Monday, July 23, 2018

DS Update: Chicken Guy Coming To Springs

We were hoping that the new quick-serve addition being built onto the side of Planet Hollywood Observatory was going to be an outlet for celebrity chef Guy Fieri's awesome burgers and fries. Well we got it half right. It will be a Guy Fieri outlet but apparently it won't be his burgers and fries we're getting. It's going to be called Chicken Guy and it will be a quick-serve location (high volume) for chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps, chicken salads and chicken soups. Looking forward to it as the number of quick-service options in Disney Springs are limited.
“Welcome to Chicken Guy, what would you like today?"
"Wings, please."

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Club Reports: Sly Fox Bar, Independent Bar, Peek Downtown, 180 Skytop Lounge, Elixir Bar

Saturday night in the city and beginning my bar-hopping with a visit to Sly Fox Bar.
Saturday night resident DJ Geebo (USA) on the decks!
The music is Top 40, Hip Hop hits and occasional Breaks!
And he had a good crowd on the dance floor!
Crossing the street and finding a long line to get into Blog-favorite Independent Bar!
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) in the perch!
The music on Saturdays, 80's New Wave.
Spotted at the bar: Selethel with the expectant Krysta Marie. Congratulations!
Always fun times at I-Bar!
Next over to Peek Downtown.
DJ Plundr (USA) in the booth when I first got there. He was playing mostly Heavy Bass.
Followed later by DJ Kyro (USA) playing a great House set!
There just wasn't a lot of people here to enjoy it.
It's been awhile since we climbed to the top of Amway Center to visit 180 Skytop Lounge.
DJ Ray Love (USA) in the outdoor booth!
There's an indoor area too but this venue is all about being outside under Orlando's skyline!
The music a mix of Top 40, Hip Hop hits and Reggaeton.
From up here, even I-4 is romantic! (Well ok, not really.)
DJ Netics (USA) up next, continuing with the same music mix.
You can never go wrong with Go Go Girls!
If you're looking for a place to impress a first date, this is the place!
OK, really needing some House music by now so I headed over to Elixir Bar.
And I walked into this out on the patio!
DJ Andre Gazolla (BR) in the booth!
House music all night long!
His House set had the requisite build-ups and crashes!
Melbourne Shuffle in progress!
Mostly non-vocal selections during my visit.  DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) is here next Saturday night.
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Downtown Update: Firestone Sadness

Anyone who has been around Orlando's music scene for any length of time will recognize this sign, even without any words on it.
Most recently it was known as Venue 578.
But for decades it was known as Firestone Live or The Club at Firestone.
But the construction that was to turn it into an entertainment complex known as Vanguard appears to have come to a standstill!
This is what it looked like inside when the Blog visited last December. Link.
But the gutting ended and from my observation it's been sitting idle like this for months.
Firestone sadness.
Around back in Firestone's parking lot, a heavily renovated Brink reopened in May as Blackstar.
While in the adjoining building, sister club Odd Jobs opened. 

 Both Blackstar and Odd Jobs abruptly closed at the end of June but reopened last night as Club Vision, reportedly under new ownership.
What was Blackstar looked ready to go during my visit yesterday afternoon while the part that was Odd Jobs smelled like fresh-cut wood and was still under renovations. Orlando Weekly reports that the Vanguard project is still moving forward.  During my visit yesterday, there were no visible indications that was the case so we'll continue to monitor and keep you updated on progress.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Changes At Seminole Hard Rock (Hollywood)

On approach recently to FLL, passed the nearby Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino complex located in Hollywood. The soon-to-be iconic hotel tower that is shaped like a guitar stands out amid the numerous parking garages.
The hotel and casino used to be part of a festival marketplace complex with shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs. It was one of the places to see and be seen in South Florida. When the Blog visited in 2009 (LINK) the nightclubs within included Passion, Opium, Pangaea and Gryphon

But when we visited in 2014, the clubs and many of the other marketplace venues had closed in advance of this huge construction project. Apparently the hotel and casino were doing so well, they could make a lot more money expanding those versus being a landlord. They still have a Hard Rock Event Center, similar to our Hard Rock Live, but overall the complex ain't what it used to be!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

The event of the weekend is DJ duo Gorgon City (GB) playing at the new Celine Nightclub. I can still remember their great Deep House set at EDC-Orlando in 2015!  House.
Offered at a lower price point (i.e. Free), the "Secret Elevator Party" at Monkey Bar is always a great vibe and you can see the great lineup on the flyer above!  House.
Elixir Bar continues to offer great Saturday night events out on their beautiful patio and this weekend they have DJ Andre Gazolla (BR) bringing the beats!  House.
An 80's costume is not required but it does add to the fun as a group in the hundreds go bar hopping to 4 venues beginning on Church Street.  Your fee includes 4 entries and 4 drinks. Save money by purchasing an advance ticket here!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

DS Update: Restaurant News

Not a Saturday night goes by where someone doesn't ask me about what's new with Disney Springs' restaurants. They ask, "Bob, what's new with Disney Springs' restaurants?" So let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island to begin our tour!
At the far eastern end of the Island, Terralina Crafted Italian Restaurant is finally open after many delays. This new Italian restaurant replaces Portobello Country Italian Restaurant which replaced Portobello Yacht Club, an Italian restaurant. Disney must not know that old adage, if you keep doing what you always did, you're going to get what you always got.
They do have this new outdoor patio bar overlooking the Lily Pad area.
The rest of the action is over on the West Side. Construction well under way for NBA Experience.
It will be much larger than CityWalk's former NBA City restaurant ever was but what it will offer remains to be seen.
I'm most-excited about Jaleo, offering the cuisine of mainland Spain.
The sign still says that it's opening in 2018 but as you can see, no way.
Jaleo is going into a heavily renovated space formerly occupied by Wolfgang Puck while this new construction space near Coca-Cola Store will be home to Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill.
Another place that has me excited is a quick-serve addition to Planet Hollywood Observatory. I've not heard what it will offer but I'm hoping it will be celebrity chef Guy Fieri burgers-to-go. Of course that could jeopardize those greasy burgers and rather sour fries offered over at Disney Burger. Stay tuned!