Thursday, June 21, 2018

PI Update: The Mystery Door

Mannequins fans of course remember this door that led directly from Hill Street and into the upstairs of the club. Sometimes it was exit-only, sometimes it was only for smokers but sometimes it was a secret way in with no line when there was a long line to get in at the club's front door!
During the Island's reconstruction, this became a much-narrower outdoor service corridor and the entrance door(s) into what is now Morimoto Asia was cut in size too.  But it's that door to the far right that you can barely see that remains a mystery!
We know that the Sanuk flip-flop store is there now, yet only in the front. And at the rear are Morimoto's kitchens.  Supposedly that door leads directly into: 8TRAX. What?  Yes, supposedly there is unused space between Sanuk and Morimoto that was never leased-out and never renovated and it still looks like 8TRAX in there!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

Looks like great weather in the forecast for Friday night's outdoor courtyard show at Elixir for DJ Kyle Watson (ZA). There's no better vibe in town than here!  House.
The next edition of "Wake and Break" takes place Friday night at Bikkuri Lounge and while I missed DJ Robotic (USA) at Breaks Yo! last weekend, I'll try not to miss him this time.  Breakbeats.
We don't see DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA) much of late so the fact he's headlining at Peek Downtown this Friday night makes it a listed event!  EDM / House.
The event of the weekend is the return of legendary DJ Paul van Dyk (D) to Gilt Nightclub this Saturday night. It will be packed to the rafters with Orlando's Trance family!  Trance.
More fun over at Elixir as this alternate show for House hounds will feature DJ Anthony Attalla (MEX / USA) and DJ Ardalan (IR / USA), all on the outdoor dance patio!  House.
There's Kimball Collins, Sandra Collins, Tom Collins.....and then there's Heather Collins (USA). And she and the crew are doing Old Skool jams at Peek Downtown!  Breakbeats / Classic Dance.
The next edition of "Torque" takes place Monday night at their new home Vintage Lounge and this month they have none other than DJ Micro (USA). With Hellman (USA) and more. DnB.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

DS Update: The Projects

Although the conversion of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs is largely done, there are still several restaurant projects in progress. ADR's are now being taken for Terralina but not until July 30th. While it's likely to open before then, it won't make its own "Spring 2018" deadline.
Framework is in place for the NBA Experience.
Jaleo is moving along nicely!
As is Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill.
The one non-restaurant project is Disney Springs' third parking garage A3. Still no announcement on what "fruit name" will be assigned to it.  It's directly across from the Lime Garage.

Monday, June 18, 2018

PI Update: Cross The Island

Sunday evening in the Springs!  Let's go "cross the Island" one more time and for a change we'll start at the No. 1 Bridge from Marketplace.
The redone Lily Pad is still there although this section of the Island has been labeled "Riverboat Square".
Cutting through the Motion Corridor.
Waterview Stage has those recently installed light towers to support the adult dance parties taking place on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights through Labor Day weekend.
Stopping for some hazelnut gelato! Mmmm!
Taking a quick glimpse at Morimoto to see if they've changed the sign back to Mannequins yet.
Another glimpse to see if there were any customers inside Erwin Pearl Jewelry. There wasn't.
The Edison is an imposing sight!
Still confused as to why the marquee sign for Maria & Enzo's Ristorante is over the door to Pizza Ponte rather than over its own door.
Leaving the Island via the No. 5 Bridge to the West Side. It was a fun visit and I can't wait to return!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Club Report: Breaks Yo! 4th Anniversary Party (Miami Beach)

Kill Your Idol is a small club in the middle of South Beach.
And last night it was home to the 4th Anniversary party for Breaks Yo!
Arriving around 10PM, DJ Cyborg Sanchez (USA) was in the booth playing.....Breaks!
Quickly followed by DJ Sum1 (USA).
The dance floor was active from the beginning!
DJ Lady T (USA) would come on around 11PM.
Long and narrow, I love the vibe in this venue although last night the A/C wasn't working and it was starting to get hot!
The place has some unique theming, although I wouldn't be able to label it.
Or I could go with "eclectic".  Yeah, that's it!
And they have this cool advertisement on the well to help patrons decide if they're intoxicated or not.  If it looks fuzzy, you're sober.  If it looks perfectly fine, you're drunk!
DJ Medley (USA)
WOW!  They made me forget why I was here!
All Breaks, All Night!
Tag team set next from DJ Bebe (USA), the instigator of Breaks Yo! along with DJ Jimi The Genius (USA).
Great mood in the club.....even with the heat!
And then finally, the reason we were all here: DJ Icey (USA)
People came in from outside, people came forward from the rear!  It was packed!
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorite CJ & Marcus.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Medley
Spotted in VIP: DJ Lady T
Dance floor stayed busy for Icey!
Icey returns to Orlando at The Beacham on Tuesday, July 3rd (Independence Day Eve) for "Breaks Rebellion" ft. a special old school Breaks set from Kimball Collins (USA) and joined by Wes Smith (USA) and Keith Mackenzie (USA), among others.  Advance tickets here.
Meanwhile last night, a good time was had by all!