Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Norwegian's Night Out

Second night on board Norwegian Breakaway headed to BDA. This was the night of their event called "Norwegian's Night Out".  It's another party for everyone and took place at their outdoor party venue Spice H2O located aft on Deck 16!
DJ Keith (RP) was back on the controls starting the night with two 50's songs, two 60's songs, a whole bunch of 70's and 80's before going contemporary.
And with around 40 cruises under my belt, the first time I've ever had a Cruise Director named Julie! (CDN) You have to be a bit older to get that reference.
The entire area becomes a dance floor and since you're partying with a bunch of people you're not likely to ever see again after this week, people really let loose.  Mixed drinks were around $7 and were double-sized and strong!
On this NYC-based ship, our own version of the Rockettes!
A good time was  had by all!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Norwegian Breakaway

Sailed out on another cruise yesterday, this time on Norwegian Breakaway from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York headed to Bermuda.  Upon boarding, this group of greeters were dancing to the "Gangnam Style" song!
Looking forward to the numerous venues on board such as Fatcats Jazz & Blues Club.
The ship's main dance club is Bliss Ultralounge!
The famous Second City improv group does shows here in Headliners Comedy Club.
O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill offers free wings 24/7!
Spice H2O is an outdoor dance party venue at the rear of the ship!
DJ Keith (RP) pumping-out Top 40/Dance as we sailed out past the Statute of Liberty and under the Varrazano-Narrows Bridge!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Club Report: Pacha (New York)

Saturday night in the Big Apple and spending it at Pacha, the New York outlet of the famous Ibiza nightclub!
DJ Neb was in the booth in the mezzanine playing Hip Hop.
Meanwhile the early crowd was just starting to congregate on the main dance floor.
It was the night of the Australian invasion with DJ Wax Motif (AUS) coming on at 11pm.
Dance floor quickly went from spartan to crowded to.....
Wax Motif mixing an occasional Hip Hop beat with nearly all House.
He was pretty animated, bouncing around a bunch and chatting with the crowd!
Some clubs can get overheated when it's crowded but Pacha stayed comfortable, at least down on the floor.  The place is always rated in the Top 10 in North America but it must be because of the world class DJ's that play here, not because of the facilities themselves. The sound system is good but the lighting equipment is limited and pillars throughout the dance floor make for poor sightlines for many clubbers. They had a smoke machine.
But first time I had seem Wax Motif play and I enjoyed his set.
Someone that I had seen play before came up next, DJ Anna Lunoe (AUS).
I saw her play last year at EDC - Chicago.
Her set all House and Deep House with an occasional Top 40 House tune.
Dance floor stayed beyond comfortable with a lot of bumping and grinding going on!
I had come to see DJ Tommy Trash (AUS) but with me having to get up early today to head to the cruise terminal, I cut out before he came on.
Through the fog, Anna Lunoe was nice to see again though!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

PI Update: Construction Advances

Construction pushes forward on Pleasure Island so let's jump around and give you this update featuring our exclusive SkyCam photos.  We'll begin here at the location where The Hangar will be built out into Village Lake. We're told this will be an aviation-themed bar with some food.
This is a very small plot of land so it's necessary to come out over the lake to fit it into the available space.
Adjacent to this is the new outdoor entertainment amphitheater where concept art shows guests enjoying musical acts down on the stage below.
Construction advances on The Boat House Restaurant.  Not sure if that will be the final name of the place.  The old name "Mahogany Bay Classic Old Boats and Great Food Restaurant" was more imaginative but the owner is registered as "The Boathouse Orlando LLC."
Closeup of The Boathouse.
Ground view of Boathouse construction.
Unspecified retail space across from the amphitheater.
More unspecified retail in the former service court of Raglan Road.
At the bottom, more unspecified retail in that service court facing the opposite way.
Moving over to West End Plaza / Celebration Plaza, what we were told awhile back was going to be a steak house restaurant.
This is all-new construction roughly where Laffers Cantina used to stand across from Adventurers Club.
This is where that railroad locomotive turntable-looking thing is going in.
Major pavement demolition in front of Adventurers Club.  Get the Colonel a gin & tonic and one for me too!
It still looks like a locomotive turntable but right now thousands of brick pavers are being added to it as part of the transformation.
Moving down Hill Street, new unspecified retail where Curl / Superstar Studios used to stand and in front of 8TRAX.
Ground view of the new construction in front of 8TRAX (near) and where Curl used to be (background).
At The Hub, side view of unspecified retail where PI Live Bar used to stand next to Mannequins.
And the front view of same, in the area where the Apricot Lane popup store used to stand. (Formerly Orlando Harley-Davidson, formerly Changing Attitudes.)
And we'll close this journey with an air view of that unspecified retail construction besides Mannequins.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Breaking News: Drilling In Mannequins!

Was out at beautiful Pleasure Island earlier today and as I walked by the boarded front entrance to Mannequins Dance Palace I could hear the distinct sound of "drilling" taking place inside!

Workers were coming and going through the Waterfront entrance into this construction zone.  And if I spoke Spanish I would have asked them what's going on in there!

The side entrance was wide open with a ramp to make the gutting easier as MDP is converted into some type of restaurant.  Too dark in there to see if the revolving dance floor has been removed but the metal railings that used to surround the circular floor do appear to be gone.