Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DS Update: Entertainment At The Springs

In yesterday's article we showed where you could still find DJ's at Disney Springs. Today we talk about the other musical entertainment you can find there.  So let's cross this bridge one more time!
Beginning our journey on the West Side, you can find music at Exposition Park adjacent the food trucks. During this visit Nova Era was playing Classical.
Doing rhyming comedy to a Hip Hop beat, duo Free Daps used to perform at Exposition Park but their following has grown too large that they've been relocated to the area between the Coca-Cola Store and the Orange Garage. Other free musical entertainment at the West Side includes outside of House of Blues, outside of Splitsville and sometimes at the foot of the No. 5 Bridge.
Crossing over to the Island, there is free music at the Waterview Stage next to The Boathouse.
At the Marketplace, we spotted Nicholas Marks and his gypsy guitar performing on the Waterside Stage.  In the post-club era when Downtown Disney brought back music to liven up a very dead Pleasure Island, Nicholas Marks is one of the originals!
In the Town Center, you might spot The Strolling Piano.  She'll sing a song in one spot and then drive the piano to a new location.  It's stuff like this that makes you think, "Who needs clubs, right?"

Monday, May 22, 2017

DS Update: DJ's At The Springs

Sunday night at Disney Springs, looking for DJ action!
Let's start on the West Side and work our way east.  First stop House of Blues where touring DJ's do occasionally play but nothing last night.  Next Sunday night is a big one though. Memorial Day weekend and DJ Magic Mike (USA) will be here to reprise his famous Sunday night EDM gigs!  It's an early event, running from 9PM to Midnight. And it's not Service Industry Night; tickets are required!
At Planet Hollywood Observatory, DJ Luis was entertaining the diners with Top 40.
Crossing Pleasure Island and dropping in on STK where DJ FRNKROK was in the booth. Lately he's been the Saturday night resident DJ at The Groove in CityWalk replacing M-Squared.
Lastly over to the Marketplace and the Teen Dance Party taking place at the Fountain Stage. Here DJ Scott King was leading the festivities. Of course we remember DJ King from his Pleasure Island days at club Motion, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, BET Soundstage Club & the PI Live booth. Tomorrow on the Blog we'll look at other evening entertainment that was taking place!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Ferry Corsten (Gilt Nightclub)

HTG Events has been bringing an amazing series of world-class DJ's to Gilt Nightclub this year!
DJ Evo in the booth when the club opened.

The early dance crowd starting to build on the dance floor.
DJ ATM quickly followed with a mostly EDM set.
And the good vibes were building!
Doing the Melbourne Shuffle in VIP!
And around 12:45AM, there he was! DJ Ferry Corsten (NL).
And he would go on to play a Trance set for over the next two hours!
Dance floor action!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
The place was absolutely packed!
May is apparently Trance month for me!  First Paul van Dyk (D) here at Gilt two weeks ago, then Armin van Buuren (NL) last weekend in Amsterdam....and now Ferry!
Taking a quick sip.
As I commented last time, Trance has staged a tremendous resurgence and the young crowd is really embracing it!
Spotted by the bar: Leah & Ashley
Spotted front and center: Denise & Gavin
Spotted on the dance floor: Anthony & Adriana
Spotted by the booth: Cristine
Spotted on the dance floor: Donna & Erick with friend.
Spotted in VIP: Sage
Spotted in VIP: Nyse
Ferry played some classic Ferry Corsten too such as "Beautiful".  Sadly, he did not play my all-time favorite, "Rock Your Body Rock".  I think the club would have exploded!
I told him about me being in his home town of Rotterdam last Sunday and he immediately went into Football mode. It's true!  During my visit the stores all closed at 4PM because local team
Feyenoord had a league championship game and everyone was crammed into bars, blowing car horns, shooting off fireworks!  It was crazy!
2AM.....no one leaving!
Just another amazing night at Gilt.  DJ Markus Schulz (D) plays here June 3rd. Tickets.
Confetti explosion!
Thanking the Orlando crowd just shy of 3AM!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Club Reports: Aero Bar, The Social, Native Social Bar

Friday night in the city and looking for some House music and finding it at Aero!
DJ Cliff T (USA) in the booth as you'd expect on a weekend night!
The roof top club's dance floor was already active at this early hour!
House and Deep House had everyone moving!
Admission is nearly always free up here!
Now downstairs to The Social. "Sold Out"? WTF!
Fortunately a Promoter I know had one ticket left! But then the security guard wouldn't let me in with my camera so I was forced to use my camera phone.  So please excuse these mostly crappy photos!  DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) on the stage playing House & Deep House!
The place was absolutely packed!
And at 12:15AM she came on: DJ Nora en Pure (CH).
I first discovered her at Studio Paris in Chicago a few years ago.
Her set last night was a mix of both vocal and non-vocal Deep House songs.
The crowd was loving it!
Spotted at the bar promoting Groove Cruise: DJ Def Jeff, Heather, Stacey, Jaime Ann & DJ Dose.
Always fun seeing her perform!
It was 1:30AM and had one more stop!  Native Social Bar.
DJ Triceradrops (USA) in the booth here spinning Psytrance.
Not crowded but those in attendance weren't standing still!
Super high speed, completely different than what Armin van Buuren was playing for my last Friday night in Amsterdam.
The Lost in Trancelation family was in the house including DJ Rob Blak (far left) and DJ's Suzy Solar & Lil' B (far right)!
A good time was had by all!