Sunday, February 16, 2020

Concert Report: Devotion 2020 (Ace Cafe)

DJ George Acosta (USA) headlined last night's "Devotion 2020" old school dance night which took place at Ace Cafe, formerly the Edge. Check out all the pictures on OEN Orlando Entertainment News here.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Club Reports: Celine, Ember, Iron Cow

After cruising the Bahamas last weekend, it was back on the Orlando scene last night including seeing DJ Magic Mike (USA) at Ember. All the pics are on sister website Orlando Entertainment News here.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Devotion 2020 Arrives Tomorrow Night!

It's Devotion time!  Tomorrow (Saturday) night, returning to Ace Cafe in downtown Orlando, you won't want to miss this next edition of the show that won an award from Orlando Weekly for "Best Reclamation of Local Music History".  Old School it was but this year we see it including not only Breaks and Bass but expanding into House and Trance. There were more than 1,200 in attendance last year for Devotion 2019 and another huge crowd is expected this year. Tickets will be available at the door but advance purchase here will save you time.

// Main room //
6pm   Heather Collins
7pm   James Wolfe & Bobby Buzz
9pm   Single Cell Orchestra • LIVE
10pm Mike & Charlie • greatest hits dj set
11pm Storm & Johnny Dangerously
12mid Sam Mollison • LIVE
1215am Planet Soul aka George Acosta
130am Dynamix II • LIVE

// Patio //
6pm  Jason Brown
645pm Si-Dog
730pm DJ Security
830pm Davie-D
930pm DJ 43
1015pm Dave London
11pm Rainbow Bridge
12mid Stylus
1am  Prophecy • LIVE
130am  Edge closing set

// Progressive room //
6pm  DJ Rob-E • special trance set
7pm  DJ Orlando
8pm  DJ Chang
9pm  Chris Domingo
10pm Mariner • LIVE
11pm Joe C.
12mid Andy Hughes
1am  Scott Riley • “The Club” closing set

Thursday, February 13, 2020

EDC-Orlando Update

Pasquale Rotella, the head of Insomniac, published his annual "State of Insomniac" newsletter this week and he made this comment about EDC-Orlando:
"Last year we added a 3rd day to EDC without increasing our ticket prices. Our goal is to keep those prices similar this year and continue enhancing our EDC experience. Orlando has grown to 75,000 Headliners a day, and I can’t wait to return to the Sunshine State!"
So yes, there will be an EDC-Orlando again this year and it will be the 10th Edition so it should be really special. One of our sources indicated late last year that Insomniac was in negotiations with the City of Orlando to take over another current parking lot area to add yet another stage. We'll keep you updated on any more EDC news!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

This Weekend In Techno Town

DJ Rob Bates (USA)     Manikins - Sanford     Goth / Dark Wave / Industrial
DJ Mathew Scot (USA) & Ed Abisada (USA)     Iron Cow     House

Devotion 2020 ft. DJ George Acosta (USA)     Ace Cafe     Breaks / Electro / Classic Dance
DJ Getter (USA)     Gilt Nightclub     Dubstep / Trap / Heavy Bass
DJ Chad Andrew (USA/D)     The Patio     Techno / Minimal

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Riding With Brightline

Brightline is offering free round trip tickets (1 per email address) on their trains so we took advantage of it this past weekend. Instead of driving all the way to Port Miami for a cruise, we got off I-95 in downtown West Palm Beach, parked at the station, and took the train! Brightline is the only privately owned (non-government) intercity passenger railroad in the country.
The connection to Orlando International Airport (and perhaps later to Disney and Tampa) is currently under construction so the only available route now is West Palm Beach - Fort Lauderdale - Miami. Taking the train didn't save any time but WPB parking was cheaper than at the Port and it was way more relaxing. A less than $8 Lyft ride completed the connection from Miami Central Station to the ship.
There are trains every hour and the travel time between West Palm Beach and Miami is just over one hour. Brightline's Miami Central Station is adjacent the Metrorail and Metromover stations at Government Center.
Select Class (coach) seating is a very comfortable 2 & 2 with lots of legroom, free wi-fi and you can arrive at the station 10 minutes before departure and not have to worry about TSA lines. (There is security though.) 

