Wednesday, September 18, 2019

This Weekend In Techno Town

CANCELLED DJ Coyu (E), DJ Elias R (USA)     Celine    House 
Gatsby Evening with DJ Mynd (USA)     The Edison     30's Flapper Music / Top 40
DJ Sandy (USA), Jimmy Joslin (USA)     Bar B     Breaks
DJ Diesel aka Shaq (USA)     Celine     House / EDM
DJ duo Bonnie x Clyde (USA)     Gilt Nightclub     Heavy Bass / Dubstep

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Lineup For Leaders Of The True School Announced!

Friday October 25th
Ace Cafe (formerly The Edge)
3 Rooms of Music!
The lineup for the 3rd Edition of Leaders of the True School has been announced!
Drop the Tone!
Exclusive live performance!
Q’s only Florida date this year!

All new live show featuring Scott Weiser
Exclusive Halloween performance!

1st FSOB appearance!
Exclusive CFL performance!

The People’s Champ!
Back by popular demand!

“Bones Breaks” set by The Godfather!

Exclusive electro set by Lee Coombs!

The One The Only!













Monday, September 16, 2019

PI Update: Last Sign Standing

Following the closure of all the Pleasure Island clubs in September, 2008, club name signs were immediately removed from 8TRAX, Comedy Warehouse and Motion. Club name signs remained for Mannequins, Adventurers Club, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Soundstage Club.
The Blog peeked into the vacant Soundstage Club in 2010.
But in September, 2011, fully 3 years after they closed and in what the Blog called the "Pleasure Island Putsch", all the remaining club signs were removed!
Curiously, except for this one Soundstage Club sign located behind the building. (The ones in front of the building were removed.)  We could never find out why but it served as a reminder of what once was on Pleasure Island.
And of course Soundstage Club was later razed to make way for a pizza joint.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Club Reports: Monkey Bar, Independent Bar, The Patio, Iron Cow

Saturday night in the city, no tropical storm in sight and needing some House music. First stop Monkey Bar.
Arrived just as DJ Dity (USA) was turning the controls over to DJ Kyle Houser (USA).
And he would take it over from there!

Wall Street Plaza is full of Top 40 clubs.....

.....but Monkey Bar draws the enlightened people!

Bar stayed busy.
A great House set from Kyle Houser!
And the lasers were flying!
By now you know if it's at all possible on a Saturday night, I'm going to drop by I-Bar.
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) in the perch! (Editors Note: Damn, clean that screen!)
The club was Saturday night-packed!
The Saturday night format is mostly 80's New Wave.
Because everybody loves the 80's!
When a club such as The Patio makes an outrageous claim that "there's always a party" there, we feel we have an ethical obligation as a social media company to make them prove it.
DJ Parry (USA) in the booth putting out the music.
Damn, it was totally packed!
And there was snow!
And there were bubbles!
The music Top 40 hits.
Spotted in the booth with DJ Parry: Official club photographer Michael Khan and CK.
OK, it's confirmed.  There really is always a party at The Patio!
People ask me if it's possible to walk from downtown to Orlando's Milk District and the Iron Cow. I tell them yes, you can walk anywhere.....if you have the time!
Arrived fashionably late into this jam!
For DJ Mark Farina (USA).
He had everyone bouncing!
House music all night long!
I checked the Blog archives and I had not seen Mark Farina since 2012 at Senso Supper Club.
So here's a club full of House heads yet it's a completely different crowd then we see downtown at venues such as Celine and Elixir.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Funkbaby (USA) & DJ Soul de Funk (USA)
Spotted by the booth: DJ John Berry (USA) & DJ Timebomb (USA)
Spotted by the booth: DJ Julian M (USA) who had opened the show earlier.
Just a wonderful night of music!
A good time was had by all.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Concert Report: Night Of Breaks (Bar B)

DJ Kraftykuts (GB) was to headline last night but had to cancel at the last minute. It didn't matter; Bar B was the place to be last night for a Night of Breaks!
Arrived unfashionably early and found DJ Losman (USA) and Phunky Phin (USA) playing out on the Bar B patio.
Little did I know that this would be the beginning of an amazing night of music!
Just a small crowd to begin with but it would grow way-beyond expectations!
Phin taking over!
Moving inside, found DJ Afrodisiax (USA) in the booth.
First time ever seeing this guy throwing down.
A small contingent of Vietnamese breaker chicks dominated the floor in here.
But others quickly joined-in too!
Back outside, DJ duo G$MONTANA & Neuroziz (USA).
First time that I can recall seeing them as well.
They had the peeps bouncing!
Big crowd on the patio!
Back inside, DJ Jason Rezurecht Zeigler of Rogue Planet (USA) had taken over.
Lots of Old Skool hits in his mix!
So many of the early 2000's dance hits were Breaks.
The music was bringing back the memories of WPYO 95.3Party.
I don't think anyone was really missing Kraftykuts not being here but there will be a makeup date in December.
Of course Breaks leads to breakdancing!
Next up, DJ Rob Si-Dog Silas (USA) in the booth!
Dance floor got packed at this point!
Electro-Breaks Mon A Q (USA) hit "Stay In Love" was a staple at Mannequins!
As was Agnelli & Nelson (GB) hit "Everyday".
Outside, DJ Tooltime (USA) took control.
Spotted on the dance floor: Ira from Mazor Promotions.
Spotted in VIP: Jen & Adriana
Jen showing off her retro 90's-style silver platform sneakers!
Spotted by the bar: Adriana & Athena
Spotted in the booth: DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) & Amanda.
Spotted taking a selfie: Rachel
Spotted on the patio: Future Sound of Breaks' Glyn S.Morgan with Pete. FSOB has a huge event coming up that we'll talk about at the end of this article.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Justin "JulOtym" Rossilini (USA) with DJ Heather Collins (USA). OMG, she shared some news with me which is Top Secret but so exciting!
Spotted taking a selfie: Amanda
Spotted taking a photo of his beer: Christian Christian
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Andrez (USA) with Athena.
Spotted in VIP: Christina and Katey with DJ Matrix (USA), J-Dub (USA) & Berto (USA).
Spotted on the patio: Brian & DJ Kenny Matos (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Keith & Jessica
Back inside, famed DJ duo Rob E & Security (USA).
With DJ Rob E playing first!
The crowd would ebb and flow all night.
But you can't help but bounce when the Breaks are flowing!
DJ Security up next!
Amanda moving so fast, her hair was flying!
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) on the patio! He's the resident DJ here at Bar B nearly every Friday and he has the best shows!
Giving us an Eddie Money tribute song.
Dance until you get wet!
Tooltime getting ready to come back on again.
Since the resurrection of electronic dance music less than a decade ago, we know that House has gotten big. We know Trance is huge again. But what about Breaks?  There is certainly evidence, particularly in Orlando, that it too is coming back! Just this year we saw the prize-winning "Devotion" show (link), the Gemini Party (link) and the recent These Are The Breaks 3.0 (link) show. All were packed!
And just 2 weeks from tonight at Mai Thai, a Prophecy show ft. Shannon Denise (USA).
And on October 25th at Ace Cafe, FSOB presents a Halloween-themed 3rd edition of "Leaders of the True School" ft. Überzone (USA). The rest of the lineup will be announced soon, I've seen it, and it's going to be another amazing night!
Meanwhile back at Bar B last night, a good time was had by all.