Sunday, April 20, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Eye Spy, Suite B Lounge

Saturday night in the city and this time beginning things at Independent Bar rather than ending here!
Resident DJ Indie John pumping out early to mid-80's New Wave dance hits!
Dance floor was pretty full but not quite as many partiers as last Saturday night.
Best 80's night in Orlando every weekend!
Spotted in VIP: Orlando society members CJ in a short dress and combat boots with Devon in skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots!

Next stop Eye Spy.

In the mix with DJ Parry!
Crowded here too but not as much as some weekends.
He was crossing between EDM and Hip Hop hits during my visit!
Not sure if I was moving or she was moving or we both were moving, but I got this quick blurry snapshot of Renee (Love & Leather) wearing another one of her awesome necklace designs!
Moving next to Suite B Lounge for a night of Breakbeats!
And just in time.....NLP DJ Matrix ending his set and turning over controls to the world famous DJ Sharaz (USA)!
And it only got louder in the club as he mixed some Old Skool Breaks with some selections off his latest album "Been There Done That"!
The place was pretty full when I arrived around 1am.....
But the line of people outside continued to come in!
Suite B added some great new lighting and other effects earlier this year!
Hadn't seen Sharaz perform since he played at Fusion Ultra Lounge last May!
NLP VJ Og Wolf supervising the action!
Lots of bouncing to the sounds!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Spotted: DJ CD Mack had opened the show hours earlier.
Spotted: NLP DJ K8
Spotted in soft focus: NLP DJ Beni Hill
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

PI Update: Updated Photos

Save Pleasure Island Blog reader Hayley has shared some photos with us that she recently took while riding on the Characters In Flight tethered balloon.  This pic of Pleasure Island is particularly useful in that it shows what we speculated in last Tuesday's article was an outdoor amphitheater being built where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand.  This picture certainly supports that what is being built there has the curved look of an outdoor concert venue of some sort.  Also of interest in this picture is the waterside construction of the new Boat House restaurant plus a new building in the space behind where Fuego by Sosa Cigars used to stand.  Take a look at construction adjacent Mannequins and then a new building going up next to 8TRAX where the Curl by Sammy Duval/Superstar Studios building used to be.  
At Downtown Disney West Side, a look at construction at Bongo's Lawn which is being turned into Food Truck Park.  Activity here seems to be moving at a slower pace than active on the Island.  At the rear a good look at parking garage construction.  Big thanks to reader Hayley for sharing this with us!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Concert Report: Tritonal (Roxy Night Club)

First visit to Roxy since late December when I saw German DJ ATB playing here!
Just coming on when I arrived, opening DJ Paris Blohm (USA).
Playing some booming House and Progressive bangers to make sure the crowd was awake!
And they were!
Dance floor and the club were already packed.
And he wasn't just standing there; he was quite animated!
And then around ten minutes before 1am, DJ duo Tritonal (USA) getting ready to come on!
I first became acquainted with their music when they played Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando a few years ago. I subsequently got to see them at another EDC and then early last year at Firestone.
Known primarily for their Trance hits, their set last night was nearly all vocal and non-vocal House music!
Roxy was packed to the rafters!
The crowd was bouncing!  Great sound and lighting in Roxy but some additional speakers added since my last visit really hurt the sight lines for patrons from many points on the dance floor.
They don't stand still.  They are moving around constantly!
Bouncing to their 2013 hit "Now or Never" which they followed with Dada Life's song "Born to Rave"!
And the entire club sang along with them to current hit "Colors", co-produced with Paris Blohm.
A good time was had by all!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best PI T-Shirts Ever!

Over the years nearly every venue at Pleasure Island sold various types of logo merchandise including t-shirts.  But it was these t-shirts that were printed after Pleasure Island closed that are the coolest!  The official Walt Disney World t-shirt shown above was available at Disney Design-a-Tee in Downtown Disney Marketplace.
The t-shirt above left represented the sentiment of the wearer during the summer prior to the Final Night, updated to reflect his sentiment after the Final Night!  The other t-shirt above represented early efforts to "Save Pleasure Island" but was not affiliated with this website.
Lastly, this post-Pleasure Island t-shirt remains available today from Zazzle but the super-expensive price has always stopped me from ordering one.  Might have to give that some thought now that we know MDP ain't coming back!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Weekend In Techno Town

THURSDAY APR 17   DJ duo Tritonal (USA) returns to Orlando for the first time since February, 2013 with a concert this Thursday night at Roxy. With current hit "Colors" and recent hit "Now or Never", this is sure to be a sellout!  Paris Blohm (USA) opens.  ($20-25)
FRIDAY APR 18  Friday night is a special treat as Tampa's Tony Faline is performing in Orlando at Suite B Lounge!  Don't get to see him often over here!  A Kyle Myers production.  ($7)
SATURDAY APR 19  And then the fun continues on Saturday night at Suite B Lounge with a night dedicated to the Breaks!  The lineup includes the legendary Sharaz (USA) along with Gustolabs (PE) and DJ Matrix (USA)!  ($10)
Meanwhile over at Sandwich Bar in the Milk District we have the return of local Old Skool legends Andy Hughes (EDC-Orlando, NV) , Dave Cannalte (Mannequins, AAHZ) and Billy Z!  Beer/Wine only.  (Price NA)
While CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort sees the return of Tampa's DJ Mondo (Amphitheatre, Green Iguana) at The Groove, where he typically spins Dance/House with the occasional Wobble!  ($7)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PI Update: Amphitheater Still Coming?

This is one of the pieces of concept art that was released a few years ago in conjunction with the Hyperion Wharf project.  It depicts an outdoor amphitheater area just to the east of the Pleasure Island water taxi dock entrance (currently where the PI bypass connects) and just to the west of The Boat House restaurant location, which the Save Pleasure Island Blog described then as "a lighthouse type restaurant".  Will this be a part of Disney Springs too?
I didn't get a good look at the construction because of my night visit but I'm told there are some circular elements to what is being built.  Would certainly be a great addition for live bands and DJ's!  Studying the concept art also shows several lighted round columns which at the time were described by the Blog as "magical", dispensing information during the day but coming alive at night with displays that moved to the music!  And there's that Mickey LED display too.  Hope this is all still coming!