Brightline is in the process of transitioning to the Virgin Trains brand.
Can't wait for them to open in Orlando!
Use this link to get your free round trip ticket here.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Club Report: Abba Mania (Celebrity Infinity)

After a splendid day in Nassau, it was back to the club on cruise ship Celebrity Infinity. And a first for me on a cruise, an Abba (S) Mania Sing-A-Long Party!
Live band Indigo (UA) was providing the music which included Abba hits such as "S.O.S." and "Gimme Gimme Gimme".
But no one was singing to the sing-along and only a few were dancing.
"Dancing Queen" did bring a crowd to the floor!
Abba Mania thankfully only lasted an hour and then it was time for DJ Seon (STV) to take over.
And business on the dance floor began to pick up!
It was open format so the songs were hits from the 80's, 90's, 00's & today. The crowd was far-smaller than what we saw the previous night at the Silent Disco.
Line dance passing through!

 I've commented previously about how Royal Caribbean (of which Celebrity Cruises is a part of) did not feature their DJ's like Carnival, MSC, and Norwegian Cruise Line do. Even DJ's in their clubs were often sequestered in closed sound rooms. I've complained to them about it and now having their DJ actually operating in their dance club is a big improvement!

A good time was had by all.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Club Report: Constellation (Celebrity Infinity)

Saturday was the first night of a special 2-night sailing of cruise ship Celebrity Infinity. We're heading to Nassau, Bahamas and of course we have to check out the ship's club, Constellation.
They were doing a silent disco night and the place was packed!
Everyone was given a pair of headphones and there was 3 channels of music to dance to.
The Blue Channel was most popular as it was playing a wide range of Top 40 hits such as Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Avicii, etc.
The Red Channel was also popular with a continuous stream of 70's Disco hits!
There was surprisingly few takers for the Green Channel which was Latin.
What made this different than other silent discos I've attended is that this did not have DJ's playing. Everything was prerecorded. At past silent discos I've been to each channel had its own DJ on stage playing live for that channel.  It didn't matter though because it was huge fun and there was a line at the door waiting to get in as there were simply not enough headphones! A good time was had by all.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

PI Update: Rustic Cuff Open

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island.
When we visited last week at the Hub, the paint hadn't even dried yet on the awning covering the name of former-tenant Erwin Pearl Jewelry.
But we're told that a store called Rustic Cuff  has moved in there and is already open for business.
They specialize in "statement cuffs, charm bracelets and more." Supposedly it's a "pop-up store" meaning it won't be there forever. If it's successful it would likely remain but if it fails, they can always claim "it was just a pop-up store."  All I know is that because of where this door is located, the venue is invisible to most passers-by and until that is permanently fixed, anyone doing business here is going to struggle.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

DS Update: Coup No More

When Japan-based Uniqlo opened in Disney Springs, it was quite the coup as there were no other locations in the southeast United States. Now one has also opened in the Florida Mall.

When Spain-based Zara opened in Disney Springs, it was quite the coup as there were no other locations in Florida and a previous location at Mall at Millennia had closed. Now there are locations at Florida Mall and International Plaza in Tampa.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

This Weekend In Techno Town

DJ Ian McDaniel (USA)     Local Bar & Grill     Old School Vinyl
(New weekly event)
DJ Magic Mike (USA)     Ember     Hip Hop Hits / Top 40
(New weekly event)
DJ Rafa Barrios (E)     Iron Cow     House / Tech House
DJ Agni (IS/USA)     Bikkuri Lounge     House / Progressive House
DJ John Summit (USA)     Celine     House
DJ TonyZ (USA)     Cheers Kissimmee     Top 40
(New weekly event)
DJ BMF (USA)     Iron Cow     80's / Old School / Club Classic Dance

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

DS Update: M&M World Update

Even though it's been announced in the press that M&M World is relocating from Florida Mall to this spot in Disney Springs West Side, there are still no signs at the location indicating the same news. You'd think they'd want to hype it up for passersby who have not heard the news.
These two spots were formerly occupied by Curl by Sammy Duval and Fit2Run.

 Meanwhile at the Florida Mall location, it's business as usual and no signs announcing an upcoming move to Disney Springs.

Monday, February 3, 2020

DS Update: CityWorks Update

We had always assumed that the entrance to CityWorks was going to be down at this corner of the NBA Experience building on the corner close to Cirque.
And maybe it will be since there is now a large sign located there.
But the same large sign exists at the other end too closest to the entrance of NBA Experience. So maybe that's where the main entrance will be since that's the direction most people would be walking from. We should know pretty soon. UPDATE: We will know on Thursday as CityWorks will open then. Thanks to Blog reader Steve P for the info!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Studio 27, Bikkuri Lounge

The amazing light wall at Bikkuri Lounge was our last club-hopping stop last night. Check out all the pictures on our sister website Orlando Entertainment News here.