Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PI Update: Sunday Night Down On The Island

Crossing the No. 5 Bridge on Sunday night to beautiful Pleasure Island!
First stop STK for some steak & music!
DJ Adam Oam in the booth playing 70's & 80's hits.
Only outdoor location on the Island with entertainment was the Waterview Stage.
Really good mostly-EDM set from the Andre Caram Band ft. Drey-C.
The venue had a large crowd.
At this venue, not so much.
Last week we talked about 8TRAX and how the south end of the former club was taken over by Morimoto Asia.
And how the north end of 8TRAX was chopped away to make room for that flip flop store on the far right. But see that gate?
Well if you go down that corridor (which by the way is the same corridor that used to lead to the upper doors of Mannequins).
Island sources tell us that white door on the right leads into the main section of the former 8TRAX, frozen in time. We have no independent verification of that.
Under the Island, the Neverland Tunnels (or whatever it's going to be called) project continues at a snail's pace.
Hidden from view, it appears one entrance will be down here below STK while another entrance will be from within the Edison complex.
But whatever this is going to be, it appears that it won't (like the Edison) be finished anytime soon either.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Breaking News: Edison Delayed; Bypass Removed!

This was the sign in front of The Edison Orlando earlier this month. We speculated at the time that it seemed doubtful that this expansive venue could be finished and opened by the first day of summer.
And Disney has now confirmed it. The sign now says "Late 2017". Whether that means Fall or Winter remains to be seen but I take "Late" to mean 4th Quarter.
Front view pretty impressive.
And current rear view.
We posted this other view out the rear of The Edison earlier in March showing the Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway.  Here you see it.....
And here to don't!
The bypass causeway has now been completely razed!
Opened in November, 2013 and closed in March, 2016, the Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway was a necessary pedestrian diversion due to heavy construction along Hill Street in the area where the first new shops were being installed on the Island. Prior to that, pedestrians could still use Hill Street even during the demolitions of Comedy Warehouse, Laffers Cantina & the Curl (Superstar Studios) buildings.
The Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway in its day was beeuteeeful!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Concert Report: Electric Splash Pool Party

Whisper is the name of the rooftop pool bar at the W Hotel Miami.
Arrived to find DJ Michael Woods (GB) in the booth.
Yes, there really is a pool up here!
The view from the 50th floor.
Dance floor was just picking up during his EDM set which he ended with his hit "In Your Arms".
Coming on next, DJ Helena Legend (AUS).
Her set was a bit more House than EDM.
Dance floor was packed now!
As the crowd was getting into her music!
You can see that amazing view behind the DJ booth.
First time ever seeing her play.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Up next and posing for the Blog, DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona (S).
First time seeing them play since EDC-Orlando in 2014!
It was all EDM with a lot of Classic Dance mixed in.
Each set yesterday was an hour long which made for a quick pace and you never got bored!
They're based in Stockholm.
They were both wearing vintage platform sneakers that were so big in Europe back in the 90's!
Loved the awesome Hood4Less t-shirt!
Loved her dog collar!
It was a perfect afternoon for a pool party!
Best set of the day!
Getting ready to come on next, DJ Thomas Gold (D).
Capacity reached for this sold out event!
Known for House music, his set was more on the EDM side too.
Gotta love pool parties!
Drinks were only around $17 including the automatic 20% gratuity, much cheaper than at the SiriusXM Music Lounge on Thursday.
I first discovered Thomas Gold in 2012 at EDC-Puerto Rico!
Starving for dinner, I left without seeing Dubvision (NL) & Shaun Frank (CDN) who would close out the event. But what I saw was great and I highly recommend Electric Splash if you're into EDM / Dance.  A good time was had by all!