Friday, September 12, 2008

More Final Night Information

The following was picked up from the Screamscape website:

Downtown Disney & Pleasure Island News - (9/12/08) Screamscape sources have sent in some information about what we might see during Pleasure Island’s last nights. First off the Fireworks will return to PI for a special finale show on the 27th, though we’ve heard there is also a slight chance it could also happen on the 26th. We will see performances by Frankie and the West End Boys and Hip Kitty, some off-season special shows in the Adventure’s Club (Halloween & Christmas themed) plus we’ve heard that the AC’s night will end with a very special show where the story may give away a reason as to why the club is closing. I’ve also heard that there may be some kind of special show over at the Comedy Warehouse as well. Meanwhile look for lots of extra characters in the streets and special souvenir merchandise.
After that… turn off the lights on the way out because the party is over… unless you are a member of one of a few special private groups who have already booked the various venues (yes, Adventure’s Club too) for special private functions. Apparently the special event types still have some events scheduled for these locations through to Jan, 1st 2009. After that… crews will move in to start removing anything of value and prepare the site buildings for new owners or for demolition.
As for the buildings… we’ve heard that suits have been spotted walking the island with rolled blueprints lately, looking over the current BET, Adventure Club, Beach Club and Motion buildings. As for the buildings on the other side of the street (8-Trax, Mannequins) we’ve heard that there may be no set plans for those sights yet, which could possibly mean they could have a date with a wrecking ball in order to build up something entirely new.

Yes, that could mean Mannequins and 8TRAX are going to be torn down but it could also mean that they might come back in the future as the great night clubs that they are! I can dream.

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