Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

Get on the guest list for free entry before 11PM! Bixel Boys (USA) tomorrow night at Venue 578! House.
Crazy Friday night starts at Peek Downtown with a lineup that includes Keith Mackenzie (USA) & Deekline (USA).  Breaks.
The last Friday of the month means Lost In Trancelation! This month, The Thrillseekers (GB) join Robb Blak & DJ Agni at Bikkuri Lounge.  Trance.
Another event Friday night is DJ Viceroy (USA) coming to play at The Social with Rainer & Grimm (CDN) opening along with Blog favorite The Dom (USA).  House.
Even better, DJ Kimball Collins (T) is spinning this Friday night at Vinyl Arts Bar along with Michael Rosa!  Progressive House.
Biggest event this night is Atrak (CDN) playing at Gilt Nightclub! Electrohouse.
TorqueDnB takes place on Mondays now at Native Social Bar and this week they have DJ AK1200 (USA).  Drum & Bass.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Club Report: Motion's Last Dance

Motion closed with all the other clubs on that fateful night in September, 2008.  The idea to outsource everything to third party vendors had fallen apart by the time the clubs closed and in those dark winter months of 2008-2009, the Island became a ghost town at night. One idea to liven things up was to allow outside parties to rent Motion, Adventurers Club and BET Soundstage for private events. And one such event was a Gay Days DJ party on June 6, 2009.
The only people who could enter were those who knew about it and were there specifically for it.  Bushes blocked off the club and Disney Security chased off anyone who just wandered back not knowing about the event.  The Blog covered that event, sadly my last event ever in any PI dance club!
That was the only third party rental event I was aware of.  Subsequent use of the club was by other Disney entities using Motion as meeting and banquet space. I was there early that night so not many guests had arrived.
DJ Joanie was on the decks during my visit.  DJ Manny Lehman (USA) would come on around midnight and I was told he put on a pretty crappy show!  But the euphoria I experienced being inside one of the closed Pleasure Island dance clubs 9 months after the final night was incredible and gave me hope that Disney would see the folly of their decision and reopen some of them!
Bartenders was stationed awaiting a crowd. My understanding at the time was that they hoped to sell 500 tickets and they sold around 350.
Being a closed club with no cash registers, you had to purchase drink tickets from people such as Erin and then take the ticket over to a bartender to redeem.
Of course Motion would eventually bite the dust, literally, and the Boathouse now stands in its place.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mannequins Memories

DJ Pete Haynes posted a few pictures yesterday on his Facebook page and we're borrowing several via his Dropbox.  Who can forget Mannequins!
We really know Pete from 8TRAX but we see him here in the booth at Mannequins! Look at that controller!  And kids, that round black thing is called a record!
And that round area to the left is called a revolving dance floor.  May it spin around again soon!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Concert Report: Bass & Babes (Kill Your Idol - Miami Beach)

When I heard that "Breaks Yo" was going to have an all-female DJ lineup this month, I knew where I was going to spend my Saturday night!  First time ever visit to Kill Your Idol.
The narrow but deep venue is an eclectic collection of junk!
With cool stuff like this!
Arrived to find DJ Lady T (USA) in the booth.
People were dancing all about the place!
And of course the music for "Breaks Yo" was......Breaks!
Lady T would tag team her set with.....

DJ Medley (USA)

Action on the dance floor picked up!
The beats had everyone in the club moving!
As Medley sped up the BPM's!
Spotted on the dance floor: The creator of "Breaks Yo", DJ Bebe (USA).
Spotted in VIP: DJ Nikita (USA) of DJ duo Phat Kidz.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Icon who would come on at 1:30AM.
Finally, DJ Nikita taking over!
Playing quite a few classic Breaks songs such as "It's A Fine Day"!
Which the crowd went crazy for!
More junk, lol!
First time seeing Nikita play since last March!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Like I said!
DJ Icon (USA) taking over next!
Started to thin out a bit.
Spotted with Lady T: Lissi. Haven't seen Lissi since 2014 at Suite B Lounge in Orlando!
More great music from this San Francisco-based DJ!
I had not seen DJ Ms. Chevious (USA) since 2015 in Daytona. She would come on at 2:30AM but sadly I would miss her set since I needed to get back to Orlando!
Breaks Yo? Breaks WOW!  A good time was had by all!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Club Reports: Eve Nightclub, Chillers, Latitudes, Attic Nightclub, Peek Downtown

Friday night downtown beginning my tour at Eve Nightclub.
DJ Daggett in the booth playing Classic Hip Hop songs.
There were groups scattered about the place.....
But otherwise it wasn't particularly crowded yet at this early hour.
And nothing like the packed houses we saw here on Friday nights when international talent such as DJ's Technasia (HK) and Rony Seikaly (USA) played here last spring.
But it's a beautiful venue and a good place to at least begin the night.
First visit to Chillers in many years!
DJ John Campisano in the perch playing Top 40 hits.
Chillers is famous for its numerous frozen alcoholic "slurpees" with flavors such as Purple Orgasm and Happy Ending!
And there was a good crowd in the club enjoying the music.
Two floors up from Chillers is Latitudes.
Scott from 101.1 WJRR was in the booth playing Booty.
Latitudes is one of Orlando's rooftop venues and it's been a downtown mainstay for more than a decade!
And on this warm February evening, it's a good place to hang out.
Spotted on the Security detail: Killian McAuliffe O'Gribbin
DJ talking to the Bride to be on her final evening of freedom!
Two weekends in a row for Attic Nightclub!
And two nights in a row for DJ Alex Wood!
Laser spectacular!
Club starting to fill-up around midnight.
Spotted on the dance floor: EDM mainstays Eric & Donna.
Spotted dropping by to pose for the Blog: DJ Jeff Retro (USA). Of course we know Jeff Retro from clubs Hakkasan & Omnia in Las Vegas!
And he would take over a few moments later, opening with a couple Hip Hop hits and then bridging into the EDM that he's famous for!
By now the club was packed!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
You can always count on the Attic for great Electronic Dance Music!
You know by now if a great Breaks event is taking place, I'm going to be there. Thus, another visit to Peek Downtown, Orlando's home of Breaks!
Arrived to find DJ Rob Analyze (USA) in the booth playing a brilliant Breaks set!
The dance floor was showing activity!
Another entourage dancing in VIP!
The infectious music had everyone moving!
DJ duo Pimp Squad (USA) taking over late along with DJ Rich-D!
Spotted by the booth: World famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted on the dance floor: Break-a-Dawn, Amanda, Tanyia, Kim & Shelley
Another group chilling in VIP!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Navitas who had played earlier.
Vagrants on the sidewalk!
Back inside, a good time was had by all!