Thursday, July 20, 2017

DS Update: Town Center Dining

In this past Tuesday's article we gave you a rundown on all the restaurants on the Island. No real changes to speak of yet on the West Side or in the Marketplace so today we'll look at all the new restaurants that were added to the Town Center section of Disney Springs. And we'll zoom in on them using our exclusive SkyCam.
D-Luxe Burger has been a popular option since it's opened. We were hoping for the East Coast's first In-N-Out Burger but sadly that didn't happen.
There are now several Blaze Pizza outlets around Orlando including this one at the Springs.
Frontera Cocina features regional Mexican cuisine from Chef Rick Bayless.
Polite Pig was the latest to open and I've read great reviews for its BBQ.
Sprinkles isn't really a restaurant; they've got gourmet cupcakes!
A number of new food kiosks opened around Disney Springs too and the largest was this one near the Lego Store called the Daily Poutine.  If there's been one sure success at Disney Springs, its been the number and quality of restaurants added!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of "Create" at Venue 578, the club has DJ AC Slater (USA) performing on the main stage.  House / Heavy Bass.
Friday night at Vinyl Arts Bar more great music from DJ Vincentiulian (RO) with a special appearance from Berlin-based DJ Chad Andrew (USA).  House.

Peek Downtown has a high quality lineup on Saturday night with resident DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) with guests DJ KJ of K5 (USA) and illDJChrisB (USA).  Breaks.
More fun over at Sandwich Bar at the next edition of "HouseFlyz" featuring DJ Seth Vogt (USA). House.
"Encore" at Gilt Nightclub continues their electronic music nights, this Saturday night with DJ Ghastly (USA). Dubstep.
We're still sad that Backbooth ended their 80's Night on Friday nights but excited to know they've added a Saturday night event called "UFO" with new lights, interactive dance floor, new sound!  EDM.
It's pool party season at Aloft Hotel downtown and this Sunday afternoon they have veteran DJ OscarG (USA). House.
Back at Sandwich Bar on Sunday night, DJ Chad Andrew (D / USA) will be doing an open-to-close set. A graduate of Winter Springs High School, he's now based in Berlin and performs around the world!  Tech House.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

PI Update: Island Dining

If you recall Pleasure Island back in the day, there was only a small selection of restaurants to choose from. (Not that a large tray of hot french fries at 1AM from the Missing Link was a bad thing!) But let's head high into the sky and look down on the many new dining options on the Island!
Facing West End Plaza, STK is an upscale steakhouse located where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.
Paradiso 37 has been enlarged since this photo was taken and had expanded window seating overlooking Village Lake.  This was already under construction when the PI clubs closed and is located in the building that formerly housed shops such as DTV as well as the aforementioned Missing Link Sausage Company.
Occupying part of the plot of land where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand, Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar is more bar than restaurant but there are numerous finger food options here. And some great Indiana Jones themeing!
The Boathouse is wedged in the corner of the Island where club Motion used to stand along with the rest of RRBC. Lots of vintage watercraft are docked along its boardwalk and there is a popular outdoor bar perched out there as well.
Of course we all know that Morimoto Asia occupies all of Mannequins as well as about two thirds of 8TRAX.
Located at the foot of where the Lombard Promenade used to cascade downhill from the Island's upper level, Chef Art Smith's Homecoming delivers upscale Florida cooking.
No changes at Raglan Road Irish Pub or the accompanying Cookes of Dublin fish'n'chips quick service restaurant.
With extensive renovations completed that include smokestacks and a paddle wheel astern, the Empress Lily at Fulton's Crab House is now Paddlefish.
Extensive renovations at Planet Hollywood has turned it into Planet Hollywood Observatory. Technically part of the West Side, it existed before the West Side and was always considered part of Pleasure Island so we include it here. DJ's play here at night.
Coming in late 2017, The Edison will feature a contemporary American menu. And a performance arena.
Last but not least, renovations are in progress at Portobello Country Italian TrattoriaBlog reader DJMadmanRay tells the Blog the new name will be Terralina Crafted Italian Restaurant with food inspired by award-winning chef Tony Mantuano.  Certainly many more dining options now on the Island. I was hoping for the announcement of a new Hooters but perhaps they'll be in the next wave!

Monday, July 17, 2017

PI Update: Is Mannequins Revolving Dance Floor Still Down There?

