Monday, August 27, 2018

PI Update: PI Live

During the glory years of Pleasure Island, those metal towers and catwalks located high above the sidewalk intersection that was The Hub was home to the Explosion Dancers!
In November, 2009, they began dismantling the PI Live DJ booth.....and those towers and catwalks.
The DJ's played the outdoor music you would hear as you wandered from club to club. Supposedly no longer needed, they wanted to take them down.
But if you recall from a prior Blog report, the demolition of those tower and catwalks came to an unexpected stop when Orlando Harley-Davidson, which operated that a store at the corner, said "Oh no you don't!" Apparently their contract called for several prominent H-D signs to be up there and they weren't willing to give them up!
So the project was called off until the H-D store was relocated in early 2011 to a new location on the West Side at the foot of the No. 5 Bridge. All that metal was then finally removed...1.5 years late!

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