Tuesday, July 31, 2018

PI Update: Remembering RRBC

The Pleasure Island dance club that I spent the least amount of time in was no doubt Rock'N'Roll Beach Club. While I loved Rock bands in the 70's, my interest in the genre disappeared in the 80's with New Wave and I had little interest in hearing the live bands at RRBC.
But about once a month I would wander through the place and come back out within 10 minutes, fearing I was missing something better in Mannequins or 8TRAX. I can only recall entering via those front stairs one time; the usual entrance and exit was on the ground floor.

 Rock'N'Roll Beach Club closed several months before Disney announced that the entire Pleasure Island complex would be shuttered. At the time we did not know what was to come but in hindsight it was a bad omen for sure. Demolition of the club building began in January, 2011.

 And by February, 2011, it was gone. (But not forgotten.)

Monday, July 30, 2018

EDC-Orlando Trailer

A reminder that the 8th Edition of Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando is taking place on Friday & Saturday, November 9-10, at Tinker Field surrounding Camping World Stadium. Details and ticket information can be found here: LINK

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Club Report: D'Jais (Belmar)

Going "down the shore" in New Jersey this weekend and since 1959, the best place to party is D'Jais in Belmar!
Arrived early around 9PM to find anarchy already in progress!
DJ Finesse (USA) from Sirius/XM on the decks playing mostly Hip Hop hits!
The raised dance platform was packed with females!
Resident DJ Farruggio (USA) taking over next and gradually making the switch over to EDM.
The girl to guy ratio in here was about 8:1.
The peeps want EDM!
And then the reason for coming, DJ Leony (USA).
The main dance floor area was impassible!
All EDM hits had the girls bouncing!
I first met DJ Leony at CityWalk's Latin Quarter club where he was playing the expected Latin songs. And then all of a sudden, he busted out some Dance hits of that era and it wasn't just one or two songs; it was a full EDM set! 

 You can listen to DJ Leony's "Passport to Dance" mixshow on RadioDanz.com.
D'Jais' has a low ceiling and limited club lights but the sound is on-point everywhere in the venue.
Packed as far as the eye could see!
Great music, great club!
There are numerous cities that make up New Jersey's "shore" but Belmar is the place to party! And there are numerous clubs in Belmar but D'Jais is the best!
A good time was had by all!!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Club Report: Premier Borgata (Atlantic City)

Well, today we were scheduled to have a club report from Premier Nightclub at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City.  But with a 3 hour flight delay last night at Orlando International because of persistent thunderstorms in the area, then a mechanical delay and then being number 17 in line for takeoff, it just didn't happen!  Had planned to see DJ duo Showtek (NL).
Atlantic City now has 9 casinos again including the Hard Rock Atlantic City and Ocean Resort which opened at the end of June. Hard Rock replaced the bankrupt Trump Taj Mahal and Ocean replaced Revel. Unlike Las Vegas, the club scene is far smaller when it comes to bringing in the big name DJ's. AC does as does Haven Nightclub in the Golden Nugget and Daer Nightclub in the Hard RockBoogie Nights in the Tropicana has a famous 70's/80's Night on Fridays.
Note to self: Never, ever again schedule a late afternoon/early evening flight out of Orlando in summer!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

PI Update: Mannequins Medley

We've posted this before but with this weekend marking exactly 2 months short of 10 years since Mannequins Dance Palace closed, thought we'd do it again. Especially for those of you who follow the Blog for our club reports and have no knowledge of Pleasure Island, this video kind of shows you the amazing technology (of its time) that Disney used to support its dance clubs.

At Mannequins, they had the revolving dance floor which was lit from underneath, the light wall, the coordinated spots, the spray-downs, all operating in a club world before lasers and before DJ's worked from laptops. The Mannequins Light Show, or Mannequins Medley as I liked to call it, was played early in the evening every night but even many regulars never experienced it live because it ran before the crowds arrived. There are many other videos on YouTube so check it out!

