Tuesday, July 31, 2018

PI Update: Remembering RRBC

The Pleasure Island dance club that I spent the least amount of time in was no doubt Rock'N'Roll Beach Club. While I loved Rock bands in the 70's, my interest in the genre disappeared in the 80's with New Wave and I had little interest in hearing the live bands at RRBC.
But about once a month I would wander through the place and come back out within 10 minutes, fearing I was missing something better in Mannequins or 8TRAX. I can only recall entering via those front stairs one time; the usual entrance and exit was on the ground floor.

 Rock'N'Roll Beach Club closed several months before Disney announced that the entire Pleasure Island complex would be shuttered. At the time we did not know what was to come but in hindsight it was a bad omen for sure. Demolition of the club building began in January, 2011.

 And by February, 2011, it was gone. (But not forgotten.)

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