Sunday, November 23, 2014

Club Reports: Aero Bar, Olde 62, NV, 180 Grey Goose Lounge, Sound Bar, The Patio

Good thing that I took photos to remember last night's journey.  Started things off at Aero Bar, the new name for what was Sky60.
Former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison in the booth putting out House/Dance!  He's playing on New Years Eve under the fire-belching dragon at EPCOT: China!
Mans Week Lite this year.  Vegas last year, Orlando this year!  :-(
Small crowd on the dance floor on this drizzly night.
Passed through Olde 62 on the way out.  That's the new name for what was Bar-BQ-Bar.
The clutter is gone, the booths are gone.....and the people are gone.  But it was a slow night everywhere last night.
Next stop NV (pronounced "envy").
They sometimes have DJ's here; I can recall Andy Hughes playing here.  But last night the Chill music was prerecorded.
Spotted: DJ Beni Hill. He's playing next Friday night with DJ Sharaz at Suite B Lounge!
Small crowd dancing on the floor near the bar.
Two weeks in a row to 180 Grey Goose Lounge atop Amway Center!
DJ Jay Mac (iHeartRadio) keeping the decks covered during the slight drizzle.
But the rain ended as quickly as it hard started and people were coming back outside.
The blue and white tower signifies it was an Orlando Magic game night.
Getting into the House/Dance mix!
Can't miss Sound Bar on a Saturday night!
DJ duo bigLITTLE pumping out House music!
Always a fine looking crowd here!
Spotted: DJ Fusion aka Bob Man.  He's playing with DJ Donald Glaude next Friday night at Vanity.
Always great drinks from bartendress Rhiana!
Last stop of the night was The Patio, the new name for what was Eye Spy.
DJ Parry in the booth spinning Top 40/Dance!
They got the fog!
They got the lasers!
They got the peeps!  A good time was had by all!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Club Reports: Vixen Bar, Sound Bar

Hadn't dropped by Vixen Bar in awhile so that was on my agenda for Friday night.
DJ Knightlife was in the booth playing Dance.  With so many clubs playing various specialty genres of EDM such as Trance, Breaks, Deep House, etc, it was great to just hear some plain commercial Dance music!
Say what!  Large pack of guys on the floor dancing to a David Guetta track!
The long narrow club was moderately busy during my visit.
With this being "Classic Weekend", clubs such as Tier, Vain, Firestone and Ono that go both ways were dedicating themselves to Hip Hop. Not so at Sound Bar where it's always EDM!
Around 12:15am, DJ Simon Baker (GB) taking over from veteran DJ John Debo.
And delivering a strong non-vocal House set!
The club was crowded but not packed like we often see here.
Someone asked me if this was Deep House and I said "no", just House.  But for the life of me I would not be able to put into actual words how to tell the two apart, lol.
Great music at Sound Bar!
But a rather subdued crowd last night lacking the typical whooping and cheering one hears here as the music builds up and drops.  So I can't safely declare this time that a good time was had by all.

DTD Update: More Car Park Pictures

Downtown Disney parking woes solved!  The West Garage is open for business!
There was speculation that each floor would have its own color but that is not the case.  The West Garage is also known as the Orange Garage and all levels are orange.  Apparently the East Garage will have a different color scheme.  Also, although you can't see it in this photo, these signs by the elevator are designed to peel off the top layer which currently direct guests to the 1st Floor to go to Downtown Disney.  Under the peel-away layer, one can faintly see guests directed to the 2nd floor to go to Disney Springs.  Once the name change is made, they can simply peel off the top layer.
There are escalators within the complex too.
Eventually guests will be encouraged to use this second floor overpass to the entryway near AMC & Planet Hollywood although apparently it will still be possible to cross on the ground level too.
Each parking space has a light which will be green when the space is open and red when the space is occupied.  These were not operational during yesterday's visit when they just continuously alternated between the two colors.
Nothing gets car park fans more excited than ramps!
These obviously are not open yet.  They will connect to the new DTD access road coming off the ramp from westbound I-4.  Come out and see it all for yourself!

Friday, November 21, 2014

PI Update: Mannequins Daylight Pics

Officially it's still called Pleasure Island.  As a practical matter, Pleasure Island ain't no more!
Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter William provided us breaking news last night that Mannequins exerior wall had been "opened up".  So today we visited again to bring you some daytime shots!
Now you can take a really good look at what is going on.
Garage door is open too with a ramp for tractors.
After years of inactivity, not a day goes by now without something new happening on the Island!
Extensive exterior renovations are needed to convert Mannequins into Marimoto Asian restaurant.  I have no information on the status of the revolving dance floor.  All the workers speak Spanish but I don't!
How many times did you go down those stairs?