Monday, March 25, 2019

PI Update: The De facto Dance Club

The 10-year anniversary of the closing of the Pleasure Island clubs passed in September and all of us remain depressed about it. During the first 9 of those years we all complained about the lack of nightlife in Downtown Disney > Disney Springs. It will never be what it used to be but we need to quit lamenting about it and acknowledge that a dance club once again operates on the Island.
Because in what used to be the old Library section of Adventures Club, dining tables are cleared out after 9pm, the venue becomes adult-only and The Edison morphs into a real dance club! During the band sets it reminds me of the old Why Not Lounge but during the DJ sets it's a cross between Motion and BET Soundstage. The Edison has become the de facto dance club of Pleasure Island. 1 down, 4 more to go!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Club Reports: Waterview Stage, STK, The Edison

Pleasure Island was the place to be last night.
I followed the music to the Waterview Stage and arrived to find this!
Resident DJ Michael Wycoff (USA) was leading the festivities!
With Spring Break in progress, there were a lot of kids and teens.
But plenty of adults too!
This dance party takes place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with Wycoff doing the Thursday & Saturday shifts.
Talk about a Pleasure Island reunion, spotted on the stairs were FRONT: Kayla (Favorite Rock'N'Roll Beach Club), April (Favorite Hub Stage), REAR: Stephan (Favorite Mannequins), Kari (favorite 8TRAX), Stepheney (favorite Mannequins) & Mike.
The music is all Top 40 old and new!
And it runs from 10PM to 1AM on those nights.
Originally slated to run just for Spring Break last year, it's been so popular that it was extended to Labor Day weekend and now it will run indefinitely!
Come check it out for yourself!
Dropped by upscale steak house STK.
I had heard DJ Ish (USA) would be playing!  Ish is the Sunday night resident DJ at The Groove in Universal CityWalk.
It's mostly Top 40 background music for the diners but there is an upscale bar scene too although rarely anyone dancing.
Directly across West End Plaza from STK is The Edison.
This guy is everywhere!  DJ Mynd (USA).
The dance floor was jammed!
A band alternates with an aerialist artist earlier in the evening but later it becomes an all-DJ set!
Aerialist equipment suspended from The Edison ceiling.
You can go outside and chill if you want to with soothing views of Village Lake.
With the closure of all the PI dance clubs in 2008, The Edison does bring a de facto dance club back to Pleasure Island for the first time in 10 years! DJ's play 7 nights per week!
There are also some short quasi-burlesque shows earlier in the evening between the band sets but don't get too excited; this is Disney.
The music is mostly Top 40/Hip Hop classics.
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Concert Report: The Freestylers (Bar B)

Bar B was the place to be last night as they hosted another Breaks event in downtown Orlando!
I always arrive too late to see DJ Funkbaby (USA) play but finally she had a late enough set that I could see her!
She was outside on the Bar B patio where a crowd was beginning to congregate!
And the dancing had commenced!
I came inside to get a drink and found DJ Andrez (USA) on the decks.
Alternating with DJ Supagroover (USA).
The dance floor was just getting started inside too.
But there was no lack of energy being expended!
Back outside, the legendary DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) had taken over.
Playing a lot of Classic Dance songs!
Back in the late 90's & early 00's, so many of the Dance hits were Breaks.
DJ Tooltime (USA) is back and he came on next inside the club!
The Tooltime fan club was here too!
Spotted on the dance floor: Bridget, Shelly and Athena
Spotted in VIP: DJ Rob E (USA) and Ashleigh
Spotted by the bar: Yana & Ashleigh
Spotted dancing on the patio: DJ Heather Collins (USA)
Spotted doing the Breaks: Dance Singer Fal N (USA). I hope to see her actually sing next week in Miami!
Spotted on the dance floor: Christian Christian
The evening was dedicated to Derek Steplight aka DJ D-Xtreme (USA), who passed away earlier in the week.
Spotted on the mic: Glyn S. Morgan of Future Sound of Breaks. He announced yesterday a tribute party for D-Xtreme which will take place at Ace Cafe (formerly The Edge) on June 1st. There will be a huge lineup so stay tuned to the Blog for full details.
Getting crowded in here now!
Jimmy Joslin had the patio moving!
Fun times inside and out!
Bar B is perfect for these kind of events; not too large and not too small.
DJ Losman (USA) taking over at midnight!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Like I said.
Headliner taking over shortly after 12:30AM....The Freestylers (GB).
He took over right where Tooltime left off!
And the dance floor was jammed for his set!
Losman doing the same outside!
DJ Security (USA) would take over out here at 1AM.
It was crazy everywhere!
Packed outside!
 Packed inside!  A good time was had by all!