It's so sad that Disney didn't keep one club open because if they had, it would have been Mannequins. The DJ scene is huge now as is the electronic dance music that was played at MDP. I know Disney would have kept up with technology and the sights and sounds in there would have been amazing and the highlight of their Disney visit for many.  They've tried this summer to get some nightlife back out on Pleasure Island and it's been fun to see it but it attracts "kids" and not many adults.  So it ain't the same and it's as sad now as it was when the Island closed down in 2008.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

Their name kind of gives away their city of origin but ATLiens (USA) will be next in the series of electronic music events taking place at new club Celine.  Dubstep / Trap.
Suzy Solar continues to bring in big name acts to the monthly "Lost In Trancelation" at Bikkuri Lounge and this month it's DJ FactorB (AUS).  Trance.
It's always a crazy-fun time when Moshi Moshi Productions brings one of its Comic-Con shows! This Saturday night DJ Evolv3 (USA) leads the "Gotham on Ice" Dance Party at Icebar on International Drive. Costumes welcome! Top 40.
For something completely different, check out Ganja White Night (GB) this Saturday night at Gilt Nightclub. Hybrid Electronic Music / Heavy Bass.
I haven't been able to get a lot of information about this show but supposedly DJ Dateless (USA) is playing on Saturday night at Attic Nightclub, with Phoenix Jagger (USA) opening. Rhythm House / Tech House / House.
It's always a great time when DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) plays at an event and this Saturday night he'll be out on the patio at Elixir Bar!  House / Tech House.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

DS Update: Amphicar Safety

In light of the recent tragic accident in Missouri involving a "Duck" type vehicle, are there any dangers involving the Amphicars that are in use at The Boathouse in Disney Springs?  Well, about the only thing the two have in common that I can see is that both utilize vehicles that can drive on land and also go out into water and move like a boat.
Watching the video of the Missouri incident, we know a line of storms crossed over the lake and it appeared to create waves that ultimately went over the side of the Duck and caused it to sink. At Disney Springs, there are absolutely no boat operations if there is any "weather" in the area. Also, Village Lake is much, much smaller than Missouri's Table Rock Lake and is thus far less susceptible to wave formation that could inundate a vessel. 
Thus, in my opinion only, I would fully trust the Amphicar operation at The Boathouse and the only thing that has kept me from trying it is the price.
Disclaimer: This article is purely layman opinion of my own and should not in any way be construed as expert opinion. The cause of the Missouri accident has not been determined and is under investigation.

Monday, July 23, 2018

DS Update: Chicken Guy Coming To Springs

We were hoping that the new quick-serve addition being built onto the side of Planet Hollywood Observatory was going to be an outlet for celebrity chef Guy Fieri's awesome burgers and fries. Well we got it half right. It will be a Guy Fieri outlet but apparently it won't be his burgers and fries we're getting. It's going to be called Chicken Guy and it will be a quick-serve location (high volume) for chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps, chicken salads and chicken soups. Looking forward to it as the number of quick-service options in Disney Springs are limited.
“Welcome to Chicken Guy, what would you like today?"
"Wings, please."

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Club Reports: Sly Fox Bar, Independent Bar, Peek Downtown, 180 Skytop Lounge, Elixir Bar

Saturday night in the city and beginning my bar-hopping with a visit to Sly Fox Bar.
Saturday night resident DJ Geebo (USA) on the decks!
The music is Top 40, Hip Hop hits and occasional Breaks!
And he had a good crowd on the dance floor!
Crossing the street and finding a long line to get into Blog-favorite Independent Bar!
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) in the perch!
The music on Saturdays, 80's New Wave.
Spotted at the bar: Selethel with the expectant Krysta Marie. Congratulations!
Always fun times at I-Bar!
Next over to Peek Downtown.
DJ Plundr (USA) in the booth when I first got there. He was playing mostly Heavy Bass.
Followed later by DJ Kyro (USA) playing a great House set!
There just wasn't a lot of people here to enjoy it.
It's been awhile since we climbed to the top of Amway Center to visit 180 Skytop Lounge.
DJ Ray Love (USA) in the outdoor booth!
There's an indoor area too but this venue is all about being outside under Orlando's skyline!
The music a mix of Top 40, Hip Hop hits and Reggaeton.
From up here, even I-4 is romantic! (Well ok, not really.)
DJ Netics (USA) up next, continuing with the same music mix.
You can never go wrong with Go Go Girls!
If you're looking for a place to impress a first date, this is the place!
OK, really needing some House music by now so I headed over to Elixir Bar.
And I walked into this out on the patio!
DJ Andre Gazolla (BR) in the booth!
House music all night long!
His House set had the requisite build-ups and crashes!
Melbourne Shuffle in progress!
Mostly non-vocal selections during my visit.  DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) is here next Saturday night.
A good time was had by all!