Saturday, September 24, 2016

Club Reports: Frosty's, Vinyl Arts Bar, Native Social Bar

We begin our Friday night festivities at new club Frosty's Christmastime Lounge.
DJ Dan-eCrane was in the booth playing.....Christmas songs!
And the entire venue is decorated for the holiday!
Icicles from the ceiling!  There are two rooms including this long, narrow back room where the DJ and dance floor is located.
The countdown clock tells us there's just 92 more days until Christmas!
He was mixing in 90's hits and a few people were dancing.
Those that recall will recognize this club-center tree from Crooked Bayou that used to operate in here.  Don't know how long this place can last but it was pretty crowded last night!
Vinyl Arts Bar has been playing mostly electronic music genres since opening.
Arrived to find DJ Renzo Ruiz on the decks playing House music!
Alternating with the famous DJ Carlos Mendoza!
Great House music and there was a decent crowd in the small club! It was difficult to depart!
Haven't been to Native Social Bar in about a year since they stopped having Breaks and D&B events in here!
But that's all forgiven!  NLP in the house with DJ Matrix!
Tag teaming with DJ J-Dub!
Nice crowd in the club considering the event was only scheduled a few days earlier!
The views from the higher elevations were outstanding!
I recalled from about 6 years ago some of my Pleasure Island friends saying they were going over to Vixen Bar to see NLP and me not knowing what that was!
MC Marybeth always adds to the fun!
Spotted on the mezzanine: Mandie with DJ CD Mack. (Sorry slightly blurry, still learning my new, new camera.)
People dancing upstairs!
Breakbeats all night long!
DJ Navitas on the main dance floor in her light-up sneakers! A good time was had by all!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Two Great Reunions!

There are two GREAT club reunions coming up that are DO NOT MISS events!

Beacham Theater Downtown
ft. DJ Kimball Collins

Independent Bar Downtown
ft. DJ Paul Vaine

Thursday, September 22, 2016

PI Update: End Of The End For Comedy Warehouse (Part 2)

This past Tuesday we showed you the beginning of the end of Comedy Warehouse as seen during the middle of 2013.  So let's cross the No. 4 Bridge.  (Subsequently renamed the No. 5 Bridge) to see the demolitions!
Guests in July, 2013 encountered numerous walls on their trek across Pleasure Island!
But Laffers Cantina and Comedy Warehouse, both behind demolition walls, still stood.
As did (right to left) the Lombard Promenade, Curl by Sammy Duval  & 8TRAX!  Notice at 8TRAX how there was the main club building in silver but also a front lowrise section.
But by early August, Comedy Warehouse was gone!
Reduced to rubble!
Laffers remained standing.....for the moment.
8TRAX wasn't touched.....for the moment!
When I returned a week or so later, Laffers Cantina had been crunched!
Then later in August, the 8TRAX demolition had begun!
It looked like the whole club was coming down but little did we know then that they were only shaving off that front lowrise section!
Demolition also began at Apricot Lane.
And by September, it too was gone along with PI Live Bar!
Meanwhile, construction of a bypass around the main section of PI foretold of major demolitions to come! Would BET Soundstage be next? Would Adventurers Club be next? Would Mannequins be next?
By October, everything on that side of the Island was gone except 8TRAX & Mannequins!
Things looked bleak even for Fuego by Sosa Cigars!
But even then, there seemed to be hope for Mannequins!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This Weekend In Techno Town

I've been seeing this one advertised for a couple months now so it should be crowded! DJ Damian Lazarus (GB) tomorrow night at Tier Nightclub!  Techno / Tech House.
Finally, the NLP DJ group returns and it seems like it's been at least a year! DJ Matrix, DJ J-Dub, DJ Jason Brown, MC Marybeth. Friday night at Native Social Bar and it's FREE!  Breaks.
Meanwhile over at Vinyl Arts Bar, it's "Techlicious" night featuring DJ's Carlos Mendoza & Renzo Ruiz!  Techno.
Wow, DJ Gareth Emery (GB) returns to Gilt Nightclub this Saturday night. Trance. DJ duo Louis Vivet (USA), named for the first patient with a split personality, opens.  House / Downtempo.
Guest DJ this Saturday night at The Groove in CityWalk is DJ Fashen (USA). Open Format.
 I've heard many people are headed over to Ritz Ybor in Tampa on Saturday night for Netsky (B)!  D&B.
Closer to home, nice local DJ lineup includes Rich Doss, Kevin Timebomb, Logan Lost & more! At Orlando's home of Breaks, Peek Dntn!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

PI Update: Beginning Of The End For Comedy Warehouse (Part 1)

Last month we had articles entitled "When Motion Bit The Dust" & "The Demise of RRBC", both revisiting the final days of those dance clubs. Today we begin our look at the beginning of the end of Comedy Warehouse. As you'll recall, all the PI clubs were shuttered 8 years ago this month. And then nothing. Motion finally was demolished beginning in December, 2010 followed by Rock'n'Roll Beach Club about a month later.
But after those two clubs came done more than 2 years post-closure, once again there was nothing.  The Hyperion Wharf concept for the Island was then announced in late 2011 but the idea died a quick death by February, 2012. And as you can see in these top two pictures, no changes on the Island could be seen in April, 2013.
But come May, 2013, that would suddenly change! Walls were up!
Looking back west across West End Plaza.
Laffers Cantina was now blocked off!
As was Comedy Warehouse!
The wall extended down Hill Street past Curl, 8TRAX and Apricot Lane!
Looking back up Hill Street from the Hub! It reminded me of the Berlin Wall.
And OH NO it even wrapped all the way around the front and side of Mannequins! This was not good! It surely looked as though 3 more clubs would join the first two in oblivion! Tune in Thursday for Part 2 of this shocking story!