Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Funny: Reopen The Clubs!

This shirt was made in 2009 and was a genuine Disney shirt with authorized use of Disney logos & characters. It was made at Disney's Design-a-Tee in Downtown Disney Marketplace. Shortly after the shirt began appearing on Pleasure Island, the shop became much more restrictive about what you could get away with, lol!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

PI Update: The 8TRAX Staircase

Outside Morimoto Asia you'll find this curious round structure that is completely out of place for the area. Do you ever wonder what's inside?
It's located on the Island's lower level adjacent the bathroom complex. Notice the lack of windows.
Back when that gray metal building was 8TRAX, a circular staircase occupied the round structure and windows wrapped around the building along with the stairs. This was the quick way to get upstairs to a less-busy bar and to the DJ booth.
Early in the conversion of Mannequins and 8TRAX into Morimoto Asia, we could still see the circular building standing guard on the site.
Ultimately the windows were stuccoed over and this door was added. What's inside?
Why it's part of Morimoto's kitchen, lol!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

Some weekends are blah blah blah. This one is anything but!

Peek Downtown is the place to be Friday night with this awesome lineup that includes Mauricio, DJ Flash and an overdue visit from DJ Jennifer Marley (USA). And many more!  Breaks.
Trance fans won't want to miss this rare appearance from DJ Talla 2XLC (D) on the last Friday of the month at Bikkuri Lounge for "Lost In Trancelation".  With DJ's Suzy Solar (USA) & Robb Blak (USA).  Trance.
If you haven't been out to the Iron Cow, you got to check it out. This Friday they've got DJ Melodie (RO) in the booth along with an opening set from DJ Exander (USA).  House.
Straight-up EDM is happening at Gilt Nightclub on Saturday night, brought to you by DJ's Jaykode & Vincent (USA). EDM.
It's a Jennifer Marley (USA) weekend as she'll also be playing Saturday night at Bar B along with locals Andrez, Sisco and more!  Free event.  House / Techno
The next edition of "Wake and Break" is taking place at Bikkuri Lounge instead of Peek but the lineup will make the drive worthwhile. DJ Mike Nice (USA) will be headlining and then the usual suspects such as Pimp Squad, RichD, Timebomb and more!  Breaks.
DJ Oscar G just played at Elixir a few weeks ago but it was a big crowd wanting more. So he's back! House / Latin House.
Saturday nights at Eve Nightclub means "No Questions Asked" and House music. This week they've got local boy made good DJ Sage Armstrong in the booth.  House.
Elixir Bar opens at 4pm on Sundays and their events end before midnight. So that's a good way to sneak-in one more party night and this weekend they've got Dirtybird's DJ Christian Martin (USA).  House / Tech Funk.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DS Update: Flying Over Disney Springs

What a beautiful day for flying over Disney Springs! Let's see what's new down there.
As previously reported, the Harley-Davidson store has vacated it's prime spot at the foot of the No. 5 Bridge on the West Side for a new location in the Town Center.  We've not heard what's coming here but it's big enough to be broken into multiple tenants again.
Construction has progressed on the former Wolfgang Puck restaurant and its conversion into mainland Spain restaurant, Jaleo.
Ground work has taken place behind this construction wall but I could not see anything vertical yet towards the construction of NBA Experience. This replaces the Disney Quest for a Summer, 2019 opening.
On the Island, Wine Bar George is making progress and shows two distinct halves.
The brick section looking very turn-of-the 20th century.
No updates for you yet on the Adult DJ Dance Party coming to Waterview Stage on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights beginning next week on March 1st. 10PM - 1:45AM.
With the World of Disney store under major renovation in the Marketplace, you can find some of the junk kitsch over here in this two-level popup store adjacent the Lime Garage entrance.
Disney Springs third garage is going into that patch of dirt in the distance between I-4 and Buena Vista Drive.
Sadly, SunTrust (formerly SunBank) no longer has a Disney Village / Downtown Disney / Disney Springs branch location. Partners Federal Credit Union has taken over their Buena Vista Drive building. You can still find a SunTrust ATM though inside the House of Blues logo store. There's always things happening in Disney Springs!

Monday, February 19, 2018

PI Update: Maria & Enzo's Splendor

Of the new Italian restaurant trio that opened recently on the Island, the Blog had visited Pizza Ponte as well as Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar. Yesterday it was time for a visit to Maria & Enzo's.
The restaurant's aviation-themed venue features a check-in counter at the door reminiscent of an airline ticket counter. You are then escorted inside to this large room. The entrance is on the Island's upper level where BET Soundstage used to stand before it was demolished.  The main room dining is one level below in what was once Soundstage's dance floor area.
Large windows fill the room with light as well as a nice view of Village Lake.
The building once served as the airline terminal for Disney Springs, although its hardly clear where the runways were!
Different areas have different Gate numbers.
With the room wrapped in airline posters and destination graphics.
The restaurant was close to dead during my mid-afternoon visit. When it's busy, there's dining on the upper level too.
When the Blog was told early in construction that this was going to be a "performance arena", those wraparound upper balconies were supposedly where patrons could watch the action on the dance floor below just like they did in BET Soundstage days.
Indeed, during construction one could see those wraparound balconies and picture a dance floor below filled with late night club-goers.  It made sense that the aerialists now performing in crammed conditions next door in The Edison would have been better served here.
As a fan of Art Deco, this place is stunning. But this could have, and should have been a club rather than yet another Italian restaurant in Disney Springs.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Club Reports: Eve Nightclub, Iron Cow

Beginning my Saturday night at Eve Nightclub where there is House music on Saturdays for their weekly "No Questions Asked" events!
You're greeted by this magnificent lighted staircase.
When I arrived, DJ Hunter Reid (USA) had just taken over for John Gaudy (USA).
The dance floor was just picking up.....
.....and growing by the moment!
Everyone here though for DJ Mark Starr (USA) who came on at 12:30AM.
Break dancing is OUT, Melbourne Shuffle is IN!
A lot of people on the dance floor but it was like pulling-teeth to get them to shift forward.
Great traditional House set.
Better view of how crowded it actually was plus there was a line at the door.
The Blog was fortunate to get a tour of the Iron Cow before they opened but finally got to experience it live last night!
Walked-in to an absolutely jammed new venue!
DJ Three (USA) in the booth at the rear of the club!
Not sure how I got to the booth because the dance floor was next to impassable!
The Iron Cow is on Robinson Street in Orlando's Milk District across the street from the T.G. Lee Dairy plant.  It replaces the adjacent and far smaller Sandwich Bar.
DJ Three's House set was all over the place, incorporating Acid House, Tech House and traditional House, at least by my definition. There was even one song that went Trance although those around me said "No it wasn't", lol.
Spotted on the dance floor: Five beauties in the middle with rough edges DJ Brian Busto (USA) & Club Photographer Justin Pile!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Vitamin C (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Sydney & Carrie
Spotted by the bar: Jason & World Famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted on the dance floor: Joette, Kelli & Christa
Spotted on the sidewalk: DJ The Reverend (USA), Club Promoter Lady V & JT.
Spotted in a "Which Button Do I Push?" moment: DJ Mathew Scot
Not only does Iron Cow have a large bar, they have a full liquor license which means gin & tonics for me!

 Great night of music in this new venue!
Anybody who is anybody was at the Iron Cow last night!
And a good time was had by all!