Sunday, February 14, 2016

Club Reports: Aero Bar, Independent Bar, Peek Downtown

Saturday night in the city and checking out Aero Bar on Orange Avenue!
DJ Dominick Morrison was in the booth when I arrived.  First time seeing him play since his amazing New Years Eve show at EPCOT: China.
Heaters in place!
This is a rooftop bar which means on a cold night, it's gonna be chilly!
DJ Cliff T taking turns, and also getting a birthday cupcake from one of his many fans!
The music is EDM!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Parry from The Patio
You don't need the heaters if you're dancing!
Was already here on Friday night but I can't miss 80's Night at I-Bar!
DJ Smilin' Dan was in the booth beginning the night with some very dark 80's tunes.
Before moving into some more familiar territory of early to mid-80's New Wave hits!
People were streaming in and beginning to populate the dance floor!
Next stop, Peek Downtown (formerly Suite B Lounge).
Arrived at midnight to find DJ Shade K (E) in the booth putting out fast-paced Breaks!
Unlike 24 hours earlier here, the club was pretty packed!
And anybody who's anybody was here last night!
Spotted on the dance floor: Trish
Spotted from Mannequins: Stephanie & Claire
Spotted from Mannequins: Duane
Spotted from Fulton's Crab House: Jasmin
Spotted: DJ Matrix who had played earlier along with DJ Sandra Cruz
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda, DJ Kevin Timebomb & Shelley
DJ Dave London (USA) finally taking over around 1:45AM!
Dance floor was packed!
Peek Downtown is Orlando's home of Breakbeats!
Spotted in VIP: Michelle
Spotted on the dance floor: MC Marybeth

 Spotted by the booth: Christian & Jim
I check the official Blog Archives and had not seen Dave London play since November, 2013 when he was one of the DJ's at "Return of the Kings" at Firestone.
Spotted with glowsticks: Bea
Spotted near the booth: Alex & Christa
Fast Breaks version of the Fragma (D) dance anthem "Toca's Miracle"!
Another great night!  A good time was had by all!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Rok Room, The Beacham, Treehouse, Attic Nightclub, Peek Downtown, Backbooth

Seven venues in four hours; club hopping in downtown Orlando on a Friday night so that you can stay home and nap!  First stop I-Bar!
DJ Smilin' Dan in the booth spinning Indie Dance.
It was relatively early in the evening so not a lot of people here yet.
But it typically gets super-packed later-on!
Spotted in VIP: Kristy & Evah
Moving over to Rok Room located in an alley off Church Street.
House music all night long from DJ's X-Andy, Rob Prynge & Illin.
Not a lot of people in here as this Friday night House night tries to build a following.  But it looked a lot like Evah & Kristy at the bar over there!
Needed a dose of Hip Hop so it was over to The Beacham I went.
DJ Richie Rich at the helm!
Dance floor was getting full for Hip Hop and Rap!
It's like this every Friday & Saturday night!
Went to say hi to the DJ and there were Kristy & Evah!
Of course we know Richie Rich for the Sunday night Service Industry Nights at House of Blues in Disney Springs!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Fun times at The Beacham!
Next stop, Blog-favorite Treehouse!
No DJ in here, just recorded music like the 70's classics being played last night!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
There's always a great vibe in here; everyone is happy!
Moving next door to Attic Nightclub.
DJ Alex Wood in the booth delivering EDM hits!
Not as crowded as we've seen some nights in here but hardly empty either.  Attic's Thursday night EDM series continues February 25th with DJ Michael Brun (RH) and on March 3rd with DJ duo Feenixpawl (AUS).
These two are everywhere!
And OMG, I kept running into Kristy & Evah!
Quick stop next for a drink at Peek Downtown.
DJ Nemesis in the booth playing Progressive House.
Very few people in here last night but as I gazed down the bar, that sure looked a lot like Kristy & Evah again!
Last stop of the night was Backbooth for their "Footloose 80's Night" that begins at midnight!
DJ Adam Wright in the booth.....with Evah & Kristy of course!
The event always gets crowded and crazy!
Dancing on  bandstage is encouraged!
"Footloose 80's Night" at Backbooth has been a Friday night tradition here for more than a decade!
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
It's a spiritual thing when the entire crowd sings in unison to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".  It's really a 70's song but no one was complaining!
Going crazy for House of Pain's "Jump Around".  Uh, I think that's 90's.
Doesn't matter!  A good time was had by all!