Sunday, May 6, 2018

Club Reports: Blackstar, Odd Jobs, Torque Patio, Gilt Nightclub

Formerly called Brink and located at the rear of the Firestone Venue 578 Vanguard parking lot, Blackstar opened last year and was home last night to a multi-genre music event that left a great impression on many visiting for the first time!
The main room has been spectacularly redone with a new floor, new sound and amazing lighting!
It was House music during my visit but the later lineup included Prophet 808 (USA), Hydrashock (USA) and Eros (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: Leah & Amanda
The second indoor space is in an adjoining building called Odd Jobs. It's also been nicely redone from from the cavern that it was but nowhere near as nice as Blackstar.
DJ duo Pimp Squad (USA) doing Breaks!
Out on the patio between buildings, DJ BLR (USA) was delivering full-speed DnB!
It was perfect weather last night for an indoor/outdoor event!
Torque DnB is typically a Monday-night affair so to get to experience it on a weekend night is really special!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Circle K (USA) with the stunning Ronda.
While MC Collaborator (USA) provided vocals to the madness!
Wished I could have stayed longer but I also had to get over to Gilt!
DJ Agni (IS/USA) in the booth when I arrived playing Trance.
The dance floor was already jammed and it was before midnight!
And then, there he was.........
Taking over at 12:15AM, DJ Markus Schulz (D/USA).
Starting early so he could give us a full 2-hour set! I had last seen him perform in October in Atlanta at OperaLink.
The crowd excited to see this German DJ who is now based in Miami!
Trance is bigger than ever!
And it was packed to the rafters!
About half of his selections were Vocal Trance and I loved how the words were always up there to sing along with!

 A few old skool Trance songs moved the room! 4 Strings (NL) "Take Me Away".
I've seen Markus Schulz perform numerous times over the years but this was, to me and to many attending, his best set ever!
Two of his vocalists were in attendance!
They came up to the booth to sing along to their lyrics!
Two hour set that was so good and flew by too quickly!
"Carrying You Upon My Shoulders".
Spotted in VIP: Official Club Photographer David Monteverde
Spotted posing after the show: Markus Schulz with Stacey.
What a show!  A good time was had by all!

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