Thursday, May 30, 2019

DS Update: NBA, On The Way!

When I was out at HOB this past Sunday night, was able to check out the progress on the NBA Experience building. Heard lots of machinery working from the other side of the construction wall. That foyer area looks to be nearing completion. Opening date is Monday, August 12th.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

This Weekend In Techno Town

Memorial Day weekend was quieter than usual around Orlando because of Sunset Music Festival taking place in Tampa. But things return to normal this weekend as the bigger names return. Tomorrow night at Celine we have DJ duo Golf Clap (USA) performing.  House / Deep House.

With Gay Days approaching, it's time for the annual PI@PH event at Parliament House. DJ Kidd Madonny (USA) brings back your Pleasure Island memories! EDM.

Friday night at the Iron Cow should be entertaining as they've got both Randall M (USA) and Shahar (USA) performing in the booth. House / Tech House.
OK, the biggest party of the weekend is "The Gemini Party" taking place at Ace Cafe formerly The Edge. This is a fundraiser for the family of the late DJ D-Xtreme (USA) and every DJ is performing for free. Admission is free too but they're taking donations at the door. Breaks / Electro / Bass.
Another free party is happening on the rooftop at Aero Bar as they bring in touring DJ Landis (USA). You saw last weekend how packed this place was so it can only get crazier with this Miami-based DJ.  House / EDM.
I had to check the Blog archives to find when DJ Serge Devant (RUS) last played Orlando. And if my records are correct, it was back in 2012 at Senso Supper Club! This visit will take place at Celine. House.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

PI Update: Hill Street That Bleak Street

Leaving House of Blues late Sunday night / early Monday morning and crossing this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island. In the old days this bridge would have been hopping, even at 1AM. But not anymore.
In the old days, even at 1AM on a Sunday night, BET Soundstage would have had a crowd, 8TRAX would have been hopping and down at the far end of Hill Street, Motion would have been full of motion. But not anymore. Hill Street was dead; the entire Island was dead. Not a single person spotted on the Island during my 1AM transit except for several OCSO deputies chatting at the Hub. Yup, not a creature was stirring, not even a Mouse.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Concert Report: DJ Magic Mike (House Of Blues)

When you think of Sunday nights, you still think of House of Blues!
Because this is where Sunday SIN (Service Industry Night) was a weekly thing and few events in Orlando were any crazier! This is what the dance floor looked like when I arrived around 10PM.
DJ Rincon (USA) opened the show with a great EDM set!
While he got the dance floor slowly to populate.
Followed by DJ Ish (USA) continuing the musical theme of the night!
And then at 11:15PM the curtains opened.
Our headliner played a Memorial Day themed filmstrip.
And then there he was, DJ Magic Mike (USA).
At this juncture the dance floor was full.....but not jammed....yet!
House of Blues' lighting is always amazing!
Oh the memories! Sunday SIN was always a packed night as anyone in any service industry job plus Disney CM's could get in free. DJ's such as Magic Mike, Jimmy Joslin, Richie Rich, Sandy and more would deliver mostly Dance/EDM music to the masses. Even Mannequins would be largely empty as everyone was over here.
Last night MM's set was a mix of EDM, Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep, all of it mixed together masterfully!
And the crowd was loving every minute of it!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Spotted by the booth: DJ C-Money (USA)
Spotted in the club: DJ Evolv3 (USA) & DJ PopRoxXx (USA)
Spotted at the stage: DJ Scott King (USA) & DJ Vitamin C (USA)
Spotted in VIP: DJ Pedro Vasquez with Madii
DJ Rincon is the Wednesday night resident DJ at The Groove in CityWalk. DJ Leony (USA) is the Friday night resident DJ at Mango's on International Drive.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Marc Sparcs (USA) & DJ Daggett (USA)
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Vitamin C and Dance singer Jen Rae (USA).
Spotted by the stairs: DJ Rincon in the middle flanked by DJ Richie Rich (USA) and DJ Kevin Kon (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: Madeline and Natasa
Spotted by the stairs: Tricia and Karina
Spotted behind the bar: Bartendress Angela
Since SIN was axed, Disney has allowed Magic Mike to do a couple of these re-creations every year.
And he puts his heart and soul into every one of them!
Packed to the rafters!
The peeps want Magic Mike!
We'll let you know when the next one is!
House of Blues is located at Disney Springs West Side in Lake Buena Vista.
I was concerned with Sunset Music Festival taking place in Tampa and Movement in Detroit that this event might get overlooked.  I need not have worried; it was jammed!
A good time was had by all.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Club Reports: Room 22, Independent Bar, Aero Bar, Jungle Room, The Patio

Room 22 is a new club along Orange Avenue located where Vintage used to operate.
There's a new DJ booth at the back of the club where we found DJ Freefall (USA) playing.
The place was absolutely jammed, even at this early hour!
And people were dancing all over the place. And they have stripper poles!
The venue is very Coyote Ugly-like with many antics taking place throughout the night. See that jug being poured?
If these three could consume it all within 30 seconds, there were free shots for everyone in the club. And they did! And there were!
The music is primarily Hip Hop and Top 40 but I think I heard some David Guetta in there somewhere!
Like Coyote Ugly, the girls dance on the bar!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Interesting place and deserves a visit during your next trip downtown.
Of course if it's at all possible on a Saturday night, I'm going to try to visit Independent Bar.
DJ KC Cuts (USA) was in the perch as Lighting Tech Ernie worked his magic.
The Saturday night format is 80's New Wave.
And the dance floor is a magical place to escape from your problems.
Spotted on the dance floor: Will & Andrea
Didn't get super-crowded last night during my visit.
But a couple of the Spice Girls (GB) were there!
Now up to the rooftop for another one of my favorites: Aero Bar.
DJ Cliff T (USA) playing House!
Had to switch to my camera phone at this point due to lens issues on my regular camera. All I can say is the dance floor was packed beyond belief!
The peeps want House music!
DJ Dominic Morrison (USA) taking over a bit later.
The music is more EDM on Friday nights and more House on Saturday nights. And next Saturday night they have a special show with DJ Landis (USA) coming in to play. Admission is FREE!
Downstairs from Aero you'll find the Jungle Room.
DJ Dan-e Crane (USA) & DJ Rock Johnson (USA) were taking turns playing Hip Hop.
The room is dark, the room is packed, the room is smoky. But everyone is having a good time!
When a nightclub makes an outlandish claim such as The Patio does that "there's always a party" there, we are forced to investigate the matter.
So I snuck in the back door, hoping not to be noticed. But I was hearing my name being called on their PA system and began wondering if surveillance had been installed. I turned around and there was resident DJ Parry (USA) broadcasting from the damn roof!
I had been spotted!  But the place was packed too!
The music is mostly Top 40 although I was told an hour EDM set had just been completed before I came in. Sure it was.
There's a special Sunday night edition of their weekend party tonight.
I guess there really is always a party at The Patio. A good time was had by all.