Saturday, December 10, 2016

Concert Report: DJ Lauren Lane (The Castle Tampa)

First visit in a couple years to Ybor City's famous club The Castle.
They have a new room downstairs called The Dungeon which has been home to a lot of recent electronic music concerts since Amphitheatre burned down.  Arrived around 11PM to find DJ See Shellz playing House music.
Even at this early hour the dance floor was already seeing activity.
At midnight DJ Brian Busto took over the controls.
And as he cranked up the pace and the volume, the floor got more crowded!
House music all night long!
He did a great job creating a proper mood!
Spotted on the dance floor: Angie & Krista

Spotted in VIP: Club & Event photographer Brian Miller

The headliner Lauren Lane was spotted coming into the club!
Full dance floor now!
Music had everyone moving!
Like any good dungeon, the club has tools of the trade.
With cells available for those looking for private time.
Upstairs in the main room, DJ Sean was blowing out Gothic Dark Wave & Power Noise.
Getting ready to take over shortly after 1AM, DJ Lauren Lane (USA).
I first discovered Lauren Lane at EDC - Puerto Rico back in 2012! On a horribly hot and humid San Juan night, I was heading towards the exits when this incredible music was coming from one of the smaller stages. I had to stop to see who was creating it!
Then I got to see her play at Spybar in Chicago a year later!
She has her own distinctive "sound" that draws a lot of fans!
That look of euphoria you get from real House music!
Sadly I had to leave a little after 2AM because I work Saturday morning!
A good time was had by all!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

DS Update: White Elephants?

Heard there were some white elephants out at Disney Springs so I drove there to see them for myself!
The term "white elephants" as used here refers to venues at Disney Springs that no longer seem relevant to the modern world and even less so to the new and improved Disney Springs.  We begin with the DisneyQuest play center which continues to hang in there a year since its closure was supposed to occur. You'll recall it was announced that NBA City, which closed its restaurant at Universal CityWalk on August 31, 2015, was going to take over this spot as the much larger NBA Experience. Link. It's been 1.5 years since the announcement and nothing has happened. White elephant.
The first of the celebrity chefs to open a signature restaurant in Downtown Disney, Wolfgang Puck Cafe now appears very dated following the opening of so many new celebrity chef restaurants on Pleasure Island and in Town Center. If it's going to stay, seems like it needs a fresh look at least. White elephant.
Relevant in the 80's and perhaps even the 90's, singer Gloria Estefan's Bongo's Cuban Cafe remains in business serving Spanish-Caribbean food.  We published a rumor early last year from Screamscape which stated that the company that owns Splitsville had bought the lease for Bongo's and was going to turn it into a Mexican restaurant.  Nothing ever came of that but if you look at the popularity of Mexican restaurants around town, it's a no-brainer. For now, white elephant.
House of Blues to me is foremost a music venue.  But the Crossroads Restaurant that is part of the complex remains in business and seems popular, especially on concert nights when dining there allows you to "skip the line" for the concert.  That said, Blog sources say that when the lease is up in 2019, they're out of there.  Disney allegedly forced HOB to cancel its hugely-popular Sunday night Service Industry night last year and it exerts strict control of music artists and music genres that are allowed to play there.  HOB is not a white elephant but if it's really leaving, maybe we'll just call it a lame duck.
Planet Hollywood was an 80's era white elephant when it closed earlier this year to begin serious renovations to the place. It will reopen later this month as Planet Hollywood Observatory.  New attractions within and a revamped menu make PHO quite relevant again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This Weekend In Techno Town

