Sunday, January 22, 2017

Club Reports: Wall Street Plaza, Monkey Bar, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar

After spending last Friday night in the snow of Montreal, I certainly did not expect to see the white stuff in Orlando!  But that was the case last night, at least on Wall Street, where the flurries were falling fast and furious!
With accumulations approaching an inch in some places!
Good thing the City of Orlando operates snow plows and salt trucks!
The show must go on!
Looking for House music last night so I began the quest at Monkey Bar.
DJ Dity on the decks delivering what I came for!
People grabbing drinks and dancing on the small floor!
With more out on the popular balcony.
Two nights in a row for Peek Downtown!
Friday night Breaks, last night House. DJ Evo in the booth!
Nowhere near as crowded as Friday night but a decent crowd nonetheless!
Even a bit of EDM from Evo!
And Peek has new lasers and lighting!
Last stop Vinyl Arts Bar.
DJ Skylar Williams was delivering the good stuff when I arrived!
VAB is built in an old house so dancing literally takes place in the living room!
At 1AM, headlining DJ Randall M (USA) taking over!
And within moments the dance floor went from crowded..... packed!
Originally from Leesburg, Randall M is now based in Berlin!
And he plays a lot of summer sessions in Ibiza!
Melbourne Shuffle!
House music all night long!
Next Friday night DJ Saeed Younan (USA) will be playing here!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Club Report: Peek Downtown

The weekend has arrived so I headed to Orlando's home of Breaks, Peek Downtown!
Arrived around 11PM to find DJ Divine (USA) in the booth!
Athena & Brooke were leading the dancers!
And even at this early hour, the dance floor was already packed!
New lasers and other lighting effects lit up the room!
DJ Andrez (USA) taking control shortly after I arrived.
And it was crazy in here!
Spotted in VIP: Fatima, Jen of Mazor Promotions & DJ Tone Look.
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda & Adriana.
Spotted in the booth: DJ Andrez, Jen, Emelio & Shelly.
Mixing in some Old Skool Breaks!
Taking over at midnight, DJ Tone Look (E).
People kept streaming in the door to fully jam-up the place!
Tone Look had played here last April too!
Great music had everyone bouncing!
My recollection is that he's from the Malaga area in southern Spain.
Great music, great vibe!
And a good time was had by all!

Friday, January 20, 2017

DS Update: Food Fight!

This is a cast member food truck at Disney Springs, operated by Sodexo. Knowing that CM's can't afford the prices that us guests pay to eat at WDW, Disney has contracted with Sodexo to provide employee cafeterias and food trucks.
But a recent advertisement in Orlando Weekly by the union Unitehere asks, "Disney: Why's Your Heart Frozen?" The ad goes on to say that Walt Disney World is far from a "happy" place for Sodexo food workers who prepare & serve meals for Disney's Cast Members.
I don't get it. Presumably Disney has hired Sodexo and pays them to operate their food services at a profit.  The Sodexo employees are paid by Sodexo, not by Disney, right?  So if this union represents those employees and they're not happy with the pay, shouldn't the union be taking this up with Sodexo the next time the contract is up for renewal, not with Disney?  Sounds like they're trying to embarrass Disney but the people this union represents don't work for Disney. Perhaps my understanding is incorrect.  But a contract is a contract.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

DS Update: Visiting The Projects

Whether you're on viewing from your smart phone, tablet or laptop, let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island and visit the Island's various projects!
With the exterior of The Edison about 75% completed, most of the activity is taking place inside.
We know there's going to be a restaurant aspect to The Edison but the intrigue surrounds this large "room" which could be a performance arena with a stage or it could be a night club. Or both.
Our roving reporters are trying to find out!
Over at Riverboat Square (better known as the Lily Pad), the former "Empress Lily" continues to be turned into new restaurant / lounge Paddlefish. Progress has been amazingly fast to me even though it did not meet its advertised deadline to open of "Late 2016".
It looks rather striking and should offer diners, particularly those looking for seafood, a lower price point than The Boathouse next door.
My camera did not have a quick-enough shutter to capture Paddlefish from high up on the swaying balloon ride, lol!
Contractor issues, roof issues. Planet Hollywood Observatory did not open last year and it didn't open last week either. Or this week. That outdoor downstairs bar over there had at least one television monitor showing football on it so we may finally have a sports bar in Disney Springs!
Taking reservations now for this coming Monday so I think we're finally there!