Tuesday, April 30, 2019

PI Update: Visiting The Clubs

After living in exile for more than a decade, it was great to return to beautiful Pleasure Island to check out the clubs I left behind!
BET Soundstage looked a bit different than I remembered it but I can't wait to check out the music tonight!
But Adventurers Club was exactly as my memory served it with that large front entrance and tower!
Comedy Warehouse is still located on that hill overlooking the lower section of Pleasure Island.
There are some stores now in front of 8TRAX but I still see the club building back there.
Now here's a change. Rock'n'Roll Beach Club is much smaller now!
But down at the end of Hill Street I could see club Motion between the trees!
Looks like Mannequins has added a glass entryway since my lat visit but otherwise looks about the same. It's great to be back from exile. Been gone a decade but Pleasure Island is largely untouched.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Club Report: Sailaway Party (Norwegian Bliss)

Time for another cruise! This one on Norwegian Cruse Line's new and largest ship, Norwegian Bliss, doing a repositioning sailing out of the Port of Los Angeles. And of course, there's the Sail Away Party!
On the decks, DJ Keith (RP) was playing the hits!
DJ's on NCL always play a lot of EDM compared to Carnival, Royal Caribbean and the others and this cruise was no different!
Dance floor on the pool deck got jammed!
The festivities led by the Cruise Director and his animation team!
Of course there were the mandatory line dances such as the "Cupid Shuffle".
And "The Wobble".
A good time was had by all.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Celine, Bikkuri Lounge, Iron Cow

Independent Bar and Saturday night go together just like a horse and carriage!
And also just as it should be, DJ Indie John (USA) delivering the hits! 80's hits!
And within 30 minutes the dance floor went from this.....
To this!
Spotted beside the dance floor: Pleasure Islanders Karen & Jeff.
Spotted on the dance floor: Andrea
Next stop Celine.
Up to the rooftop first to see DJ Chino (USA).
House music had the dance floor jammed!
Spotted by the entryway: Erick & Donna
A little after midnight I headed downstairs and found the dance floor here looking like this!
For DJ Frank Walker (CDN).
His set was more on the EDM side compared to upstairs.
Frank Walker is based in Toronto.
The floor was filling up here as people migrated down from the rooftop.
The building at Bikkuri says "sushi" on the outside but if you come around back and go upstairs you'll find Bikkuri Lounge on the inside!
Miami's DJ Bebe (USA) was in the booth during my visit.
While Friday night was Psytrance, last night was Breaks!
Those there were having a great time!
Spotted in the ticket booth: DJ Rich Doss (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Geebo (USA) and Brandy.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Berto (USA) with Katey.
Spotted on the patio: DJ Scotty Fraser (USA) with Keara.
Great set from the founder of "Breaks Yo".
There's always a lot of fun at Bikkuri Lounge!
Last stop of the night, Iron Cow.
Blog-favorite DJ Sandra Collins (USA) in the booth!
They had the fog machine working overtime and it was damn-near impossible to take pictures!
The dance floor was packed! I think.
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorites East Side Angie and Christa.
Sandra Collins was my first DJ. She opened for Paul Oakenfold (GB) at the opening night of Destiny Nightclub over on Universal Blvd. While I had been to many clubs over the years, this was the first where I went out specifically to see famous names!
And through the fog last night, a good time was being had by all.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Club Reports: Crow & Company, Peek Downtown, Elixir Bar, Bikkuri Lounge

Starting the weekend at Crow & Company, formerly The Crow and before that, Ghost Bar. I'm not sure what became of Eddie the Ghost that used to occupy the place.
DJ Exclusive (USA) was occupying the booth.
The dance floor stretches from the bar to under that canopy.
The fast-paced music included Hip Hop hits, Top 40, Reggaeton and even some moments of EDM.
Based on all the comings and goings during my visit, it was my impression that this is a place where people drop by for a drink and a chat and then move on to other venues.
Next over to Peek Downtown.
DJ Phin (USA) was in the booth when I arrived. Breakbeats all night long!
Just a small contingent on the dance floor during my visit.
DJ Losman (USA) taking over around midnight.
Spotted visiting with Phin, DJ Timebomb (USA).
Then over to Elixir Bar.
For DJ Sneak (USA).
They have this fantastic patio area outside the bar itself which is where you'll find the music!
And there was a good crowd on the floor here.
He's based in Chicago, the home of House music!
His set had everyone bouncing!
The building at Bikkuri says "sushi" on the outside but if you come around back and go upstairs you'll find Bikkuri Lounge on the inside!
Last night was the next edition of "Lost in Trancelation" featuring DJ Christopher Lawrence (USA).
And the dance floor was jammed!
Bikkuri is home to that amazing light wall!
And last night Christopher Lawrence was delivering the very fast-paced Psytrance.
Spotted floor side: Harley with DJ Robb Blak (USA) who had opened earlier.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jillian & Kerri
Spotted revolving at high speed: Jeremy & Kayla
Spotted: DJ's Suzy Solar (USA) & Brian Benning (USA)
Suzy & Brian joining Christopher Lawrence in the booth.
Spotted on the dance floor: Newly-engaged Anthony & Adriana.
Back in 2006 DJ Mag readers voted Christopher Lawrence the #4 DJ in the world!
And last night he had everyone moving!
And a good time was had by all!