Wednesday, July 31, 2019

This Weekend In Techno Town

The face of Dash Berlin (NL) since their formation, he broke away from the DJ trio last summer to go out on his own. Last month, the other two members departed and Jeffrey Sutorius returned. He appears Friday night under his own name. Will be a sell-out at Celine.  Trance.
DJ Phin (USA) headlines this event at Grumpy's Underground Eatery & Lounge located at 1018 N. Mills.  Breaks.
Another big one for Celine takes place on Saturday night on their rooftop as DJ Robbie Rivera (USA) returns to O-Town. Since rooftop capacity is limited, an early arrival is recommended!  House / Tribal House.
Another great Saturday night choice is DJ duo Cocodrills (USA) playing on the patio at Elixir Bar. They have a wonderful sound to them. House.
The youngsters are more likely to prefer DJ Joyryde (GB) playing over at Gilt Nightclub.  Dubstep / Trap / Heavy Bass.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

PI Update: Old PI Video Surfaces

Lots of good Pleasure Island (and Downtown Disney) memories in this 2000-2002 video that recently surfaced on YouTube. Big thanks to Blog-reader Troy for sending this to us!!

Monday, July 29, 2019

PI Update: Then & Then

The former No. 2 Bridge to Pleasure Island during happier times.
Construction walls blanketed both sides of the bridge in 2014. Even 6 years since the clubs were closed, the Pleasure Island sign was still brightly lit each night.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Club Reports: Wall Street Plaza, Independent Bar, Bikkuri Lounge

Beginning my Saturday night at Wall Street Plaza where Major League Soccer (MLS) was hosting a huge party.
The 2019 MLS All-Star game takes place this Wednesday night here in Orlando!
Wall Street was literally wall-to-wall packed!
For Latin Pop singer Prince Royce (USA).
I missed the opening set from DJ A-Trak (CDN) who had started the entertainment at 9PM.
The event was free but you had to get an advance ticket on-line first.
The place was definitely jammed!
He had his band with him.
But that exit sign reminded me that this was not my scene and I needed to leave.
For someplace more to my liking.....such as I-Bar on a Saturday night!
Just as it should be. DJ Indie John (USA) in the perch.
Dance floor was just beginning to fill-up for 80's New Wave!
The songs everyone knows the words to!
With nearly all of them accompanied by Promo Only or DJ Rob Edit videos to dance to!
The building says sushi in front, but there's a dance club in the back! Next stop Bikkuri Lounge.
DJ Sisco (USA) in the booth finishing out his set when I first arrived.
Not a huge crowd on hand but those here were enthusiastic!
Plenty of fine scenery.
DJ Dose (USA) taking over at 12:30AM.
It was House music all night long!
Spotted by the entrance: Leah, Jasmin, Athena, Bridget, Aimee & Amanda
Spotted by the booth: Eddy & Michelle
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Berto (USA) & Katey
Spotted with camera: DJ Def Jeff (USA)
Spotted by the door: DJ Andrez (USA) who had played earlier.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jaime Anne and SarahJ
Spotted moving at high speed: Amelia
DJ with Dose Girls Jaime Anne and SarahJ.
DJ Rich D (USA) taking over late!
Athena showing us she still got it!
As did Amanda!
Bikkuri has some nice speakers.
A good time was had by all.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Club Reports: Studio 27, Celine, Iron Cow

Studio 27 is a new club along Church Street located where Native Social Bar most-recently operated and Mako's before that.
DJ Manny (USA) was upstairs in the booth playing Classic Dance off a tablet.
There was a decent crowd in the club as they try to build a following.
Friends at the bar.
Friends on the dance floor.
Some of you will remember the "Be Native" sign that used to hang from that wall.
With the demise of Venue 578/Firestone, Celine has become downtown's defacto megaclub for electronic dance music.
Last night I arrived to find DJ David Penn (E) on the stage.
Crowded on the floor but not packed.
His music is what I would call "Soulful House", a fusion of female Soul vocals with a House beat.
I don't recall hearing it before and it was pretty amazing and had everyone bouncing!
David Penn is based in Madrid. He plays at Rich's in San Diego tonight prior to gigs in Morocco, Turkey and Croatia.
Always great music at Celine!  DJ Robbie Rivera (USA) plays here next Saturday night!
Now over to Orlando's Milk District and the Iron Cow.
DJ Knightlife (USA) playing House!
Small crowd was congregated around the bar.
Great music from one of Orlando's veterans!
At the switchover, Knightlife joined by Seth Vogt, DJ John Berry (USA) and DJ Micah (USA) who had played earlier.
DJ Seth Vogt (USA) on the decks!
Dance floor got crowded for House/Progressive House music!
Spotted by the stage: Nicole & Carla
I think there was one song that crossed over into the Trance realm as well. Great set!
A good time was had by all.