No subject creates more debate on Save Pleasure Island Blog than the fate of Mannequins famous revolving dance floor.  That floor plus the futuristic lighting and sound that Mannequins offered put the club light years ahead of any other club in Orlando!  So what became of it?
Mannequins closed in 2008 along with all the other clubs on Pleasure Island.  In 2010 someone left the building's side garage door open and we were able to obtain photos of the basically untouched inside.....including the revolving dance floor!
In 2013 an anonymous Blog reader sent us a dozen or so photos of the inside of Mannequins and the dance floor was still there then!  Several people challenged this saying the photos were old and the floor had been removed right after the club closed.  We stood by the validity of the pictures.
Most recently someone pointed out this picture that we published back in 2015 as showing heavy equipment on the dance floor as proving the floor must have been removed.  This was during the conversion of Mannequins into restaurant Morimoto Asia.  I don't get the assertion though as this backhoe is not over where the dance floor was located. It's clearly on the side of the club near where that garage door used to be located.  And to the rear of the equipment is the former under the stage CM back room offices and former kitchen, not the dance floor.
When Morimoto was first announced a source told the Blog that the (former dance) floor was so large and impractical to move that taking it out and all the mechanical equipment that went with it would leave a huge hole to contend with. We were told the plan was to leave the dance floor in place and cover it with a new floor. Now that Morimoto is open for business we see a new floor that could quite easily have been placed over the former dance floor.  If you have proof the dance floor was removed, please share it with us.  Until then, it is the Blog's position that the former revolving dance floor is still down there!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Club Report: Realm (Gainesville)

Wasn't able to make club Realm's opening party in downtown Gainesville a couple weeks ago when Dirtybird's DJ Middath was playing but I did get to drop in on the new venue last night. Located at the top of a staircase and greeted by a hand-painted tree mural, the entry is reminiscent of the Treehouse in Orlando.
DJ Illegal Maneuver (USA) was in the booth during the first hour of my visit.
He was mixing up a set of Techno and Tech House and a couple selections even had a 70's Disco vibe to them. Impressive!
Of course everyone in Gainesville are student-age but it's a good feeling seeing another generation embrace electronic music!
DJ Dunstan Wallace (USA) took over for the next hour and his set was more on the House side.
Green lights and vines above the dance floor add to the theming.
Realm is located where club Gallery Ultralounge was located which is upstairs above the Florida Theater on University Avenue.  I also went by venerable club Simons twice but with Hip Hop blaring out the door both times, I didn't bother to go in.  If namesake Simon Semroni was dead, (he's not!), he'd be rolling over in his grave seeing what's happened there!
At Realm, a good time was had by all!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Origins Of Techno

Article: "Letter of Recommendation: Detroit Techno"
From New York Times Magazine.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

EDC - Orlando Tickets Go On Sale Today!

Up close and personal, this is a pic I took last year at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando of British DJ's Mark Knight and Chris Lake taking a selfie!  This year's event is on Friday & Saturday, November 10-11 at Tinker Field and early-bird priced tickets go on sale today at Noon EDT / 1700 GMT+1 !  Link.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando isn't until November but if you want early-bird pricing, tickets go on sale tomorrow (Thursday) at Noon EDT on TicketMaster.  2-Day General Admission tickets are $159 plus fees and 2-Day VIP tickets are $299 plus fees.  DJ's have not yet been announced.
"Deep Blue Abyss" returns to Peek Downtown this Friday night featuring guest DJ's Evo, Digital Groove Project and Robb Blak along with resident DJ Agni.  Deep House / Techno / Progressive.
An open-to-close set from DJ Roger Shah (D) is happening at Bikkuri Lounge on Saturday night in this special edition of "Lost In Trancelation". Wow!   Balearic Trance / Uplifting Trance.
DJ Rockit (USA) returns to Orlando from California on Saturday night and the lineup is jammed with talent such as JoeG$, Rich D, Def Jeff, Leilani & Sandra Cruz. And it's free at Peek Downtown!  Breaks.
Biggest event of the weekend is DJ duo Boombox Cartel (USA) playing at Gilt Nightclub!  Dubstep / EDM.

Vinyl Arts Bar continues to bring in great DJ's from around the world and this Saturday night they have Alexi Delano (S/USA) on the decks along with Carlos Mendoza (USA).  Tech House.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

PI Update: Island Roundup

What a beautiful morning for flying high above Pleasure Island!  So let's take a look around and see what's going on!  (For The Edison & Neverland Tunnels, see our separate article yesterday.)

Savannah Bee Company is still operating out of their kiosk at Riverboat Square. I'm really not sure what they sell in there.

Supposedly they're moving to this store space along Hill Street vacated by Sound Lion but it's been two months and no indication of when that will happen.

Over at The Hub in the space formerly occupied by the PI Live DJ booth and Fuego by Sosa Cigars, construction continues on Wine Bar George.

The progress appears to be quick here.

Wine Bar George is supposed to open sometime this year.

We're not really sure what's going on with Portobello County Italian Trattoria since I don't see any visible changes in the posted concept art.

With all the new restaurant concepts to compete with, it does need a refreshment and hopefully more visibility to those traversing Riverboat Square.

Super news over at Erwin Pearl Jewelry.  There were 2 customers inside and I think they were actually buying something!