Monday, December 24, 2018

DS Update: What's New At The Springs?

A crowded holiday weekend at Disney Springs but let's bounce around to the few remaining construction projects. Moving by here along Buena Vista Drive, we see future the Lemon Garage nearing completion. I never saw any intent to get it open for the holidays and it does seem to have a few months to go.
But Jaleo featuring the food of mainland Spain only has 1 week from today to meet its deadline. From what I could see from the outside, no way. This replaces Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe.
NBA Experience has a long way to go but progress seems steady. This replaces DisneyQuest. This is the east end of the building. Dewayne Bevil of the Orlando Sentinel posted an article last week that provides a few details and inside concept art. I'm sorry, but yawn. Link.
At the west end of the building, CityWorks Eatery and Pour House will apparently be the only restaurant in the complex.
The new Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill did open last month on schedule.


Jeff - Seattle said...

Was pleasantly surprised on my first visit there in three years. However, the shopping mall thing has to go. Didn't even remotely feel like any sort of Disney experience. The rest was pretty ok but nothing will ever top that revolving dance floor. Nope, nothing....

KingBob said...

Well Jeff, it is what it is. They're trying to get people to stay on property so they've built a shopping mall. I did see shoppers there between Thanksgiving and Christmas but nearly all other visits the only shopping bags I've seen are the Disney bags from the various Disney stores, and LEGO store bags. I think early next year we may see a shake-out of stores that aren't making it. The restaurants though, are quite the hit!

Jeff - Seattle said...

I was impressed with the Blaze Pizza!! Very impressed and I felt magical;-)