Sunday, July 21, 2019

Club Reports: 80's Everywhere!

There are regular pub crawls in downtown Orlando, each with a different theme. Last night's theme was the 80's and we joined the crawl at their second stop, The Beacham.
The front entrance was a sea of color as patrons streamed in!
The music was 80's, of course, led by DJ Parry (USA).
And OMG, this is what it looked like!
Packed to the rafters!
And singing along to the lyrics!
Of course we know DJ Parry mainly from The Patio where he packs that venue every weekend night.
Absolutely amazing!
Parry says that no one is making any new 80's songs anymore.
For big shows like this, there's always a young understudy who waits in the wings in the event the main DJ falls ill. We spotted DJ Cliff T (USA) back stage waiting, just in case.
We also spotted Saturday night Beacham resident DJ D-Strong (USA) who would take over after the Pub Crawl departed the premises.
Some views from down on the floor!
Lots of 80's neon, of course!
It was absolutely crazy down there!
The music was not only 80's Pop classics but also 80's hairband Rock classics.
Soon it was time for the 1000+ revelers to head on to the next bar on the list and here's a few pics of everyone exiting The Beacham.
You can never go wrong with the 80's!
But wait, there's more! Next over to The Abbey where they were having an Old School Party!
DJ Pointblanc (USA) was on the decks when I arrived around 11PM.
Compared to where I had just been, the dance floor was spartan.
While the floor was empty in front.....
It was because the crowd was all congregating by the bar at the rear! Come on down, people!
DJ Lyvwyr (USA) would take over next.
Playing 80's and sometimes drifting into the 90's!
Dance floor traffic would slowly build.
We know Lyvwyr from Don Jefe's Tequila Parlour on Church Street as well as from Paradiso 37 on Pleasure Island.
DJ Ray Love (USA) taking control at midnight and continuing the theme of the night. You can never go wrong with the 80's!
Two 80's nights down, one to go. Of course, Saturday night at Independent Bar!
With DJ KC Cuts (USA) in the perch!
Crowded in here too!
No matter the age group, everyone knows the words to 80s songs!
Spotted along the walkway: Scott, Christa & Mike
Spotted on the dance floor: Doc John
Spotted on the dance platform: Yul and Melissa
You can never go wrong with the 80's!
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Club Reports: The Robinson Cocktail Room, The Treehouse, Attic Nightclub, Kush Ultralounge, Independent Bar, The Patio, Aero Bar

The Robinson Cocktail Room is a new venue located up on the second floor along on Pine Street.
This was the Blog's second visit and once again the DJ booth was empty. Apparently they only have a DJ here on Saturday nights.
The venue is very upscale but the prices are not.
A very dressed-up crowd on hand. Real wood floors were brought in from Jacksonville to create the space and it's off to a great start. We shall return on a DJ night!
We had heard that The Treehouse has undergone an expansion so that was next on the list.
First you climb the stairs and go up into the tree.
No DJ here, just prerecorded music which last night was 90's.
Of course the main attraction at The Treehouse is grabbing a drink or shot and then chilling picnic-style on the grass floor!
The expansion area is entered via this side door which used to take you into The Attic.
Where you'll find this photo-op bath tub.
But if you circle-around the upstairs walkway, you're eventually in the Attic Nightclub anyway.
I didn't recognize the DJ's in the booth but the music was some great EDM. DJ duo Amine Edge & Dance (F) play here on August 30th.
Now over to Kush Ultralounge, another second floor venue.
Friday night resident DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson (USA) was on the controls delivering the music!
The venue is decorated with all-white walls and drapery and is popular for its hookahs.
It was a The Presets (AUS) marathon!
This place is beyond cool!
I had threatened to visit Independent Bar on some other night besides a Saturday and last night was my chance!
I found DJ Matt (USA) in the booth.
I thought I would die before I ever heard Hip Hop at I-Bar, lol. But there was also classic Top 40 like "Oops! I Did It Again" by Britney Spears (USA) and EDM songs such as "Stay The Night" by Zedd (D). Fridays are a lot of fun!
Fridays are also much younger than Saturdays.
A good time was had by all.
Now around the corner we went and into The Patio.
Where DJ Parry (USA) was putting out Hip Hop hits.
The dance floor was absolutely packed!
Partly indoors, partly outdoors, The Patio is always a fun place to go!
It even snowed for awhile!
Some got more than others!
A good time was had by all.
I didn't realize I had gone to so many places last night until I saw the photo evidence this morning. One more stop: Aero Bar.
With the music brought to us by DJ's Cliff T (USA) and Kevin Conn (USA).
The music all EDM and House up here on the rooftop!
Because the peeps want EDM!
As a rooftop venue, you're literally dancing with the stars!
The crowd kept roaring every time a new song came on.

And a good time was had by all.