Sunday, January 27, 2019

Concert Report: Wake And Break

Yes, the building does say "Noodles" on the outside. But last night, there were Breaks on the inside!
It was time for the next installment of "Wake and Break", brought to us by DJ Rich D (USA).
The early starters on the dance floor.
Bikkuri Lounge is home to that amazing light wall!
There's been a dearth of Breaks events in Orlando lately and we're thankful for this regular series!
Headliner DJ Huda Hudia (USA) took over next.
And he brought more people onto the floor.
Included some amazing Classic Dance songs in his mix!
Spotted: Kayla and Jeremy
Spotted: DJ Berto (USA) with Katey
Spotted: DJ D-Xtreme (USA) with Dawn and Blanca
Spotted: Elmo
Spotted: Club Photographer Def Jeff
Spotted: Corey and Ashleigh
Can never get too much Ashleigh, spotted here with aspiring Dance singer Fal N (USA).
Spotted: Yana
Spotted: Gina
Spotted: Sandra and Ralph
Spotted: Jim
First time seeing this legend perform and he did not disappoint!
Fun night at the club!
Taking over late, DJ Si-Dog (USA).
While it never got super-crowed, the place was hardly empty either!
Everybody was in a great mood!
Breakbeats all night long!
A good time was had by all!

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