Thursday, November 14, 2019

This Weekend In Techno Town

DJ Kill The Noise (USA)     Celine     Dubstep / Electro House
DJ Ilan Bluestone (GB)     Gilt Nightclub     Trance
DJ Danny Howard (GB)     Elixir Bar     House
DJ Alice Clark (GB/E)     Sundown Sundays @ The Patio     House

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Time For The AAHZ Reunion!

With EDC out of the way, it's now time to turn our attention to the AAHZ Reunion. Back in the late 80's and into the 90's, Orlando was at the epicenter of the underground Rave scene. And one of the biggest club nights ever was AAHZ.
Two weeks from tonight you can return to the Land of AAHZ and relive it again.
Newcomers can experience it for the very first time.  
These original Wizards of AAHZ will be playing.
DJ Kimball Collins (USA)
DJ Icey (USA)
DJ Baby Anne (USA)
DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) 
Thanksgiving Eve
At its original home, The Beacham downtown.
Advance tickets here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

EDC Epilogue

The 9th edition of EDC - Orlando has come to an end and it was an amazing experience! Here's a summary of unconfirmed rumors I heard from Blog sources.
1. Friday attendance was around 45,000, Saturday attendance around 75,000.
2. Insomniac has requested at least 23 more acres for next year. 
3. Yet another stage next year for those extra acres.
4. Rumors of a 4-day festival in the future. Next year announced for Nov 13-15.
5. There will be a Breaks stage again next year. It's a small but regrowing niche.
Stay tuned to the Blog for the latest news about EDC-Orlando.

Monday, November 11, 2019

EDC Orlando - Day 3

DJ Fisher (AUS) "Losing It" last night at EDC. For all the Blog's Day 3 photos, please click over to our sister website Orlando Entertainment News.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

EDC Orlando - Day 2

Our sister website allows more photos with greater pixel clarity so check out Day 2 of EDC-Orlando over on this link to Orlando Entertainment News.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

EDC Orlando - Day 1

Our sister website allows more photos with greater pixel clarity so check out Day 1 of EDC-Orlando over on this link to Orlando Entertainment News!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Thursday, November 7, 2019

EDC Week: After-Party Circuit

After the party it's the After Party!

ELIXIR BAR (Downtown)
SAT  LEE FOSS (USA)     House / Techno


CELINE (Downtown)

GILT NIGHTCLUB (Bennett Road near Executive Airport)


BAR B (Downtown)

MONKEY BAR (Downtown in Wall Street Plaza)
FRI  DJ DITY (USA)    House / Techno

SENOR FROGS (International Drive)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

EDC Week: Advance Look At The Festival

We're just 2 days away from the first day of the 9th Edition of Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando. Bigger than ever, around 240,000 guests are expected across all days! You better believe this is important to the City of Orlando and Orange County.
If you're still looking for tickets or are picking up at Will Call, you'll find the Camping World Stadium Box Office at the northeast corner of the stadium along Church Street. The North entrance to the festival grounds are also located in this corner.
You'll find the South entrance to the grounds at McCracken Field to the southwest of the stadium. If you're coming with a car, you'd be wise to park on the south side of TOLL SR408 and walk back to this side. The festival's 6th stage, Corona Electric Beach, is located not far from here, roughly in the same location it was in the last two years.
Circling the lake along the perimeter, Memory Lane is a pedestrian-only pathway to quickly get you from one side of the grounds to the other.
That lake has always been a barrier to quick movements but this year there is a new bridge called Daisy Lane that runs from Corona Beach over to the new stereoBLOOM Stage.
Directly west of the stadium in Tinker Field is the circuitGROUNDS Stage. The was the traditional home of the kineticFIELD main Stage which is so huge this year they had to construct it elsewhere.
Directly south of the stadium and very close to where neonGARDEN used to stand in prior years will be a very new stage for EDC-Orlando: stereoBLOOM.
Meanwhile neonGARDEN has a new home directly east of the stadium in what is usually an unpaved parking lot. While the tent may look familiar, please notice that the tent has 8 teets this year versus 6 teets in prior years.
And now what you've been waiting for! Located in the grassy parking lot where circuitGROUNDS was located the past two years, the massive main stage kineticFIELD. Unlike the past cG Stages here which faced directly west, this one is so huge that they have to angle it so it actually faces southwest!
A close-up view. Folks, all these pictures were taken in daylight. Just wait until you see them lit-up at night! The Blog will link to full photo coverage every day!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

EDC Week: Annual Fashion Guide to EDC

Ladies, it's time for Save Pleasure Island Blog's annual unofficial Fashion Guide to Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando. Here is our list of DO's & DONT'S for the coming festival.  DO: Skimpy is good. It's going to be sunny out there this year!
DO: Colorful is good. Don't be a wallflower.
DO: High rise or low rise, short shorts and crop tops are always a nice touch.
DO: Head bands and combat boots go well with those short shorts.
  DO: If not short shorts, tutu's are still in style this year.
DO: The choice of ravers since the 90's, fluffies are also still very big!
DO: If you got it, flaunt it. Halter tops are very much appreciated.
DO: Or no halter top!
DO: Lastly, if you got a nice tail, show it off!
And now a couple of dont's.  DON'T: Don't wear heels. Only a small area of the EDC grounds are paved and although you may look good in them, you'll be miserable.
DON'T: We recommend you not wear horizontal stripes. They can tend to make you look fat.  Hope to see you at EDC!!

Monday, November 4, 2019

PI Update: It Was Adult Disney

This past Friday the original Theme Park Trooper columnist Dewayne Bevil ran a great a great article in the Orlando Sentinel about Pleasure Island. There was no new ground covered in the article but he did a good job taking us around the current Island and describing what used to exist in the various corners. Check it out here.
At this time we switch gears to our complete coverage of Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Club Report: Wall Street Plaza

Insomniac took over Wall Street Plaza last night in order to publicize next weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival taking place at Tinker Field surrounding Camping World Stadium.
There was a booth with this team selling festival passes and handing out free EDC swag! We've heard that single day tickets are no longer available and what's left are only the 3-day passes. About 80,000 fans of electronic dance music are expected each day!
I didn't have my normal camera with me last night and the settings on this one were screwed up! Apologies to DJ Nela (USA) who was rocking the stage with EDM & Heavy Bass.
Early on Wall Street was a bit spartan.
But it would slowly build.
I thought this was the first time seeing DJ Nela but a check of the Save Pleasure Island Blog archives showed she opened last year for DJ duo Yellow Claw (NL) at Gilt Nightclub as shown here.
Spotted after her set. Again, so sorry for the horrible camera shots.
Of course we know DJ Scotty B (USA) from his work over at Orlando-based Promo Only, the world's leading packager of music and music videos for DJ's, nightclubs & restaurants. If you're in a bar or restaurant and see music videos playing, there's a great chance you'll see the Promo Only label before and after each song!
Things were getting lively!
Fun in all the corners!
As he weaved the music through EDM and Top 40 hits.
All too soon it was time for another switch.....
For DJ Sleepy Panda (USA).

And coinciding with the midnight hour, Wall Street suddenly got packed!
Sleepy Panda's set was more on the Top 40 side of music with songs like Pitbul (USA) hit "Hotel Motel Holiday Inn."
Sleepy Panda showing off the official 2019 EDC Orlando line-up tee!
And the official Sleepy Panda logo jacket!
Everybody shuffling to LMFAO (USA) classic hit "Party Rock"!
All the sets were great and a good time was had by all.