Sunday, September 30, 2018

Concert Report: DJ Martin Flex (Bikkuri Lounge)

Yes, we're quite aware that the building says "Sushi" on the outside.  But if you come around back, you'll find the secret club Bikkuri Lounge on the inside!
It was the next edition of "Wake and Break" and I arrived just in time to see DJ Andrez (USA) turn the controls over to DJ Martin Flex (GB).
There was no slow buildup.....he went right at it!
Breaks and Bass, all night long!
But apparently only the brave would come forward to dance as so many hung back.
Martin Flex came to Orlando following gigs in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Denver!
Good crowd but I don't doubt Bikkuri was the smallest venue he played in!
Martin Flex is based in London but he says his next show after Orlando is in Spain!
Bikkuri is home to that amazing color-changing light wall, although last night it remained red.
Spotted with wings: Melanie & Manderz
Spotted operating at high speed on the dance floor: DJ Funkbaby (USA)
Spotted by VIP: Manda, Amy, Michelle, Cheryl & Michael
Spotted on the dance floor: Jim & Michelle
Spotted by the light wall: Shelley & DJ Timebomb (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Heather & DJ Rich D (USA)
Spotted near the entry: Brooke and Dawn
Taking over at 1:30AM, DJ Seth Vogt (USA).
Spotted by the booth: Nicole
Spotted on the dance floor: Allyson and Break-A-Dawn
If there is one thing that makes me mad about Bikkuri is that they have just one bartender which leads to a long slow line! Do they realize how much more money they'd make if they hired a second bartender?  Spotted in line: Cheryl & Michael.
Seth Vogt taking us into the wee hours. He didn't hold back!
And a good time was had by all! (Editors Note: Our "Late Night Disney Springs" Saturday night article will post tomorrow/Monday.)

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