Friday, May 18, 2018

Concert Report: Odesza (CFE Arena)

Thursday night concert at CFE Arena on the campus of the University of Central Florida!
Arriving around 7:30PM and hearing the conclusion of a House set from DJ Kasbo (S).
The early crowd in the arena. My UCF contact indicated they were expecting between 4500 and 5000 for the concert and tickets to the Floor area were sold out!
And it was filling-up fast!
First time seeing DJ Troyboi (GB) who was up next!
  He was pretty animated for his Heavy Bass & Dubstep set.
There was plenty of head-banging among the young crowd!
During intermission, the rest of the place filled-in.
And then promptly at 9PM, there they were!
Electronic music duo Odesza (USA).
Made up of Clayton Knight & Harrison Mills.
Knight goes by the name BeachesBeaches.
While Mills is known as Catacombkid.
I had been waiting for this show since October when the concert was first-announced. The crowd was excited too!
I really only know one song from Odesza, Grammy-nominated "Say My Name". But the crowd was singing along to every song that had vocals!
Spotted in VIP: Anthony & Adriana
Spotted front and center: DJ Def Jeff (USA) & Mandy
Spotted on the dance floor: This fun group of Odesza fans.
Except for some rear upper deck seats, packed to the rafters!
They would play a 90-minute set.
Confetti explosion!
I didn't catch her name but she provided live vocals for one song.
Drums figure heavily in Odesza's songs and in the show overall.
If I was asked to describe Odesza's sound, I don't think I could do it. It's certainly on the Chill side of electronic dance music but some of their songs had a Hip Hop beat, some had a Break beat, some had a Heavy Bass beat. Some had vocals, some did not. It was fascinating!
As people get older they generally never like the music chosen by the generation that succeeds them and they like to bitch about much better the music was when they were younger.  But the younger generation has embraced this sophisticated music produced by Odesza, so you know what?  The next generation is going to be alright!
Two encore songs and saying goodbye at the end.
A good time was had by all!

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