Thursday, August 30, 2018

CW Update: Techno Night Replaced By Hot Dogs!

This is the Lily Pad at Universal CityWalk. Like the Lily Pad in Downtown Disney, it was a focal point for music.
But now it's part of the outdoor restaurant Hot Dog Hall of Fame and no longer can be used for music.
But we remember that on the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend through 2013, it was home to CityWalk's "Labor Day Celebration"!  Or as I liked to call it, "CityWalk Techno Night"! Because on that one night every year, you could come to CityWalk and enter a fenced-in area dedicated to Electronic Dance Music genres.
No one came looking for Hip Hop and it always drew a good crowd. Sadly, the conversion of the area to the hot dog restaurant necessitated the ending of this annual event.
Over the years, some of the DJ's playing sets there included Scotty B.
DJ Nova

 Chad Andrew
DJ Netics
Jay Mac
And for the final show in 2013, DJ Baby Anne!
It's hard to believe its been 5 years already and I really miss it. And as I recall from back then, a good time was had by all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Day Weekend In Techno Town

Celine continues to be the new Orlando venue for House music and Thursday night DJ Wax Motif (AUS) will be in the club. It's advertised as on the rooftop but it's likely to be inside due to capacity.  House.
Don't recall these guys playing Orlando before but DJ duo Prok & Fitch (GB) are in town on Friday night at Attic Nightclub so it should be a good one!  House.
The last Friday of the month means "Lost In Trancelation" with DJ's Suzy Solar (USA), Brian Benning (USA) ad Robb Blak (USA). This is at Bikkuri Lounge.  Trance.
Peek Downtown has a great Saturday night show with DJ's Joey Blanco (USA), Losman (USA) and more. Electro Bass / Breaks.
There was a time when electronic music was less DJ-driven and more electronic band driven and Prophecy (USA) had many hits. See them live Saturday night at Celine.  Live Electronic Music.
If you're off on Monday, the weekend continues Sunday night. Reliving the glory days of Service Industry Night Sundays at House of Blues in Disney Springs, check out DJ Magic Mike (USA) with opening sets from DJ Ish (USA) and DJ Rincon (USA).  Unlike SIN though, it won't be free for service industry personnel.  EDM.
One of Orlando's early homes to House music was Zinc Bar and this Sunday night we will relive the venue with former resident  DJ's Cliff T (USA) and Dano (USA). At Bar B.  House / Progressive House.
If you like it loud and if you love to bang your head, check out this line-up for "Frequency Burst" at the Central Florida Fairgrounds:  Excision (CDN), Black Tiger Sex Machine (CDN), Boombox Cartel (USA) and more.  Heavy Bass / Dubstep / Trap.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

PI Updates: Tickets Please

Pleasure Island was gated at night and you had to purchase a ticket to get onto the Island. There was a booth adjacent the bridge from Marketplace and what is now the ticket booth for the Aerophile balloon ride was previously the PI ticket booth from the West Side. But the way most people entered at night was via the No. 2 Bridge where two railroad car trailers greeted revelers!
Even though the clubs had been shuttered, we always hoped Disney would come to their senses and reopen a couple of them. But in 2009 when the wires that connected those ticket booths with offices on the second floor of Mannequins, things did not look good for a revival!
The two ticket booths were actually railroad cars that had operated elsewhere in Walt Disney World. As the PI parking lot was obliterated, the cars/booths stood idly by.
And ignored behind construction walls. We don't really know what became of them; whether they were demolished or moved elsewhere on property.

Monday, August 27, 2018

PI Update: PI Live

During the glory years of Pleasure Island, those metal towers and catwalks located high above the sidewalk intersection that was The Hub was home to the Explosion Dancers!
In November, 2009, they began dismantling the PI Live DJ booth.....and those towers and catwalks.
The DJ's played the outdoor music you would hear as you wandered from club to club. Supposedly no longer needed, they wanted to take them down.
But if you recall from a prior Blog report, the demolition of those tower and catwalks came to an unexpected stop when Orlando Harley-Davidson, which operated that a store at the corner, said "Oh no you don't!" Apparently their contract called for several prominent H-D signs to be up there and they weren't willing to give them up!
So the project was called off until the H-D store was relocated in early 2011 to a new location on the West Side at the foot of the No. 5 Bridge. All that metal was then finally removed...1.5 years late!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Vinyl Arts Bar, Gilt Nightclub

On Saturdays I always try to squeeze-in a visit to Independent Bar if I can!
I didn't recognize last night's DJ though.
It wasn't crowded like we typically see here on Saturdays.
But everybody loves the 80's New Wave music!
Next over to Vinyl Arts Bar for their new Techno night called "Shade".
DJ duo Carlos Mendoza & Elias R (USA) delivering the beats!
And those beats were fast.....
.....and furious!
There was some sort of screening between the booth and the floor but it was so dark you couldn't see it!
But photos don't lie!  Carlos Mendoza will headline the NeonGarden Stage at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando in November!
Techno music all night long! Wow, just Wow!
Now over to Gilt Nightclub which is located away from downtown, close to Orlando Executive Airport (ORL).
DJ NoFox (USA) is originally from Oregon but is now local.
His all-EDM set kept getting better and better!
I was first introduced to his music last August here at Gilt when he opened for CID (USA).
And then came the headliner, trying to sneak-in without being noticed.
Audien (USA).
And the crowd went wild!

He would play from his catalog of hits, including "Serotonin ft. Matthew Koma.
One change here since my last visit is the high-top surround table has been replaced with a flat table so everyone can see the equipment.....and the DJ!
Spotted taking pictures: Club Photographer David Montverde
Spotted in VIP: Donna & Erick
Packed to the rafters!
And a good time was had by all!