Thursday, April 28, 2016

PI Update: Fast-Tracked?

Pleasure Island is still the place to be, so come cross the No. 5 Bridge one more time and check out all the construction updates!
At what is reported will become Walt's or Walt's Place, construction progress seems to have become fast-tracked!
Back up in the air with our SkyCam!  When BET Soundstage was demolished early last year here, months of nothingness followed.  But suddenly, perhaps because more heavy construction workers have become available, one can see gains made daily!
This is going to be a relatively high structure when it's done.
Raised corrugated metal foyer.
Next door at The Edison Orlando, A/C equipment has already been added to the roof.  Another example supporting the notion that these last projects have been fast-tracked.
SkyCam photo of the former Adventurers Club building.  Notice the freshly poured concrete pad we reported on Monday here and how it will be extended along the water of the Edison building.
Closeup of the expansion going out over the water.
Future smokestack framework at The Edison.
Another lower level photo at The Edison.
Another look at the two construction projects side-by-side!
The angle of the sun prevented much of a look into the lower level beneath West End Plaza, supposedly the future home of Neverland Tunnels.
Since the entrance to Neverland Tunnels was reported to be via the basement of Walt's Place, it's possible that the Tunnels will not only be beneath the Plaza but also beneath Walt's!
There are several hidden speakeasy bar/lounge concepts around Orlando and perhaps this will be Disney's attempt to emulate that. Only the cool people will know about it!
Tune in Monday for more exclusive pics!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This Weekend In Techno Town

Progressive House at its best tomorrow night at Peek Downtown with DJ Nemesis & Mike Gentile!
A do not miss event with Sugar Free Radio & former Orlando Magic player Rony Seikaly (USA) at Eve Nightclub! House.
First Orlando appearance of DJ Adam Ellis (GB) for "Lost In Trancelation" at Bikkuri Lounge. With Suzy Solar. Trance.
Already the owner of so many mega Dance hits, DJ Morgan Page (USA) returns to Orlando on Saturday night at Gilt Nightclub. DJ's ATM & Evo open for him. EDM/Dance.
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home of Breaks and it should be a great night with DJ KJ of K5, Dave Gluskin, Davie-D and more!  Breaks.
This is the final JAX appearance of DJ Baby Anne as she conducts her farewell tour! Elcipse Nightclub. Florida Breaks.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DS Update: Advertising Banners & More

Spotted these Disney Springs banners this weekend over in the Marketplace.  All of them use the "Coming Soon" theme; this one featuring that new indoor mall / awning-covered structure behind Planet Hollywood and the Coca-Cola store.

This one features the new STK steakhouse.
This one is an overview of the springs of Disney Springs.  Interestingly, this features long-expired concept art since Mannequins is displayed as such without the outdoor dining and glass that now makes up the Morimoto structure.
This fourth one does feature Morimoto as it was constructed.  Of course this venue is already open!

 Speaking of the Coca-Cola store, we now see that all the exterior glass skin has been installed and the front awning entrance area is being worked on.

Front view.

View of the outdoor rooftop patio.  Will this be a nightlife hotspot....or a soda fountain?

Monday, April 25, 2016

PI Update: Fulton's To Become Paddlefish

Disney announced earlier today that Fulton's Crab House, currently closed and undergoing a major renovation, will reopen this Fall as "Paddlefish".  Concept art spotted in front of the Pleasure Island complex shows the former Empress Lily regaining its two long-lost smokestacks and it's aft paddlewheel. More details in this article in the Orlando Sentinel.  Update: Blog reader Troy also provides this link with even more details! Thanks, Troy!

PI Update: Latest Walt's & Edison Pics

Beautiful weekend in Orlando, and what better place to spend it, than Pleasure Island!
We only know of Walt's or Walt's Place because of that Scott Joseph article last year, but if that's what it is, we know what it will look like from this piece of concept art.
Construction continues at this former site of BET Soundstage Club.
Concept art shows that tower taking on an art deco look!
Workers were out in force, presumably to get this place finished before the end of 2016.
The concept art also shows the adjacent The Edison Orlando project.
The pace here too has quickened of late.
Concrete has been poured on this platform sitting partly over the waters of Village Lake.
Lots of activity now in the former Adventurers Club.
View west across the bottom of TEO.
Close up of that new concrete platform.
That Scott Joseph article is also the only place that has mentioned the mysterious Neverland Tunnels project, hidden under West End Plaza at the front of The Edison Orlando, Walt's & STK.
Can no longer see into the Neverland Tunnels space, at least from this vantage point.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Club Reports: Peek Downtown, Gilt Nightclub

Saturday night at Peek Downtown for their monthly "Breaks Yo" event!
Arrived near the tail end of DJ Sandra Cruz' set.
Followed by more Breaks from DJ Timothy Barnard.
Dance floor was beginning to populate at this early hour!
Many people here for visiting DJ Tone Look (E)!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jen & Ira Mazor, Orlando's undisputed first family of Breaks!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Tone Look's sister Fatima.
Spotted by the booth: Breaker Jim Martinez posing with Sandra & Fatima.
Spotted by the bar: Blog-favorite mixologist Jennifer.
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home for Breakbeats!
Tone Look is from Malaga on Spain's Costa del Sol.
DJ Rich Doss taking over late!
Not crowded last night but plenty of good music and plenty of nice scenery!
Next stop over to Gilt Nightclub!
Arrived just in time to have DJ Andrew Rayel (MD) pass by me!
And he would begin his set with the expected Trance bangers!
First time seeing him since he opened for Armin van Buuren (NL) at A State of Trance 750 in Toronto in January!  Photo here.
Gilt was wall-to-wall packed!
As in packed to the rafters!
The things I have to contend with!  View to my right, lol!
Andrew Rayel is known as the "Pride of Moldova".
And he was quite animated last night, with lots of pointing and bouncing as his set migrated away from Trance and into EDM/Dance!
Another view of the dance floor!
I've seen it more packed than this, but not often!
Finally giving us current hit "One In A Million" around 1AM.  The DJ & crowd reacted just like in the video!
Morgan Page (USA) plays here next Saturday night, Oliver Heldens (NL) on May 12th & Dirty South (SRB) on May 14th!
A good time was had by all!