Thursday, January 31, 2019

DS Update: It's Almost Done

Once Jaleo opens, the NBA Experience along with City Works Eatery & Pour House plus the Lemon Garage will be the only unfinished projects in Disney Springs. So unless there is an expansion out beyond House of Blues, Disney Springs will be finished.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

This Weekend In Techno Town

Best show of the weekend is the return of DJ Rezz (CDN) to Orlando, headlining a show at Orlando Amphitheater at the Central Florida Fairgrounds that also features Drezo (USA) and Ekali (CDN).  EDM / Progressive House.
We saw DJ Henry Fong (USA) deliver a great set this past November at EDC-Orlando and the UCF grad returns to O-Town this Saturday night at Celine.  EDM / Progressive House.
It's been a couple years since I saw Joeski (USA) play at Vinyl Arts Bar but he's back in town Saturday night, this time playing at Elixir. Hoping for great weather for this one!  House / Tech House.
I got to meet DJ Johnnie Blaze (USA) at Mango's a couple years ago but I've never seen him play. He'll be joining Frankmatik (USA) and more this Saturday night at Peek Downtown!  House.
It will be packed; it will be crazy. That's just how it is at Gilt Nightclub when OOKAY (USA) plays there. Trap / Heavy Bass.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

DS Update: The Last White Elephant

Let's cross this bridge one more time to LEAVE Pleasure Island for a change.

Back in 2016 we ran an article about the "white elephants" that dominated Downtown Disney West Side. Since then, Disney Quest was demolished, Wolfgang Puck Cafe was heavily renovated into Jaleo, Planet Hollywood was heavily renovated into Planet Hollywood Observatory and Bongo's Cuban Cafe....well, nothing. It's still there, apparently the only remaining restaurant of a chain that once had several Florida locations. It still seems to be a popular venue but its cuisine is being squeezed by Paradiso 37 to the east and the upcoming Jaleo to the west. We've heard no new rumors about the place so for now it remains Disney Springs last white elephant.

Monday, January 28, 2019

PI Update: Spellcheck Needed

Walking by a few nights ago, I noticed that they still have not corrected the spelling error on the Mannequins sign! They need to get that fixed!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Concert Report: Wake And Break

Yes, the building does say "Noodles" on the outside. But last night, there were Breaks on the inside!
It was time for the next installment of "Wake and Break", brought to us by DJ Rich D (USA).
The early starters on the dance floor.
Bikkuri Lounge is home to that amazing light wall!
There's been a dearth of Breaks events in Orlando lately and we're thankful for this regular series!
Headliner DJ Huda Hudia (USA) took over next.
And he brought more people onto the floor.
Included some amazing Classic Dance songs in his mix!
Spotted: Kayla and Jeremy
Spotted: DJ Berto (USA) with Katey
Spotted: DJ D-Xtreme (USA) with Dawn and Blanca
Spotted: Elmo
Spotted: Club Photographer Def Jeff
Spotted: Corey and Ashleigh
Can never get too much Ashleigh, spotted here with aspiring Dance singer Fal N (USA).
Spotted: Yana
Spotted: Gina
Spotted: Sandra and Ralph
Spotted: Jim
First time seeing this legend perform and he did not disappoint!
Fun night at the club!
Taking over late, DJ Si-Dog (USA).
While it never got super-crowed, the place was hardly empty either!
Everybody was in a great mood!
Breakbeats all night long!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Concert Report: Igloofest (Montreal)

Who the hell does an outdoor DJ concert in the middle of a Canadian winter? Back at Igloofest for the 4th straight year!
There are two stages at Igloofest with the Videotron Stage being the smaller of the two. Everyone usually hangs-out at the main stage but there was actually a large crowd at this one too!
For DJ Mandiz (CDN).
The weather brought out plenty of abominable snowmen!
But just because it was 18F° doesn't keep Montrealers at home!
View of old Montreal from the pier.
View of the grounds looking in the other direction.
OK, let's head to the main stage!
The Sapporo main Stage was already jammed!
People waiting for the headliner act that led to this sold out show of over 10,000 people!
DJ Spencer Brown (USA) delivering his House / Progressive set!
Lots of costumes in the crowd!
But we know who this guy was here to see!
Quick visit back to the Videotron Stage where several DJ's were tagteaming.
You got to stay bundled up to survive at Igloofest! Down to 13F° now! But this is balmy compared to last year when it was 4F° when I saw Sasha & Digweed (GB) here.

 It was necessary to come into the heated pavilion several times to thaw out!
But not for long.....time to get back to the Sapporo Stage!
We last saw Spencer Brown play actually here in Quebec last February.
Full house as 22h30 finally arrived!
There they were! Paavo and Tony are Above & Beyond (GB).
Everyone was happy! Cold yes, but happy.
Above & Beyond would play a lot of songs off their "Common Ground" album.
Midnight and no one was leaving!
Packed to the rafters!
"Northern Soul"
There are other diversions besides music, food and drinking. You can get your photo taken showing off your Igloofest swag.
You can toast marshmallows!
You can go up the slide.
Wait a second.....I ain't getting into that hole!
Great views of the main stage below.
There are dryers to warm up your gloves and toques.
An Igloofest swag store.
Who the hell does an outdoor DJ concert in the middle of a Canadian winter? Montreal does, that's who! A good time was had by all!