It's sure to by crowded & loud tomorrow night at Venue 578 as Jackal (GB) returns to Orlando. With Sage Armstrong and Woolymammoth opening.  Dubstep.
Much more to my liking is DJ Robin Schulz (D) also performing tomorrow night at Tier Nightclub.  House.
It's always a great time when DJ Fobia does one of his shows and for this edition at Peek Downtown he has both Leo Montoya & Castillo playing with him!  House / Deep House.
I've seen her in San Juan & Chicago. Rare Florida visit from DJ Lauren Lane (USA) this Friday night in Tampa at The Castle. She has a very unique sound.  House.
It's been a long time since DJ Paul Vaine has done one of his reunions paying homage to former club Visage. This one takes place at I-Bar!  Goth / Synthpop / Dark Wave 
Breaks return to Peek Downtown on Saturday night with a full like-up that includes DJ's Security, Stylus, J-Dub, Joe G and more!  Breakbeats.
Meanwhile over at Gilt Nightclub, they've got Atlanta-based DJ Herobust (USA) performing.  Trap.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DS Update: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas tree in Disney Springs Town Center.
The Christmas tree in Disney Springs Marketplace.
Santa's Chalet is open for business in the Marketplace near the Waterside Stage.
The entrance is over here on the east end of the complex.
Spotted in VIP: Santa (NP)
And the season's first cold front even brought a dusting of snow at the higher elevations! Come on out and celebrate Christmas at Disney Springs!

Monday, December 5, 2016

PI Update: Paddlefish & Tunnels

My camera wasn't high-speed enough to show the scrolling words "FULL" in each of these displays, but the floors of the Disney Springs Lime Garage were indeed full Sunday afternoon during my visit. I've visited before when the signs read "FULL" and found easy parking within but yesterday the garage was actually full when I drove in.. But with people constantly leaving, it didn't take long to find a spot despite the sign.
On the Island, the new Paddlefish now has name signs on-board!
On the front side too, even though the concept art did not indicate such.
Bright sunny day made it easy to take a peek inside the Neverland Tunnels development.
Located beneath West End Plaza, there still has been no official announcement about the venue so we really don't know what it's going to be.
Since our last visit there does seem to have been a frame-out for windows both here directly beneath the Number 5 Bridge and on the far side. So while we pictured a dark & secret speakeasy bar hidden from the masses, numerous windows overlooking the former BET Soundstage site would lead us to believe this place won't be so secret after all. So maybe this won't be a Pleasure Island home for lost boys!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, The Patio, Aero Bar, Bar B, Sandwich Bar

Saturday night in the city and you know I'm going to begin it at Independent Bar whenever feasible!

DJ Indie John in the booth!
You know the story by now.....80's New Wave on Saturday nights!
The crowd a mix of all ages, races & persuasions!
Spotted at the bar: Tracy giving us a "come hither" look with I-Bar Lighting Tech Ernie.
Spotted in VIP: Anna & Emma
Special event next Saturday night as I-Bar goes totally Goth for the Visage Reunion ft. DJ Paul Vaine. Should be completely packed!
The Blog likes to drop by The Patio from time-to-time to verify if it's true that there's always a party here!
OMG, DJ Parry was playing EDM when I came in!
And we can officially confirm that there indeed was another party in here!
Bubbles floating up into the sky as patrons danced in the open-aired club.
The music here is mostly Top 40 & Hip Hop hits but EDM is never too far off, particularly later in the evening.
Always good times here!
Directly above The Patio is Aero Bar, not to be confused with the Canadian candy bar with the same name!
DJ's Cliff T & The Dom taking turns delivering EDM!
Absolutely packed!
The peeps want EDM!
Just 4 weeks until New Years Eve when Dominick with be blowing out EDM bangers for the masses at EPCOT: ChinaEPCOT has the biggest NYE party in Florida with DJ's at China, Italy, United Kingdom, American Gardens, Japan & more!
The Patio is on the ground floor while Aero is up on the rooftop!
It's literally dancing with the stars!
Second time visit to Bar B located on Central Ave. across from Tier.
DJ Beck in the booth playing more EDM!
This place was packed too!
The peeps want EDM!
I've heard they may be having some House music nights in here in the near future so we'll monitoring that possibility!
Speaking of House music, you're always going to find it at Sandwich Bar!
Arrived after 1AM to find DJ Max Alzamora (PE) on the decks playing pure unadulterated House music!
LOL.....with or without a flash it's so hard to get decent pictures in here because their fogger works full time!
See, there are people dancing out there!
Spotted outside, DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) had played earlier!
Always great music in this place!
A good time was had by all!