Tuesday, December 18, 2018

PI Update: That's Italian!

If you're out at Pleasure Island and have a craving for Italian food, you certainly won't leave hungry. There are just way too many options! Terralina Crafted Italian Ristorante is one choice.
Maria & Enzo's is the main venue in a trio of Italian restaurants located at West End Plaza. Even though it's the flagship of the trio, the entrance sign is rather subdued.
The Maria & Enzo's marquee is surprisingly over here in front of this pizzeria. The actual name of this venue is Pizza Ponte although the name doesn't actually appear on the signs.
Down beneath West End Plaza is Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar serving perhaps the most authentic fare for Italy. While this is the main entrance, there is a secret entrance in the bottom of The Edison.
Not directly on the Island, Blaze Pizza is a short walk across the No. 3 Bridge for yet another pizza option. Now that's Italian!

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