Sunday, March 31, 2019

Club Reports: Dirtybird Players, W Pool Party, Breaks Yo! (Miami)

Club Space is Florida's most-famous dance club and it was the starting-place of my crazy Saturday of Miami Music Week which began with an 8AM arrival.
If you've never been, the lobby looks like a Tokyo Metro station. But I was here for the Dirtybird Players party.
Up to the Terrace. The Dirtybird party had been running since 10PM the night before so at 8AM you might expect just a few hardy stragglers remaining, right?
LOL no, at 8AM it was fuckin' packed!
Representing DJ duo Walker & Royce (USA) on the left and DJ Justin Martin (USA) on the right! Word ft. VNSSA.
Playing House music Dirtybird style!
And no one was leaving just yet!
9AM and gin & tonic number two was going down smoothly!
Both these guys recently played Elixir Bar in Orlando; DJ Matthias Tanzmann (D) and DJ Joeski (USA).
House music all night day long!
Orlando was represented!
Amelia was running at full-throttle!
As was Daniella!
Orlando & Tampa!
I had hoped to see Green Velvet (USA) but he ironically finished at 8AM right before I came in.
The spray-down fog was some powerful stuff!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Like I said!
Up next, DJ Eli Brown (GB) vs Mason Leonard (USA).
Dance wherever you could!
Survival of the fittest!
First time seeing either of these two.
The energy being expended was amazing!
Although by afternoon things began to thin-out.
Doorly plays at Celine in Orlando on April 5th with FREE tickets available here!
And I needed to move on too.
There are Metromover stations throughout downtown Miami including this one just a block from Club Space. Rides are free and I took one to my next party.
Next stop the W Hotel where they happen to have a swimming pool and club up on the 50th floor!
Arrived to find DJ Felva (USA) in the booth opening the show.
Felva is based here in Miami.
At this early hour, just a few people had arrived.
Only one girl dancing at this juncture.
Those that hadn't arrived yet missed a great House/EDM set.
From this rooftop vantage, one could see Virginia Key and Ultra Music Festival.
Used to be able to see the cruise ships over at Port Miami from this window but this even taller building to the left now blocks that.
Fast-paced one-hour sets kept things moving. DJ Zookeper (USA) up next.
Activity was picking up!
And things were looking better.
Another good set from this L.A.-based DJ.
DJ duo Brklyn (USA) are also based in L.A.
The dance platform was finally seeing some action!
As was the pool.
They had everyone bouncing!
Another great set on this Saturday afternoon!
One of my favorites up next!  DJ Dallas K (USA).
Originally from Windermere, he graduated from West Orange High School before making it big!
By now the venue had gotten packed!
It was a fine-looking crowd too!
Playing his biggest hit, a collaboration with Adventure Club (CDN), Crash 2.0.
After 9 straight hours of clubbing, it was time for a mandatory rest stop to get some food!
Before coming back out to Barrio's Lounge in South Beach for Breaks Yo!
Arrived to see the final five minutes of a tag team set from Dozier vs Skitch (USA).
Not a lot of action on the dance floor just yet.
First time seeing this up-and-coming Dirtybird artist E.R.N.E.S.T.O. (USA).
People started to come over from the main room towards the booth.
His set was mostly Breaks but you could definitely sense that Dirtybird House sound to some of his songs!
We got a 30 minute Bass set from DJ Brazen (USA).
Before the reason everyone was here came on, DJ Icey (USA).
And all of a sudden the dance floor got full!
Spotted on the dance floor: Belinda & SarahV
Spotted by the booth: Keith with DJ Rich D (USA) who had played earlier.
Spotted in the booth: DJ Keith MacKenzie (USA) who would be playing at 2AM.
Spotted in the main room: DJ Medley (USA) & Miami's-own Johnny Gamez.
Spotted on the dance floor: Break-a-Dawn
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorite CJ
Icey had the largest crowd of the night on the floor.
Lots of classic sounds in there!
We had just seen the Freestylers (GB) last weekend at Bar B in Orlando.
It's always a treat to hear him play!
Sadly, my 1:35PM American Airlines flight back to Orlando was on a MAX8 so they switched my res to 7:30AM which meant I couldn't stick around any longer. What a crazy day! Everywhere I went though, a good time was had by all.