Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This Weekend In Techno Town

                                                   What a great way to end August!
Native Social Bar returns to the scene tonight with A-Sides (GB) and many more!  D&B
You can't beat the price for House music at Monkey Bar on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights! FREE!  Tomorrow night they have resident DJ's Rob Prynge and X-Andy along with guest DJ Romano Arcaini.  House/Deep House
Meanwhile Venue 578 on Thursday night has Dirtybird's Justin Martin (USA), Big Chocolate (USA) and Florida's own Mark Starr (USA)! EDM
Absent since last August, DJ duo Neptune Project (GB) joins Suzy Solar (USA) at Bikkuri Lounge.  Trance
Also absent since last August, DJ Lenzman returns to Club 23, now Pink, for what we described last year as Breakbeats on steroids!  D&B
The Encore series of DJ concerts at Gilt Nightclub continues this Saturday night with Bro Safari (USA)!  Electrohouse/Trap
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home of Breakbeats and this Sat night check out Supernaught (USA), Mike Nice & Phatkidz! Breaks
More Saturday night action to choose from with DJ George Acosta (USA) playing at Vinyl Arts Bar.  We spotted him back stage at Firestone a few years ago with friend SarahK! Techno/Classic Dance
Yet another Saturday night option is over at Sandwich Bar as they have DJ Renzo Ruiz headlining with several others!  Small room, big vibe!  House/Deep House
Not sure if this is replacing the Service Industry Night at Club 39 but DJ Magic Mike (USA) is headlining this SIN at Mango's along with XM Satellite Radio's DJ Leony (USA). EDM

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PI Update: Mannequins Will Live Forever!

Mannequins Dance Palace, August 2008.
Mannequins Dance Palace, August 2016.  You can pretty it up, you can move the door, you can change the marquee and you can cover the revolving dance floor, but it will always be Mannequins!

Monday, August 22, 2016

PI Update: The Reunion That Never Happened

Following the closure of all the clubs on Pleasure Island in September, 2008, the Island became an unanticipated ghost town with a long stretch of nothing in the area where the clubs used to exist. At night, it became eerie. Management came up with two ideas in early 2009 to remedy the situation.  One was the Celebrate Tonight show which we described last week in this article. The other idea was to allow private parties to rent Motion, Soundstage Club or Adventurers Club for private events. The idea here was that events would bring people and activity in the otherwise empty buildings, liven things up and bring in revenue from places no longer making any. Mannequins was apparently not an option but I approached Disney Catering & Events about doing a Mannequins Reunion in Soundstage Club instead! With a capacity of 300, it could work.
Disney's club rental prices ($1000 for 3 hours) and food and beverage minimums ($5325 plus gratuity) plus a DJ fee ($3000) were outrageously priced so I submitted a very reasonable financial counteroffer that would have allowed Disney to make a profit  and for me to breakeven.  I even submitted the above proposed event flyer as a sample. And if the Reunion was successful, I was willing to contract for monthly Mannequins events at Soundstage that would have brought Disney revenue from a building that was otherwise sitting idle (and looking back now, sat idle for 7 years earning nothing).
My Disney Catering representative Genie Lavery called and told me no; management turned it down. They didn't want any club events. I was told it was for "brand consistency" and to "make it clear that the club (Mannequins) had not reopened. When she could not answer my further questions, I asked to speak to the head of the department.  Shortly thereafter then director Barry Jacobson called me from OIA where he was waiting for a flight.  He went on to say, "We reserve the right to say no to any event."  He couldn't tell me why they were allowing a Gay Days club event in club Motion that June but was turning me down. "I'm sorry," he said, "I can't speak to those but this is one event we're saying no to." And so there was no Mannequins Reunion that year or any year but don't give up hope. All of the Mannequins former DJ's want to do one and the Blog will make it happen!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Sly Fox Lounge, Aero Bar, 180 Skytop Lounge, Peek Downtown

Saturday night in the city and you know by now that I'm going to begin it at Independent Bar if at all feasible!
And just like nearly every Saturday night, you're going to find Lighting Tech Ernie in the booth along with DJ Indie John!
Dance floor kind of light early on but this is deceiving since it got packed during certain songs.
Saturday night means early to mid 80's New Wave, those songs you grew up with!
Cheap drink prices and great music make this the place to be on Saturday nights!
Next stop directly across the street to Sly Fox Lounge.
Thursday through Saturday night resident DJ Geebo in the booth!
He had a crowd on the dance floor moving to light Hip Hop & Top 40 hits!
While another crowd socialized at the bar.
Sly Fox is home to this amazing beer can wall!
Good place to chit chat with your friends before moving on to the clubs!
Such as Aero Bar.
DJ Cliff-T in the booth with former Mannequins DJ Dom Morrison! Don't miss the grand opening party for Cliff's traditional record store Remix on Sunday, September 4th. Meanwhile, The Dom opens for Croatia Squad (CH) at The Social on Friday, September 16th.
The outdoor dance floor was packed because the peeps want electronic dance music!
You're dancing under Orlando's skyline!
The music is House & Deep House!
And it's always just an amazing experience!
Haven't been here in awhile!  180 Grey Goose Lounge is now 180 Skytop Lounge!
DJ Chino who we know as the Friday night resident DJ at The Groove in the booth doing Top 40 & Hip Hop classics!
180 refers to the degrees of view you get from this rooftop venue!
It's located outside the 6th floor of Amway Center.
From up here, even I-4 is romantic so this is a great place to impress a first date!
 In addition to the outdoor bar, there is an inside bar that changes colors where we spotted DJ Freefall (USA) giving us the peace sign!

And Freefall would take over around 1AM.
Spotted in VIP: Toni with Mrs. Freefall
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Floor saw some action during my visit.
More dancing with the stars!
There was still time for one more stop!  Peek Downtown!
DJ Leo Montoya in the booth delivering us House music!
Big crowd in the club!
People dancing all over the place!
DJ Fobia taking over close to 2AM!
Spotted in VIP: Jessica
House music all night long!
We call Peek Downtown Orlando's home of Breaks but there are also a lot of House music nights in here too!
A good time was had by all!