Monday, May 7, 2018

DS Update: Looking At Updates

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island and get some updates!
Dropping by Erwin Pearl Jewelry. Yes we have no customers. I think PI Live Bar, which used to occupy this prime corner spot at The Hub, got a lot more business.
Wine Bar George is directly across and is supposed to open sometime before Memorial Day weekend.
It was originally supposed to open last Fall.
This "The Basket" sign was just added to the building. Concept art here gives you an idea of what the sunken entrance area and interior will look like.
Terralina has yet to open. What Disney Springs surely does not need is yet another Italian restaurant. I mean, there is no good place for breakfast in the Springs so wouldn't we all be better off if this was a Denny's?
In the Marketplace, the Waterview Stage has the adult dance party on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights but the Water Fountain Stage remains home to the kids dance party.
It remains a nightly affair.
Drey-C was leading the Andre Caram Band on the Waterside Stage!
Good crowd on hand for their Top 40/EDM show!
Over on the West Side, DisneyStyle is taking over this prime corner that most recently housed Orlando Harley-Davidson and Little Missmatched and Planet Hollywood On Location prior to that.
Progress on the mainland Spain-themed restaurant Jaleo is evident.
Likewise at the massive NBA Experience.  Come on out and experience it all for yourself!

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