Saturday, May 12, 2018

Club Report: The Crow's Nest (Grand Classica)

Formerly the Costa Classica, the Grand Classica is the second ship operated by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line from the Port of Palm Beach. Every evening there is a 2-night sailing to Grand Bahama Island with prices starting as low as $129pp + tax for inside cabins. (Also check Groupon for $99 + tax fares.)
Located a couple decks above the lido deck, The Crow's Nest is a sports bar during the day and early evening but late at night becomes the ship's dance club. DJ Miguel (PE) had led the ship's sail-away party earlier but now was in the club delivering the music!
And that music was Hip Hop, Rap & Reggaeton.
Of course I knew there wasn't going to be any Techno and anything would be a disappointment compared to Green Velvet one night earlier!

This was the only lighting rig on the dance floor of this small venue, lol.
But with such cheap prices, you draw a young partying crowd so a good time was had by all!

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