Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PI Update: Is Pleasure Island Gone?

One of our readers posted a Comment last week about the Downtown Disney Times Guide referring to the Entertainment and Shopping options on Pleasure Island as The Landing.  This is confirmed.  As you can see above, the Times Guide refers to Downtown Disney's three areas as Marketplace, West Side and......The Landing. We will have to initiate a search of the area during our next visit to see if all references to Pleasure Island have now been removed.  (sorry image not displaying at this time)

Monday, April 27, 2015

PI Update: Another Look At The Springs

Hop on your ECV and come on over to Pleasure Island!
Today we're going to check out the springs.  One can see that this is not the lagoon that preexisted this but is much more extensive.
It looks like water will flow in its own channel with various bubbling springs along the way.
The posted concept art shows that various venues are to be constructed directly overlooking the springs with several bridges connecting The Landing with the Town Center.
As the namesake for the entire project, we expect that the Springs will wow guests.
Hmmm.....Irish Spring?
This view also shows some of the buildings under construction in the Town Center portion of Disney Springs.  That's the former PI parking lot out there.
Another view looking west southwest beyond Mannequins.  Lots more to come here!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Club Report: Voltage Night Club (MV Grand Celebration)

Following the under-the-stars Latin Night party at the ship's Dancing Martian, the focus shifted to the ship's disco, Voltage Night Club.
The ship's resident DJ Gonzalo (RCH) in the booth delivering a night that was a cross between 8TRAX and Atlantic Dance Hall.
And that I mean heavy on 70's Disco & 80's Classics like we used to hear at 8TRAX.
As well as a lot of Top 40 hits like you hear at ADH.
The club never got super-packed but it had it's moments!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sailaway Party (MV Grand Celebration)

Off on a sailing of MV Grand Celebration operating out of the Port of Palm Beach with service every other day to Grand Bahama Island.  With a Groupon rate of just $99 per person plus tax, it was too cheap not to try out!
Checking out the Sailaway Party at the pool deck with DJ Gonzalo (RCH) playing mostly Line Dances.
Cupid Shuffle!
Great idea for a bachelorette party!
The ship is older; the former Carnival Celebration.  But it's been completely refurbished and every place onboard looks great!  It offers all the amenities you find on traditional cruise lines.
Including the fun!
Wobble Baby Wobble!
On the ship's pool deck, a good time was had by all!  Will load an article about the ship's Disco for tomorrow morning.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Club Reports: Vixen Bar, Tier Nightclub

Final weekend for Vixen Bar as they renovate and reopen with a new concept.
Legendary DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) in the booth spinning a small amount of House and a whole lot of Breaks!
Place was pretty full for a Thursday night!
A lot of Mannequins people will be out tonight if you're downtown!
Will definitely miss all the vixens of Vixen.
Free shots!
Then over to Tier Nightclub.
DJ duo Carlos Mendoza and Elias R kicking things off.
Crowd starting to build.
Delivering House and Deep House.
Everyone here though for DJ Mark Knight (GB), taking over at 12:30AM!
He would waste no time going at it!
House and Progressive House.....in the house!
Big crowd on hand but not as large as what we saw when German DJ ATB played here back in February.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Jennifer Marley
Dance floor was packed!
Spotted in VIP: Amber
I think all the music last night was non-vocal.
DJ Laidback Luke (NL) plays here May 15th; Pete Tong (GB) on June 4th.
A good time was had by all!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

PI Update: Around The Boathouse

Save Pleasure Island Blog posted exclusive pictures of the inside of The Boathouse two weeks ago during their soft opening for invited guests....prior to any other news organization getting inside.
So we were pleased to return and mill about the place for awhile now that it's open to the public.
One of several boats or boat sections that make up the dining room.
Light musical entertainment taking place on a beautiful afternoon.
Lots of excitement about today's opening of Dockside Margaritas but another venue to enjoy a few cold ones is the similarly named Dockside Bar at The Boathouse.
A number of people have already discovered it!
Some of the older pleasure craft docked at the marina.
Of course much of the buzz about this place are the Amphicar rides that will soon be offered.
Rides will last 20-minutes and will cost $125 for up to 3 passengers and a skipper.  I was told that sales tax is extra and there is a AP discount.
I think this will be a real winner!
Tickets will be sold in the Ship's Store.
As is lots of other Boathouse logo merchandise! Come check it out!