Friday, July 6, 2018

PI Update: I Can See The Clubs!

Most of Pleasure Island's clubs were torn down. Think Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, Motion, BET Soundstage, Comedy Warehouse. One was so heavily renovated that it's difficult to tell from the outside that it used to be Adventurers Club. But despite heavy renovations inside, two clubs retain their distinctive shapes and can easily be spotted from 400' above the Island.
The Blog stated from the beginning that the Mannequins/8TRAX building (they are one) would survive whatever became of the rest of the place because the Island's electrical grid was contained within. So our two favorite clubs remain intact, waiting to return to action sometime in the future!

 The cupola is about the only exterior part of The Edison that is still recognizable as having once been part of Adventurers Club. And even it was substantially changed with the addition of those windows.

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