI entertainment.

Save Pleasure Island said...

So far my rep at Disney says that PI management has said NO to my request to rent Mannequins on New Year's Eve. She is checking into the rumor that PI may open a couple clubs over the holidays.