Thursday, May 3, 2018

PI Update: Last Signs Of Night Life

The Funmeister, symbol of Pleasure Island fun. Of course the fun ended the night of September 27, 2008 / early morning of September 28, 2008.
Shortly after the final night, club name signs were removed off Motion, 8TRAX and Comedy Warehouse. But curiously, the club name signs remained at the other clubs such as Rock'n'Roll Beach Club.
And Soundstage Club.
And Adventurers Club.
Mannequins Dance Palace
Mannequins (side entrance)
All of this was done to leave a sense of normalcy. Passersby would think nothing of nearly everything being closed, just thinking the clubs were not open "then" but probably "later". The signs at 8TRAX were painted over but the groovy 70's paint scheme remained.
But in September, 2011, that all changed! After 2 years of being unable to lease out their buildings, in an event the Blog has referred to as the Pleasure Island putsch, the remaining club markings were obliterated. Soundstage Club signs, GONE!
Adventurers Club signs, GONE!
Mannequins Dance Palace signs, GONE!
Mannequins side entrance sign, GONE!
8TRAX groovy 70's paint scheme, GONE!
Curiously, the putsch removed every Pleasure Island club sign except this one on the back side of Soundstage Club facing Village Lake. It remained in place for nearly 4 additional years, always giving hope that Disney would finally come to their senses. But in June, 2015, it sadly came down with the building it was attached to. The last sign of night life, GONE!

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